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Ll I do in terms of marital life where I seem to be On And Off A and off a case and things look pretty bad uite often a marriage on life support like in the tale in uestionI thought that Harrison is likely to be apathetic and lacking the nergy to fight as a man who does not care for life anyBeing nergetic aggressive and attacking energy to fight as a man who does not care for life anyBeing nergetic aggressive and attacking hospital seems to be appropriate for a man who has not lost passionTherefore I am a bit uneasy for it seems that the Harrison that would leave life would not have the nergy to fight for thatWith such passion I would think that one would also find other things to focus on and spend that nergy with some resultsBut the situation is very complex for the patient cannot move at all and to read something would present a challengeIndeed anything is impossible for a man Stuck In A Bed And I Come Back To My in a bed and I come back to my statement I do not know and have no desire to learn what a man in this situation feels and can doThe A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, example of Steven Hawking comes to mind a man who is also stuck in a wheelchair and without freedom to moveA very good movie was made based on this story with Richard Dreyfuss in the title role Thought provoking and raw Ken s sarcastic razor sharp dialogue gives the play tension and a fast pace and his interactions with the other characters are short sweet and insightful Clark doesn t waste a single wordach has deliberate meaning A specific intention Further Clark makes demands of the audience he shoves the uestion of free will into our faces presses it right up close to us and refuses to let us turn away from its ambiguities His play is a young child constantly uestioning why things are the way they are and couldn t they be better It was a good criticism of bureaucratic powerhowever a little too fast paced for my liking A succinct and stark play that I am to teach as my first text straight out of the religious school systemWritten in the year of my birth the right to die is The Shadow Reader explored through the wonderful character of the paraplegic sculptor Ken who wishes tond it all I don t know if he d pass the Harvey Weinstein test right now with all his sexual innuendo with the nurses but it is a brutal and direct play which puts one firmly in the philosophical position to consider what if it was me I ve read this play when I was in high school and I seriously loved it I learn so much about making decisions for yourself and the sense of purpose about life The setting is placed in the 70s and the issue is still part Nalysis structured uestions and assignment suggestions for GCSE This play is about the ri. Title Whose Life Is It Anyway Series Author Brian Clark Genre Medical FictionRating 45 stars Had To Read This Write to read this write Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies extended gap scene and act out the scene for English year 10I actually reallynjoyed itI loved the humour throughout and the innuendos too I just loved Ken as a character although depressed about his situation he was uite uirkycheeky It Has A Powerful Message Which Really Makes You Think About a powerful message which really makes you think about and what it means for those who are irreparably disabled Whose Life is It Anyway By Brian ClarkAn xtraordinary overwhelming storyTranslated as A Cui Viata Asta in DefinitivThis is a sad tale about The Power Of A Choice euthanasia and the fight of one brave man for his free choice of destiny and his right to dieFrom the start we learn that the hero Mr Harrison is paralyzed following a terrible car crash in which he fractured ribs and injured his spineThe patient used to be a professor and a sculptor and feels that a life in which he is unable to move his limbs is not worth itThe story is very sad in a way but also meaningful and the debate is worth it because there are strong arguments on both sidesEmerson the manager of the hospital and curing doctor wants to keep Harrison alive andmphasizes his right to liveHarrison on the other hand wants to go home knowing very well that this is suicide for he is kept alive by technologyHe refuses to take valium and wants to keep a clear mind ven if the doctors are of the opinion that he is depressedIndeed I have read in positive psychology books about the hedonic adaptation which means that we adapt to good and bad ventsLottery winners return to their base level of happiness the same way people who have suffered accidents tend to return to the level of life satisfaction they had had prior to their traumaNot verybody does but knowing about these studies I would favor the opinion of the doctors in the story and would rather have the Sculptor Wait And Possibly wait and possibly to his new stateHowever Harrison decides to ask for a lawyer and to be left to go home which means to die and nd his sufferingHe is not suffering physically as much as morally because he complains about the lack of dignity and perspective that a life where he is unable to do anything has to offerThere is a feeling of a Catch 22 which is referred to in a way in the text or at least the adaptation that I listened toBut I am concerned with an aspect of credibility The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right even if I admit that I may be wrong and do not really know about behavior on thedgeWe. 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