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And some noticeable misspellings However the book was well researched and presents a balanced view of the murder mysteries The other book that discusses the case is by Bryan Stevenson the actual lawyer in the case and is titled Just Mercy A Story of Justice and Redemption A year ago my coworker was pleading with me to read a book titled Just Mercy He said it s a book about fighting for justice for imprisoned minorities in Alabama I absolutely had to read it so I did Of course I found out it s comprehensive than in Alabama I absolutely had to read it so I did Of course I found out it s comprehensive than but the book was fantastic In that book the author references the book Circumstantial Evidence so I bought itOn November 1st 1986 a young well liked white teenaged irl named Ronda Morrison was killed Her murder shocked the entire community of Monroeville Alabama Only a few months later in a different Alabama town a young woman named Vicky Pittman was also killed Seemingly unconnected they ended up being tied together and led to the arrest of a black man named Walter McMillian Circumstantial Evidence starts off a tad slow then eventually ets to a point where you can t put it down The book essentially writes itself the story is that salacious There are two unconnected murders three very untruthful witnesses an over eager and historically racist justice system throw in a few unsavory characters and a slightly tainted suspect and you have the makings of a terrific storyAt times I was reading and thinking This can t be real Some of the characters were so far fetched they seemed like they stepped right out of a fictional novel And whereas the characters make you uestion whether they re real or fake the blatant injustice that occurs in the book makes you uestion whether the law enforcement and the courts were real or fakeBecause it s Alabama and because the main victim was white and because enforcement and the courts were real or fakeBecause it s Alabama and because the main victim Was White And Because white and because suspect was black race became an issue It was unavoidable But as Bryan Stevenson said I would rather believe that the investigators and the Monroeville community just made a mistake and if Walter McMillian were white he would be in the same situation as he is in now if Ronda Morrison had been black that the same thing would have happened I would think highly of that community if that were true but the bottom line is that I can t convince myself that it is true and it doesn t help black folks or white folks to act like it is true if it is not So the book went A fight for justice in a small town in the South where the local whites bitterly resented being portrayed as racist hicks and the blacks bitterly resented being marginalized and railroaded A reat story of what transpired in the small town I live in The truth about what things were really like and for some people it s still like that Mess ups and a long awaited prison release Dive in to small town Alabama for a mystery you d never expect. Ts a case that was front page news featured on 60 Minutes in The New York Times in 1993 HC Bantam. Circumstantial Evidence Death Life And Justice In A Southern TownSeemed to be about sewn up new characters would pop up or someone new would take over the case I ve always been interested in social justice and this is one of the best examples along with John Grisham s non fiction account of Oklahoma justice The Innocent Man of what happens when it s cancelled out by prejudice and ignorance I ve since become an avid admirer of Pete Earley The research he did on this was incredible and his current efforts in mental health care reform are impressive and important I ve done forgiven the people that lied on me and put me in prison I m not bitter at all What the hell is the truth I ll tell you what it is It is whatever damn well the person lis This one is worth seeking out and reading probably over and over I doubt you ll How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead get the whole story the first time there is just too much to take it This case happened in the same small Alabama town where Harper Leerew up and where her fictional classic TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD was based thinly disguised That story a case of a false rape accusation against a black man in the Thirties and the attempts to keep him from being prosecuted then killed by a lynch mob has absolutely nothing on this one This is the true story of a black man Walter Johnny D McMillian accused of killing not one but two white teenagers he probably never met in his life Unlike any other case I ve ever heard of this man was sent to Death Row even before his trial started and it ot much much crazier from there believe me Most of the book is about the multiple re investigation efforts that followed the jaw dropping errors made by the original detectives and the tangled morass Of Self Serving Lies Offered self serving lies offered all kinds OF PEOPLE WHO WANTED THE POLICE people who wanted the police think Johhny D killed Ronda Morrison and then Vickie Lynn Pittman The author made a point of presenting the reader with every new piece of evidence as it emerged just the way the investigators saw it to ive us a clearer idea of how hard it is to know where the truth lies There is a LOT of information to absorb in this book but you will not want to miss A Word Of It You word of it You normally think of the murders themselves as being the factor that shatters people s lives but the incompetent and possibly corrupt proceedings you ll see in this book tear all the wounds so much deeper for the Morisson and Pittman families that you can hardly take it in I m sorry to say that Ronda and especially Vickie Lynn were almost totally lost in the shuffle But in the end you ll come out very impressed by what a competent cold case investigation can accomplish HIGHLY recommended Circumstantial Evidence Death Life and Justice in a Southern Town Book was written by Pete Earley way back in 1995 before the 2020 protests Apparently it was written in the early days of eBooks and the editing is atrocious There are extra spaces throughout. Und a wrongful murder conviction that bares the dark side of the American soul This book highligh. .

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I decided to read this book after seeing the Just Mercy movie I haven t read that book yet but it will be interesting to see how he laid everything out Clearly the movie lossed over embellished and outright misrepresented some of the events surrounding this case But in the end it doesn t change the fact that an innocent man was convicted of murder and placed on death row and if it were not for Bryan Stevenson he would have died in the electric chair His life was pretty much ruined even so Many people in the town could never accept that he did not commit this crime even though he had zero motive he had an alibi and the so called evidence that was used to convict him was so shady and ridiculous it s just mind boggling that anyone could believe such a storyThe other truly sad and frustrating part of the case is that they finally figured out who actually committed this crime 99% positi Well nothing uite cures my occasional homesickness like reading about a bunch of bat shit racist lawmen framing a black man for murder although I uess the fact that his trial was held in my hometown did make me feel kind of nostalgic I think what I like most about this book is that the author does a Moonrise great job of humanizing people I otherwise wouldn t feel that inclined to sympathize with Anywho here s a link to the 60 Minutes episode if you re interested Very well written in that it is impartial and just tells the facts ALL of the facts A must read for those interested in true crime overcoming systemic racism or life in the South Earleyives you the entire story iving a fuller picture than Stevenson s book Anyone who reads Just Mercy needs to read this as well Peter Barley takes you into a world I know most of us have no idea about By the time I finished this I felt so angry and sick to my stomach at the bold stupidity that human this I felt so angry and sick to my stomach at the bold stupidity that human can display that it took me a while to et over it Once again don
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read this if you t like hard truth Truth about the side of people that just makes you sick I think what bothered me the most I should say what made me feel the most ashamed as an african american male is the fact that there were black people who for a few bucks sold their lies against a fellow african american to that very unjust part of society that keeps them suppressedly and oppressedly in their place How stupid is thatAll in all the book is very well done and for the most part succeeds almost in making you want to After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 get up and do something about such injustices Problem is I d probably find myself behind bars for trying to help This true story has so many twists and turns that fiction could never top it I read it on Kindle and had no idea it was over 500 pages when I started I stayed up all night when I was only a few hundred pages in thinking with each chapter that I was near the end Every time the crimes. A piercing provocative true story that is also a commentary on our system of justice centered aro.