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Destiny was so stupid in the beginning and it was turning me off Husband or not no woman should be a fool for a man Its just sad that she ended p another in the game of love war She loved that man Essential Business Networking unconditionally and he turned around and ruined her life I was so happy when Spencer came around He loved her despite her flaws and AIDS is something that many people wouldn t stick around for Imani got everything she deserved I nevernderstood how women could be so comfortable with the next womans husband And as much as Hassan thought he played Tanya she was the true winner She gave him and everyone else that he was sleeping with something that COULD NEVER BE CURED I CANT never be cured
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cant that man never He Taught Me to Hope (Darcy and the Young Knights Quest used condoms I guess he got his reality check Let this be a lesson to everyone No matter how faithful you may be to a man he may just turn around and still cheat on you with the next That book was definitely action packedI definitely wasn t expecting so much to come out like thatHassan deserved everything that happened to himHe didn t deserve life at allI wasn t expecting him to go as hard as he did on ole girl and DestinyThen for Destiny having the problems she did I felt bad for her in a wayThats wat happens when you do dirtThen destiny daughter she wasn t smart at all she was young and dumbI loved how Josiah wasn t givingp at allThat ending wasn t way I thought was going to happen I felt bad for everyone but hey it was a good read in all I love how strong Destiny was but I hated how she just wouldn t leave his sorry ass sooner Hate what she had to. Inner strength that she has inside For Hassan Clarke cockiness and arrogance made him one of the most hated men Oblivious to the fact that his reckless behavior has major conseuences he is blindsided when he is charged with the murder of his mistress and given a lengthy prison term He must now figure out how to prove that he’s no killer Josiah Clarke is a re. This book was very goodEach book gets better and betterI love the storyline and the characters Well I ll be damnJosiah was on a mission but didn t think things through completely He was hurting *but felt the need to take it out on the wrong person I couldn t believe Amaiyah was so *felt the need to take it out on the wrong person I couldn t believe Amaiyah was so minded and disrespectful when she thought she was IN LOVE SPENCER STEPPED UP IN A MAJOR WAY love Spencer stepped Knights of the Hill Country up in a major way was by Destiny s side through it all Hassan was good for something as far as being a lawyer but revenge clouded his judgment Wow I wasn t expecting Tanya to admit her secret and she deserved just what she got for withholding information The blame was on Hassan as well but that heifer had ill intents I did feel bad for Destiny because it was as if karma was coming at her big time for her past I ve always wondered how a good person could endp in such a messed A House Built out of Stone up situation Destiny is back and all she want is a simple peaceful life with her daughter her mother and her King Spencer Life does not always give you what you want Josiah Clarke is back for revenge and Hasan Clarke just won t leave her alone I m so glad some issued got resolved and Karma kicked BUTT but I m hurt then anything I wanted a HEA but that is lifeWell done Racuel Title My Husband s Whore 3Author Racuel WilliamsPublisher Leo Sullivan PresentsSeries My Husband s Whore Part 3 Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReviewMy Husband s Whore 3 by Racuel WilliamsMy ThoughtsAnother great read from this author that you will get a well co At first I didn t really know how to feel about this book The series turned out good but. The drama continues in this explosive finale of the My Husband’s Whore series Destiny Clarke’s life is turnedpside down by the bastard she once thought was the man of her dreams His reckless behavior has not only caused major heartbreak it has also caused her major health problems With the cards stacked against her she must dig deep within to pull out the. ,

Go through and how it ended for her series Well the craziness that is known as Hassan finally comes to an end This Good series the craziness that is known as Hassan finally comes to an end This has truly reeked havoc on everybody lives he has come intoI like that we heard from Josiah ans Amaiya in this book even though I m shocked by the foolery that came out o Well well wellwhen a woman is SINCERELY fed Alma Mater up there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it Hassan Clarke learned this the hard way When he came home thinking he d slide back into business assual running game and keeping Destiny s head in the clouds he hadn t planned on her being stronger wiser and ready to protect herself and her daughter He also hadn t planned on her having someone else to love In part 3 of this series Author Racuel Williams takes readers on a ride few could even begin to imagine There are twists and turns that made me put my iPad down remember that I was reading and pick it back p because I couldn t find out what would happen next if I left it on the table The drama in this was REAL The conclusion was well done not contrived and thrown together but also not something that would be anticipated This was definitely well done LOVED THIS BOOOKI ENJOYED THIS WHOLE SERIES HASSAN WAS SO BUSY PASSING OUT THAT BUG HE DIDNT KNOW WHO HE GOT IT FROM KARMA CAME BACK TO BITE DESTINY A LITTLE SHE FOUND A GOOD MAN IN SPENCER I THOUGHT HE WAS UP TO SOMETHING BUT HE WAS A GOOD MAN JOSIAH WAS JUST OUT TO GET WHOEVER KILLED HIS MOM AND AMAIYA WAS JUST CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE SHE WAS REALLY PISSING ME OFF I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS WHOLE SERIES GREAT JO. Ckless thug who has to play the hand that he was dealt After losing his mother to a violent crime he vows to get revenge on any and every one that is responsible for her murder Take this ride as this trio creates havoc in each other’s lives Will they manage to get the revenge that they all yearn for Or will it be proven that love don’t love anybody but itse. ,