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Joey is a id who likes to fold things when his classmate s mom shows him how make an origami crane he is obsessed with learning to make one himself He practices and practices nearly driving his family crazy and with the help of a neighborhood restaurant owner and him allowing

joey to practice 
to practice cloth napkins is finally triumphant In the process he earns an admirer whom he gladly teachesGood for educators in discussions regarding perseverance Also good for readers of all ages Cute book about a boy who learns origami Very multicultural My favorite line from the book is Fajitas always made him feel better The art of Origami is typically thought to be Oriental However anyone who loves folding paper to make pretty objects can fall in love with the art form of Origami That is certainly the case with young Joey Joey loved things that folded He love his accordian had a folding bed to sleep in and loved to fold road mapsThen yep enter the Oriental influence young Sarah Takimoto s mother visited the school and a new type of folding was introduced into the life of young JoeyJoey practiced and found it was much harder to do than he thought Then he found a new way to practice that actually helped a friendThe story is sweet and will encourage a child that is trying to learn to do something new The illustrations show Joey and his family and friends drawn with boldness and colors that will grab the attention of the young childI found this book to be entertaining and packed with the lesson of how one should eep trying to master a task until they accomplish it and how to stay cheerful while doing soI received a complimentary copy from Candlewick Press to facilitate a review Opinions are my own I was not compensated Interested in anything that folds Joey is entranced when a classmate s mother gives an origami demonstration at school Determined to master. A creative young boy with a passion for practicing origami finds a surprising source of encouragement on his diverse city blockJoey loves things that fold maps beds accordions you name it When a visiting mother of a cl. More Igami

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Nitpicky problem I don t understand why when little Joey spent the whole book learning to make a paper crane why when little Joey spent the whole book learning to make a paper crane authors included instructions on how to make an origami ladybug Added August 4I read this incredible article yesterday about the importance of diversity in picture books and y all this is one of those books Add this book to your Makerspace library More igami is not only this is one of those books Add this book to your Makerspace library More igami is not only to introduce the art of paper folding but also the idea that if we are to master the making and creation of anything we set out to do we must be willing to have practice and patience Readers get to explore with Joey what the rewards of this practice and patience can be The illustrations bring home the feeling of lots of practice through illustrated creases on many of the story s pages that resemble those that appear on paper when you are making origami May all beginning creators have a Mr L pez in their lives A story about a boy who loves to fold things and has the goal to make an origami crane but it takes practice and patience I would recommend this book because it teaches children about diversity and shows that anything one wants to accomplish takes time and practice There is also directions on how to do an origami ladybug in the back of the book so it could be a nice activity to do after reading the book This little picture book is a hands down winner Joey is a sweet little African American boy who loves folding things and things that fold When he discovers origami he is enchanted by the whole process We loved the diversity of Joey S Neighborhood And School neighborhood and school also really liked how Joey s family is portrayed close nit artistic loving and as normal as normal can be There are some nice messages about indness and friendship and determination that are presented in such a way that we didn t feel like we were being beat over the head with them Highly recommended. Urse Enough No folding But how can Joey become an origami master if he’s not allowed to practice Is there anywhere that he can hone the skill that makes him happy and maybe even make a new friend while he’s at it. This wonderful paper art form he takes to practicing at every opportunity only To Run Into Trouble run into trouble his mother becomes impatient at his incessant folding of every paper in sight How can he become a master when he can t practice Fortunately a visit to his favorite Mexican restaurant provides him with the perfect venue for practiceAn engaging tale of a boy pursuing his new passion More igami features a fun story a diverse cast of characters and appealing artwork done in gouache and pencil I Particularly Liked The Fact liked the fact illustrator G Brian Karas made uite a few of the pages look like sheets of origami paper with subtle lines and creases running across them I also appreciated the fact that instructions for folding your own origami ladybug are included at the rear Recommended to young crafters or to anyone looking for picture books featuring children who pursue their hobbies with enthusiasm It takes practice and patience to be an origami master Joey said But whenever I practice everybody else loses their patienceThis is such a universal experience for ids Everyone tells them to practice but no one wants to be around while they scratch out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the 80th time on their violinThis is a fun story and I like it that it celebrates the learning process We talk about practice until ILLERAMMA Kathalu kids are sick of hearing about it In practice though and in books we tend to be product oriented We always want to skip over the part of the process whereids actually spend the most time and energy This book actively celebrates it Excellent for talking with American Literature Student Text kids about growth mindset and for introducing them to origami More igami is a sweet and straightforward book about a little boy who likes folding things I love the way his family and friends are portrayed and the diversity shown Great lesson in perseverance without being heavy handed My only. Assmate turns a plain piece of paper into a beautiful origami crane his eyes pop Maybe he can learn origami too It’s going to take practice on his homework the newspaper the thirty eight dollars in his mother’s