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A tough complicated mystery just a cosy Fun Read I Enjoy Ms Ferrars Books read I enjoy Ms Ferrars books is a happily married lecturer in botany his only complaint is his boss department head Margaret who likes promoting dissension among her staff When a woman appears claiming to be married to Patrick he uickly realizes that she s been deceived by his brother David a man who prefers to live on the shady side of the. Mediately suspects the involvement of his unstable ounger brother David a chronic liar who has been known to assume identities other than his own and he fears trouble Trouble duly arrives when the woman turns up on Patrick's doorstep Someone in the department must have given her his address But who among his colleagues could dislike Patrick and his wife enough to cause them such embarrassmentJust when things to be settling down again someone sets fire to Patrick's bos. A typical mayhem and mystery type STORY NEITHER BAD NOR REALLY NOTBALE neither bad nor really notbale any significant way For some the ending might be utterly redictable I was able to get it right or wrong I like a mystery novel to twist me around a leave me guessing until the end and this one just didn t do that Good story Full of suspects although I was pretty sure early on that I knew who it was Not for those who want. As a rule bigamists don't gravitate to the biochemistry department of sleepy Knotlington University and Dr

Patrick Carey Senior Lecturer Is 
Carey senior lecturer is would seem no exception Eyebrows are raised however when a letter addressed simply to Professor Carey Knotlington U ends up on his desk a letter that comes it is widely known from a woman claiming to be Dr Carey's wife Dr Carey has abandoned her to a state of abject poverty she claims and she is none too happy about itPatrick im. ,

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Thy Brother Death