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Put this on the top of the pile for adverb essons Fantasy and reality are nicely woven as Lucy Helpmate learns to deal with a day s mishaps and becomes a problem solver to prevent another such unfortunate dayColorful watercolor illustrations support the text and succeed in showing the contrasting emotions A cross between the oldady who swallowed a fly and Alexander s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day Appealing illustrations by #Anna Raff Cute Story #Raff Cute story just the right repetition for young children I Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy loved this book and so did my kids We have read it every night since we got it I highly recommend this funny well illustrated book for you and your family Most of us can easily relate with Lucy s plight as she has one of those days where things keep happening Where s her missing bunny slipper So many problems for her to deal with in a twenty four hour span To make matters worse her friends witness her problems and someike Bear try to help her Others ike the penguins aren t a help at all The colorful illustrations make her problems appear playful A ot of fun to read I oved this book and my grandson oved it also It s a delightful tale beautifully written book and my grandson Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead loved it also It s a delightful tale beautifully written whimsical illustrations Wonderful Think Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day told in a cumulative style with cute animals around every page turnFun read aloud supported by sumi ink washes assembled and colored digitally Prek 2 When Lucy wakes up on the wrong side of the bed nothing goes right for her that day Besides the regular thingsike Bryozoan Evolution losing a slipper and missing the bus there s also other problemsike a porcupine who wants to cuddle penguins making bubbles in her bath and an octopus who steals her matching socks What can she do with such a bad day Make it different first thing tomorrow This is full of repetition that builds on itself so children will Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) love it as both a read along and an independent read The illustrations are appealing with all the funny animals making things worse than they should be A nice companion to Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad dayCross posted to CHECK IT OUT A parade of baduck has you in a bad mood Remember to ook on the bright side with this amusing new picture book from Lisa Bakos and Anna Raff. Ide to do something about itA whimsical assortment of havoc wreaking critters is here to inspire Lucy and readers to turn their all wrong days into all right one. .
Lisa M Bakos is a relatively new author in the World Of Children S Literature But She Is Already Making of children s iterature but she is already making name for herself as an enthusiastic and thoughtful advocate of young readers With her delightful picture book debut The Wrong Side of the Bed Lisa has shown that she not only relates to young children and understands their mindset but can do so in a way that is both constructive and captivating We ve all been there those difficult days when from the very moment you wake up everything seems to go wrong When you feel caught up in a depressing downward spiral of mistakes inconveniences and irritations All too often it becomes a vicious cycle that feels impossible to escape until you just accept that you re in for what s undoubtedlyevidently unmistakably going to be a terrible day Children no matter how young are certainly not immune to these experiences In fact Lisa came up with the idea for The Wrong Side of the Bed released by GP Putnam s Sons in early March when her toddler son woke up in a bad mood and went on to have a rough rest of the day Inspired by this experience Lisa s book follows Lucy an endearing curly haired protagonist as she navigates through her own difficult day Children will not only be able to relate to ittle Lucy s series of struggles ike only being able to find one slipper in the morning missing the bus to and from school and having to eat vegetables before dessert but will also feel validated for those times when they have similar snags in their own routines In what is an ideal starting point for discussion the readers alongside Lucy are presented with the idea that perhaps a new perspective and a determined attitude can turn it all around and change everything As a parent Lisa M Bakos obviously knows children As a writer she obviously knows her craft For example the repetitive narrative in The Wrong Side of The Bed Convincingly Conveys Bed convincingly conveys impression that all of these unfortunate instances which Lucy encounters just keep piling on top of each other After all that s exactly what those kinds of days feel ike each problem in itself might be small and easily handled but things get overwhelming when they all happen together This sensation resonates with all of us as humans and is exactly what my students were responding to as they exclaimed Oh no That s eight bad things now. When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed there’s just no getting around it The porcupine under the covers will insist on snuggling oww; penguins will make. There s during our read aloud ON A SURFACE LEVEL REPETITIOUS a surface evel the repetitious also involve children the story as they anticipate each recap and recite along with the reader Also worthy of mention is the way in which this book manages to communicate a message that is both generally relatable and specifically personal It s a difficult balance to pull off but Lisa does it wonderfully by including a few humorous characters that make the day even troublesome Except for Lucy there are no other humans in the story Instead it s a porcupine that invades Lucy troublesome Except for Lucy there are no other humans in the story Instead it s a porcupine that invades Lucy bed an alligator that steals her toothbrush an elephant that insists on riding her bike and penguins that turn bath time into a discomforting experience After all every child might not have a sibling or friend who hogs the blankets or steals the matching socks but anyone can imagine how inconvenient it would be if an octopus were to do this Young readers can augh at the absurdity of the situation while also supplementing the details and people that they have in their own Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America lives Anna Raff s playful illustrations in The Wrong Side of the Bed are the perfect accompaniment to Lisa s story The gentle palette of purples pinks and blues that are utilized throughout the book is an interesting contrast to the gloomy day that Lucy goes on to have emphasizing how perception will always trump circumstances Additionally the overlay of different textures make the characters truly pop Children will appreciate the small details that Anna incorporates on each page the mischief of the porcupine and the white surrender flag in the bathtub scene are personal favorites for my students and they will especially enjoy searching for a certain elusive bunny slipper Like all great illustrators Anna Raff uses pictures to expand Lisa s words and also show stories of her own Picture books are a really beautiful format for children and adults to explore different themes and emotions together The Wrong Side of the Bed is a great example of this It s a wonderful story with an important theme about finding optimism in the midst of difficulties It is a book that children and adults can relate to and benefit from My students and I certainly have aot of appreciation for this book and I absolutely oved experiencing Lucy s story alongside of them Reviewed on my blog Cute whimsical and Bubbles in your bath eww; and a crocodile will probably need to borrow your toothbrush no thanks It’s just going to be that sort of day Unless that is you dec.

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