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Only as part of the Romancing the Alpha An Action Adventure Romance Boxed Set ebook box set It will be available as a separate publication in August When it will hopefully have its own cover I do love a good sexy sci fi Aliens alien worlds and bad bad things happening to people in the far reaches of space ust do it for me The sex isn t too shabby eitherBut let s not talk about how much I adore a good romp through alien worlds Let s talk about Lexa and DamonLexa and Damon They definitely have some sparks when they re first on page Sparks of the I loathe you and your high handed ways type It s awesome Because the loathing sparks are all The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused just a front for the let s get nekkid andump into bed sparks And Damon going a little growly whenever someone looks at Lexa a little too long I m looking at you Dathan was hilariousFun fast pa RATING 15 Hearts Among Galactic Ruins is a fun enemies to lover trope light hearted action adventure Space OperaSci fifantasy romance novel that kept my attention and moved uickly from beginning to end with a few steamy interludes of romance in the latter half I did enjoy this rollicking tale and have already purchased a few titles in the series Dr Alexa CarterFMC is the 30 yrs old youngest sibling of 6 with 5 older brothers from a wealthy and prestigious family on an advanced planet in the central planets system Alexa is an astro archeologist and curator for a private museum the Durand where she is employed by a wealthy patron to display organize and locate interesting artifacts and lost treasures of past civilizations for his collection Alexa is exhilarated as she heads out on her first expedition ie a treasure hunt to the desolate remote planet of Zerzura where she will search for a lost and ancient Terran Faberge egg Unlike Alexa where she will search for a lost and ancient Terran Faberge egg Unlike Alexa MalikMMC originating from a race born naturally with 2 hearts grew up poor and an orphan fighting to survive on a planet overshadowed by gangs His dream was merely to escape With a uick mind and agile body Damon was recruited off the streets in his youth He was lethally trained for high risk undercover operations and served years in a inter galactic military capacity Following his recent and early retirement Damon was hired as Head of Security for the Darend Museum He has been assigned to accompany Alexa on her first off planet adventure Damon has previously considered Alexa a trouble magnet calling her Princess but soon discovers her striking appearance and affluent background camouflage both intelligence and inner strength as well Damon reminded me of leaner built Indiana JonesHan Solo guy In Among Galactic Ruins Dr Alexa hires an able and cocky planet native Dathan Phoenix 18yrs to guide them far into the desert past the Sea of Dunes where she hopes to find the priceless relic Dathan warns them that the Sea of Dunes area is a deadly place with terrible sandstorms capable of removing skin with unpredictable sinkholes sand traps high desert winds and dangerous wild animals a location where only the foolish enter They depart together Reader Caution Violence PG Sci fi level with blasters and fights Not graphic at allProfanity yes Strong occasional language Sexual situations yes Not recommended for those who prefer Clean fiction On 0 5 Very Clean to Very Steam scale a 35 or so The first 12 of this novel is nearly entirely the adventure uest and the growing attraction between the or so The first 12 of this novel is nearly entirely the adventure uest and the growing attraction between the main characters The latter half is both adventure and steamy romance The latter 12 of the novel has 4 steamy scenes I was pleasantly surprised with this one The beginning was a bit slow and I almost uit but I kept on and the book took on a good vibe There was plenty of action sexual and adventure with strong characters and a surprise ending that I didn t see coming There was a little cheesy stuff toward the end but not enough to detract Not a bad read. F sexy times between a smart archeologist and a mysterious former spy This is treasure hunting sci fi style So if you like it fast and fun and sexy this is for you Includes preview of Book 1 of the Phoenix Adventures At Star’s End If you like action and adventure with your science fiction romance there are stories in the Phoenix Adventures series for you to enjoy Among Galactic Ruins At Star's End In the Devil's Nebula On a Rogue Planet Beneath a Trojan Moon novella Beyond Galaxy's Edge On a Cyborg Planet novella Return to Dark Earth Starring Niklas and Nera Darc coming in August 20. ,

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Among Galactic Ruins The Phoenix Adventures #05I kept wanting to like this book than I didDr Lexa Carter s on the trail of an ancient Earth relic a Faberge egg and she s determined to prove her astro archeologist credentials to her disapproving father heyshe s two birds with one stone however she s been forced to accept the she s been to accept the of a bodyguard Damon Malik who s not at all happy with his assignment either He D Been Enjoying The Uiet And Peaceful Museum Security Gig been enjoying the uiet and peaceful museum security gig expecting to have to play sidekick to a stubborn woman with Daddy issues However as Lexa and Damon Social Media in Academia journey to find the relic there s no denying the attraction that springs up between them As they close in on their target they discover that they re not the only ones interested in recovering their prize and must learn to depend on each other to survive the threat and make it home togetherWhile there s nothing really wrong with this story Iust couldn t get engaged by the characters Lexa and Damon are cardboard cutouts She s the fiesty but caring heroine who doesn t listen to the trained security professional who s guarding her He s the badass with a heart who finds her irresistable despite her complete inability to listen or comply with his instructions It s Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream just so completely predictable and so conventional that it s like driving down an endlessly flat interstate highwayvast monotony except occasional glimpses of something interesting in the distance Sojust two stars I love this series It s like Indiana Jones in futureI loved going backward in time and discovering how everything strated I ve not read The Phoenix Adventures so I have nothing to compare this preuel with Among the Galactic Ruins is a fun sexy romp through galactic ruins literally Our heroine is an astro archaeologist and museum curator off on a uest to the planet Zerzezza which had once been populated by ancient humans Her body guard for the mission is her security chief from the museum a pain in the butt who loves to verbally spar with her So the banter is good The smexy spark is good The sandstorms and hunt for ancient ruins and goddess temple are good In short this was fun times an easy read with little to no angst with a smart couple with little issues but finding their treasure and staying alive Good times And a good read A fun treasure hunting adventure on a new planetThis was a fast paced and sweet adventure packed romance While I found the plot and characters to be uite predictable this book still made for a nice pleasant and easy read No unnecessary angst or drama It had an Indiana Jones feel to it Enjoyable throughout Worth its99 price tag FREE on today 2132018 Originally published at Reading RealityIn At Star s End the first novel in the Phoenix Adventures series intergalactic treasure hunter Dathan Phoenix finds himself assisting astro archaeologist Dr Eos Rai in her hunt for a long lost Terran treasure And falling head over heels in love with the determined and beautiful scientistNow we know that this was fated not by any biological fated mate trope but because when Dathan first struck out on his own as a treasure hunter he assisted Damon Malik and Dr Alexa Carter find a long lost Terran treasure on his home planet of ZerzuraDathan was in his late teens old enough to be rather freely sowing his wild oats as he criss crossed Zerzura guiding treasure hunters and travelers over the planet As he observes security expert Damon Malik fall head over heels for the very feisty and extremely determined Alexa Carter Dathan is rather flippant about his intention to spread his charm over as many ladies as he can for as long as he s able He s sure he ll never get tied down to one womanMalik essentially curses him to find someoneust like Alexa or Dathan curses himself when he says Not sure I ll ever find class like Dr Carter here And I don t want some astro archeologist who ll bitch at ASIN B013O47RKE first updated version found here second updated version found hereWhen astro archeologist and museum curator Dr Lexa Carter discovers a secret map to a lost old Earth treasure a priceless Fabergé egg she’s excited at the prospect of a treasure hunt to the dangerous desert planet of Zerzura What she’s not so happy about is being saddled with a bodyguard the museum’s mysterious new head of security Damon Malik After many dangerous years as a galactic spy Damon Malik Orality in Igbo (African) Literature just wanted a uietob where no one tried to kill him Instead of easy work in a museum full of arti. ,

E for being a treasure hunter Of course that s exactly what he gets in At Star s EndBut Among Galactic Ruins while it certainly foreshadows At Star s End is really about the relationship between Dr Alexa Clark and Damon Malik Not that there aren t plenty of parallels in their relationship to Dathan s storyDr Alexa Clark is the head curator at a prestigious private museum Damon Malik is the conscientious and rather secretive head of security Her ingenious exhibits are security nightmares but extremely successfulThey both have pasts that they are trying to outrun Malik grew up on a gang planet and was rescued by a Galactic Security Services officer he tried to pickpocket While Alexa grew up the privileged daughter of a wealthy businessman on an inner ring planet it was a gilded cage that she was expected to remain in for the rest of her life She rebelled and made her own way through SCHOOL AND INTO A PROFESSION THAT SHE LOVESALEXA HAS and into a profession that she lovesAlexa has a map encoded on an ancient vase to the location of one of the fabled lost Faberge eggs of old Earth Her map full of cryptic clues leads to the planet Zerzura once a lush paradise now a desert wastelandAlexa has always wanted to go on an expedition and this is her chance Her boss concerned for her safety as well as that of the artifact she seeks sends Malik along for her protection A protection she badly needs as the planet is dangerous and there are all too many people who have searched for the Temple that is reputed to contain the eggThe danger starts upon landing when the planet throws up a deadly sandstorm and the guide who stiffed her sends thugs to her room to steal the map While they fail this is only the first in a series of troublesome dangers that turn out not to be a coincidenceWith their new guide Dathan Phoenix leading them out Malik and Carter follow those cryptic clues to a long concealed location fending off predators both natural and otherwise along the way only to find that they are facing yet one and seemingly final trapIn the end it is Alexa s love of the profession that her father despised that saves the day for all of themEscape Rating A Okay I ll admit that if you ve read At Star s End you can pretty much guess how Among Galactic Ruins is going to go Which doesn t make it any less fun not by any stretch of the imaginationIt s also fun to see Dathan Phoenix as a very young and slightly less secure man Seeing Dathan interact with Damon Malik it makes you wonder how much young Dathan modeled himself on Malik who has become pretty much the kind of man that Dathan would like to beDamon Malik is a much better role model than Dathan s real father the drunken and disreputable Brocken PhoenixThere are also elements of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade complete with Malik as the adult Indy and Dathan Phoenix Dathan Phoenix euals River Phoenix as the young Indy You can even see the resemblances if you suint Among Galactic Ruins also reminded me a bit of Romancing the Stone although Alexa Clark is a much experienced and capable adventurer even with her sheltered upbringing than Joan Wilder in StoneThe story in Among Galactic Ruins is an actionadventure romance Malik and Clark fall in love during the high adrenaline rush of a dangerous treasure hunt Because they already know each Other And Mostly Rub and mostly rub other the wrong way the brief love story doesn t feel rushed nor does it feel like insta love Their high voltage arguments obviously conceal deeper feelings and seem to have from the beginning They start out combustible and the shared danger finally makes them combustIn summary Among Galactic Ruins is a sweet treat for fans of Hackett s Phoenix Adventures and a great place to start for someone who has yet to experience the fun of this terrific science fiction romance adventure seriesReviewer s Note Among Galactic Ruins is currently available. Facts He Finds Facts he finds on a backwater planet babysitting the most infuriating woman he’s ever met She thinks he’s arrogant He thinks she’s a trouble magnet But among the desert sands and ruins adventure led by a young brash treasure hunter named Dathan Phoenix takes a deadly turn As it becomes clear that someone doesn’t want them to find the treasure Lexa and Damon will have to trust each other Modern English in Action (Level 12) just to survive Note to readers This sci fi romance contains a lot of action think desert ruins dangerous animals and freak sandstorms sexy treasures hunters and a steamy romance lots