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Has good evidence or her version of D s life mostly her inner life So I decided to cast my reservations aside and read s life mostly her inner life So I decided to cast my reservations aside and read book like a novel to experience it as I would a movie based on D s Grasmere ie to give Wilson a novel to experience it as I would a movie based on D s journals ie to give Wilson leeway and uit holding her eet to the ire After all there s no proving she s wrong There s no proving she s right either of course So I went along The Glass Ocean for the ride She s aine writer who can build a story out of mere ragments and I admire that I ll be going to Grasmere again this September and I ll see it through new eyes Not Dorothy s but she ll be tenderly in my mind I m delighted I picked up this book when I had the chance It made or a uick and entertaining read and I must admit that contrary to a ew other reviewers I appreciated the anciful speculation of Dorothy and the people in her life especially in comparison to literary characters and events The chapters each The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness focusing around a specific aspect as well as being entirely themed around Dorothy s reaction to William s wedding was a nice touch While not painting as complete a picture of Dorothy s life as I would have liked this served perfectly well as an introduction to Dorothy Wordsworth particularly the years in which she wrote the Grasmere Journals and is a good jumping point before diving into in depth biographies This was an OK biography about Dorothy Wordsworth I do plan on reading other biographies about her This bio seemed like it was of an introduction to her than aull in depth studySo if you are looking The Leadership Gap for a uick taste of Dorothy s life give this book a try I bought this bookrom a second hand book seller intrigued to read of the story of Dorothy Wordsworth and her relationship with her brother William Dorothy is utterly Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) fascinating and it makes a great read in the genre of womens social history thator the most part still bears a relationship to issues Serenity Role Playing Game for women in modern day society view spoiler The heartbreaking and tragic loss of her mother in child birth in herormative years coupled with the detachment that she experienced Save the Cupcake! from herather along with her sibling brothers uncomfortably resulted in her early rearing with extended Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, family throughout various stages of adolesence had a profound effect on her emotional development hide spoiler Surprisingly detailed analysis of Dorothy Wordsworth s Grasmere journals makeor good reading The book is a good length and has a nice narrative Tressed to Kill feel to itThe romantic genius cluster is aascinating one and all the members are included here STC WW De uincey the Hutchinsons Though she never published DW was influential to all devoted to Coleridge and the center of her brother s world no case or incest here The I read however the I dislike WW he enjoys surrounding himself with originals while becoming and a copy of a conservative gentleman Picked this up because of my constant interest in womens social history ound it a great informative read if a little dry at times Francis Wilson E Journals which record the Wordsworths’ life of severe asceticism mixed with an ecstatic communion with nature In this inspired close reading of the journals Frances Wilson reconstructs the rich and strange emotional life of a woman too often dismissed as a self effacing saint It is a eat of imaginative biography.

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Nals I am moved in the same way as I am by Catherine Earnshaw s description of her love or Heathcliff in Emily Bronte s Wuthering Heights How much worse oe the emale oot traveler In Pride and Prejudice written at the same time as Dorothy s journals even Elizabeth Bennett s relatively short walk to visit her sick sister Jane at Netherfield is a mark of Her Unconventionality Dorothy Dressed For Some Reasons In Bridal White unconventionality Dorothy dressed or some reasons in bridal white though she were is a mark *Of Her Unconventionality Dorothy *her unconventionality Dorothy or some reasons in bridal white as though she were Mason in Jane Eyre trying on the veil of the woman her bigamous husband is about to marryAt least the uotes are correct except or the last one Bertha Mason never tried on the veil it was Jane Eyre who did I really dislike so much of this book Dorothy story begins with both parents dying within a short time Her 4 older brothers were sent off to boarding school Dorothy was the youngest so she was sent to be raised by her second cousin She always remembered their home before her parents deaths since it was the day of her birth She never return back home She helped her aunt with the house work and their haberdashery business Dorothy was The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School forgotten and deprived She helped with chores and spent time wandering wild Atifteen she was sent to help a amily She never elt at home and always The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School feel like a stranger William and Dorothy were united in misery He took her to live with him and to write his words down on paper They were very close One part of the book hints at incest but I don t see that I see a little girl who lost her wholeamily and just wanted to be apart of those she loved William did that The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense for her Throughout his life she lived with him There is also a reference to Henry James and his sister Alice I think that must have been the norm since any woman who was a spinster would have no way to support herself Only the eldest male heir could support it I had some moments of doubt about this one Frances Wilson writes with vast assurance about the murky depths of Dorothy Wordsworth s mind even while admitting that Dorothy herself had no idea what was going on there In a sense she s trying to have it both ways she portrays Dorothy as an unstable permeable membrane of a person a woman without a clear identity and yet she gives Dorothy a vivid and legible self throughout the book she speculates in great detail about what exactly D was thinking andeeling She s very sure of herself At many places in the text she gets uite snippy about the speculations of previous biographers of the Wordsworths as if only she has the psychological penetration to comprehend these tangled relationships of than 200 years ago But perhaps she does Her scholarship is impressive She presents some new sources of material about Dorothy and she weaves a great tangle of letters journals poetry and prose rom Dorothy and the Wordsworths whole circle of amily riends and enemies into a compelling tapestry of D s everyday life This is her job as biographer to bring a life to life and she does it She convinces me that she. Ildest person I have ever known to a recluseBut this handmaiden to her brother and his close riend Coleridge was herself a writer of spectacular originality Both men borrowed her imagery hammered out on their epic walks across the English countryside or the best of their work Her words survive intact in the Grasmer. The Ballad of Dorothy WordsworthI really wish I could give THIS STARS I LOVE DOROTHY WORDSWORTH stars I love Dorothy Wordsworth bio was just kind of well boring Repetitive is a better word MeanderingAnd yes it is about Romantic poets so that s probably an appropriate stylistic choice but I just ound myself getting bored instead of really diving into the world 45This is an engaging well balanced biography of Dorothy Wordsworth who I ind absolutely ascinating Wilson The Cake House focuses in on Dorothy s Alfoxden and Grasmere Journal years really pulls it apart to a level that some readers might think unneccessary Iound this really entertaining plus it supports Wilson s arguments at the same time The relationship between Dorothy and her brother William is discussed in some depth but it covers all the opinions that had been currently voiced at the time of publication 2008 It is left up to the reader to The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality formulate their own opinion which I really appreciated It is myirst biography of Dorothy so I do not know if it contains anything new or groundbreaking It is however a great entrance into exploring Dorothy Wordsworth Having just visited Dove Cottage the Wordsworth home in Grasmere England I devoured this account of Dorothy Wordsworth based on the author s interpretation of Dorothy s journals #letters and writings Well researched and thoughtfully presented it made Wordsworth Dorothy and Samuel Coleridge #and writings Well researched and thoughtfully presented it made Wordsworth Dorothy and Samuel Coleridge alive The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success for me Wilson also offers context by comparing the close sibling relationship and the uestions that arise about its nature with literary relationships in Bronte s Wuthering Heights and Jane Austen s works Terrible writing I really had toorce myself to The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes finish this book I think what bothered me the most was how the author Frances Wilson would compare these real life people Dorothy Wordsworth her brother William Wordsworth and Coleridge with book characters Here are aew examples The relationship between Dorothy and William is simply too demanding or to embarrassing to deal with These biographers are positioned in relation to their story like Nelly Dean the tone less narrator of the events that compose Wuthering Heights William described himself and Dorothy as resembling two swans birds who mate or life and in her last dark years the now inarticulate sounds she made were compared to those of a partridge or a turkey But the bird that comes most to my mind when I read Dorothy s journals is the albatross draped around the Ancient Mariner s neck in Coleridge s amous Rime the end of her childhood came as with the other changes the end of her childhood came as with the other changes her life without warning In May 1787 aged ifteen Dorothy left Halifax and was summoned to live like Fanny Price in Jane Austen s Mansfield Park The delay of her mourning perhaps explain the prematurity of the grief she later elt Jesting Pilot for the anticipated loss of William to Mary Hutchinson Like the White ueen in Through the Looking Glass Dorothy had learned to weep before she pricked heringer When I read of Dorothy s accounts of her love The Missing World for William in the Grasmere Jour. The night before the marriage of her brother William Wordsworth to their childhoodriend Dorothy Wordsworth wore his wedding ring upon her inger; too distraught to attend the ceremony she collapsed utterly when it was done She would never recover changing over time rom what Thomas de uincey described as the very ,