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Shifter Wonderland AnthologyI was given a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewI have not read all the stories as time was not on my side I did read a couple of them though by some really great authors When I have the time I will be going back to read as I like Shifter stories I have heard of some of the other authors but have never had a chance to read them So I m really looking forward to thatThe one story that I will review is the last one by Ms Wright I have read other stories by her and was looking forward to this one It is a great love story and magical awaking story but I feel that she was rushed to finish the story for the deadline The reason I say that is she left several uestions in my mind about the characters both main household members lus uestions about the When The Light Went Out past wives and the interaction with Tess I will also review the story by Kate Kent I would like to thing V Vaughn for giving me the opportunity to review this set I have to say that this is such an amazing set One amazing book after another Looking for some amazing Shifter Christmas stories well this is the set for you A Bear Merry Christmas by Christin LovellLora was this beautiful curvy woman The one thing she wanted for christmas was a man that would love her She had been texting and chatting with this guy that seemed to be good to be true Could a man built like him really want a girl with curves like her Stone was a handsome bear shifter that owned his own gym The one thing he wanted in his life was to have someone that was honest and that he could love The he texted and talked to Lora the he want 355 StarsRabidReadscomEvery year I try to read a few Christmasaranormal books or novellas This year I found this new anthology of twelve stories that I decided to read I have only read four of them so keep in mind that that s all this review is based onA Berry Merry Christmas BBW Bear Shifter by Christin LovellLora is a single nurse looking for Mr RightShe starts talking to a man on a dating website He owns his own gym is very fit and handsome As for Lora she s what is considered a big beautiful womanShe s human and knows nothing of shiftersStone is a bear and already has a thing for Lora without ever meeting her Of course the sparks fly when they do meet Sweet love story Of course However I had a couple of Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates problems with this story First Lora doesn t have that big of aroblem with the shifter thing I just wish it was real in that respect The other thing was the weight thing The reader keeps being told about her double chin her huge globesrear end and things of that nature I just got tired of that art of the story This ended up sweet and sexy but not my favorite of the four 3 StarsAndre by V VaughnNessa is a triplet that is attending college Her sister that attends a different college comes to visit and has big news Tory s now a bear shifter and guess what the other two have the DNA that can lead them to be one too Not only that but she has already found her true mate and is now alpha of her clan He s one of a group of four brother olar bears that have moved to the area Nessa is suitably horrified and wants nothing to do with it When her other sisterand roommateGinnyneeds her to sing with her band when the usual singer bails Nessa meets guitarist Andre brother to Tory s mate and also a olar bear He s uiet talentedand hotand immediately has a thing for Nessa This romance was robably my favorite of He s uiet talentedand hotand immediately has a thing for Nessa This romance was robably "my favorite of of these I enjoyed the snarky at times dialogue and also the realism "favorite of of these I enjoyed the snarky at times dialogue and also the realism Nessa not wanting to be a bear much less have a relationship with one There s also a bad guy featured always a lus for me Good romance and it actually made me wonder about maybe reading in this series 4 StarsMotivation by Elle ThorneFiona is a falcon shifter that broke up years ago with the love of her life Jonah a olar bear shifter When they end up back in each other lives all the old feelings are rekindled But the real roblem is that due to a curse Jonah s bear is gone and Fiona s falcon is extremely disgruntled because Jonah sure isn t telling her what s up Both of them now work for a aranormal unit of government investigatorsIt s also a unit that will than certainly fire Jonah if they find out his bear is gone This story ended up being a thriller of sorts due to a group of witches that is trying to get their hands on Fiona for keeps Seems Fiona s got a major secret and it s also the reason for her dumping Jonah I enjoyed the action the thriller aspect of this story and of course the romance This is the only author of the group that I have read before and I thought this was a good and sexy read 4 StarsA Dragon s Gift by Emerald WrightTess has come to an estate to decorate for Christmas Her employer is Clay a very rich very ancient immortal dragon shifter He hasn t had the house decorated for a hundred years due to the death of his last wife on Christmas Day When Tess suddenly gets attackedsort ofat her own wife on Christmas Day When Tess suddenly gets attackedsort ofat her own Clay takes her into his home He does that because he recognizes that Tess has the magic in her that is necessary for her to mate with a dragon shifter This story was full of world building and it was actually retty intricate for a short novella However that being said I was disappointed in not getting to see the dragon actually manifest I was also a bit disappointed about a few 待つ [Matsu] plot holes things that aren t explained adeuately But the thing that absolutely drove me crazy is Tess s dog Rover Or is it Grover His name changed continuously throughout the read except when he completely disappears from the story He goes with her to stay at the estate and he s never mentioned again I found that strange I also never really got invested in the romance 3 StarsNot a bad way to spend some time this holiday season I love anthologies because there are so many new authors that you can discovered all at once This anthology had one of my favorite authors Charlene Hartnady which was the main reason I chose to read it But there are also many entertaining short stories by some very good authors I enjoyed most of the novellas with an exception of a few which were just too raunchy for my taste but most of them have interesting characters and story lines Of all the shorts for me the most enjoyable reads wereChristin Lovell A Beary Merry ChristmasV Vaughn AndreTasha Black Ghost of Shifters PastCharlene Hartnady Shifter Beneath the MistletoeHarmony Raines Bear HumbugRuby Shae Little Drummer BearEmerald Wright A Dragon s GiftARCrovided in exchange for an honest review Shifter Wonderland Twelve BBW Paranormal Holiday Shape Shifter Romances Get lost in a Shifter Wonderland of Bears Wolves Horses and DragonsThis boxed set features twelve ALL NEW stand alone Holiday stories from your favorite bestselling aranormal romance authors and it’s only available for a LIMITED TIME If you love Hot Sexy Alpha Shapeshifters and the Beautifu. Hristin LovellV VaughnReviewed by SFF DragonSome of my favourite authors are in this set but I ve only had time to read Andre so far I can t wait to read the others Shifter Wonderland is a boxset of 12 Holiday Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) paranormal romances and I was given a copy by V Vaughn in exchange for an honest review of Andre the first book in her new Rocked by the Bear series and her contribution to the set For various reasons my November has been a disaster and I haven t had the time to read any of the other storiesyet But there are stories by some of my favourite authors in this set as well as a few that are new to me I m really looking forward to reading them and then I ll update my review1 A Beary Merry Christmas Black Fall Bears Book 3 Christin Lovell2 Andre Rocked by the Bear Book 1 V Vaughn 5 StarsTriplets Nessa Ginni and Tori areart grizzly bear although the only one who knows that is Tori They were called to mate by the La Roux clan but only Tori answered and now she s on the campus of Bowdoin College to tell her sisters all about it They ve all been having hot dreams about a big guy who becomes a bear for a couple of years now and Ginni is fine with the idea but Nessa has a fit She s a snob who wants to be Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt part of the twin set and country club brigade not aart bear freak But she s ulled up short on the way to a band rehearsal when Ginni is so disgusted by her attitude towards Andre that she can barely talk to her so Nessa gives her life a good coat of looking at and finds she doesn t like what she seesPolar bear shifters Andre Linduist and his brothers have been sent to work security at Bowdoin College because a rogue bear clan the La Verdiers have been causing a lot of trouble and are a serious danger to the female students Having spent ten years in bear form to survive his communication skills are rusty when he meets Nessa on night that Tori is there and knows Nessa is his true mate She repeatedly hurts him and fights it all the way but they have common ground in their shared love of music A Christmas revelation causes her to re evaulate what s important and a trip to spend New Year with Tori and Keith also brings a happily ever after for Andre and NessaI absolutely loved this aranormal romance about true mates Andre and Nessa Andre is really sweet and over the course of the book Nessa starts to see the kind of erson she s become and realises it s not really the lifestyle she aspires to that has brought happiness to her mother and stepfather it s the love they have for each other Although this book is connected to Called by the Bear and Tempted by the Bear which are serials this is a complete stand alone story with no cliff hangers3 Ghost of Shifters Past A Tarker s Hollow Novella Tasha Black 4 Shifter Beneath the Mistletoe Charlene Hartnady 5 Beary Merry Winter Shifter Seasons Book 1 Kate Kent 6 There s Snow Place Like Home A Shifters Ever After Holiday Story Lola Kidd 7 Her Holiday Bear Marie Mason 8 Yuletide s Eve Erika Masten 9 Bear Humbug Harmony Raines 10 Little Drummer Bear North Pole Book 3 Ruby Shae 11 Motivation Shifters Forever After Book Elle Thorne 12 A Dragon s Gift Emerald Wright Terrific collection of holiday shifter romances Get ready to fall in love over and over with these stories Here are just some ones that you will getA Beary Merry Christmas by Christin Lovell Sweet and romantic werebear romance One internet date could will getA Beary Merry Christmas by Christin Lovell Sweet and romantic werebear romance One internet date could to a beautiful love between one handsome werebear and one beautiful curvy woman but a cold could ruin everything Can Stone convince Lola to give him a second chanceAndre by V VaughnThis story is about finding true love when and where you least expect it Nessa gets the shock of her life when she finds out that her father was a werebear and that her and her triplets could be too She freaks and swears to steer clear of all things werebear When she meets singer Andre she feels an unearthly connection but he is a werebear so she decides not to ursue a relationship Can Andre convince her they are true mates and not a freak or will an outside source divide themBeary Merry Winter by Kate KentFunny and very sexy bear shifter romance with some magic thrown in Bear shifter Zane is a Principles of Isotope Geology playboy who has finally met his match Anne may only be human but she is one determined lady she wants a baby and soon but men need not apply One magicotion and an ugly Christmas sweater Ouroboros party will be a recipe for either love or disaster for Zane and AnneThere s Snow Place Like Home by Lola KiddBeautiful love story about finding love and a home Maya is searching for theerfect storm one that will Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 produce the elusive winter tornado When she gets lost and runs into handsome snow leopard shifter Logan she embarks on the adventure of finding the storm with him Logan knows instantly that Maya is his and his brother Tate s mate now they just need to explain it to Maya and keep her safe from the storm in therocess Will Maya be able to handle having two mates or will she run the other wayHer Holiday Bear by Marie MasonSexy shifter romance full of snow and one wonderful rescue Ally has recently moved to a shifter town as a school teacher now all she wants for Christmas is to find a handsome shifter to love her and have a family with Unfortunately the shifter she chooses is not in the market for a mate Jagger is a bear shifter and town sheriff he is very much attracted to Ally but refuses to do anything about it Will Ally get her Christmas wish in the form of a stubborn but sexy bear shifterBear Humbug by Harmony RainesFinding love for the holiday season Declan is a bear shifter on the hunt for a mate this holiday season When Maria goes to the sheriff to help find her runaway nephew she gets a lot than she expected season When Maria goes to the sheriff to help find her runaway nephew she gets a lot than she expected the form of hot and hunky Declan Declan realizes that Maria is his mate but has to find her nephew before he freezes in the woods What Maria does not realize is that Declan and her nephew Jason are both bear shifters Can Declan save the day and convince Maria she is his mate and end up having the best Christmas everLittle Drummer Bear by Ruby ShaeHeartwarming shifter love story showing that you should never give up on finding your one true love Wade is helping out friends by filling in for their injured drummer usually he lives and works at the North Pole with Santa as an enforcer Danica has vowed never to date musicians but something in Wade lures her in despite her beliefs As their friendship grows so does their attraction but can Wade convince her that he is well worth breaking her rule What will Dani do when she learns the truth. L Curvy women who love them then you don’t want to miss this LIMITED EDITION holiday boxed setIncludedChristin Lovell A Beary Merry ChristmasV Vaughn AndreTasha Black Ghost of Shifters Past A Tarker's Hollow NovellaCharlene Hartnady Shifter Beneath the MistletoeKate Kent Beary Merry Winter About who and what Wade really isA Dragon s Gift by Emerald WrightFinding love just in time for Christmas Immortal Dragon shifter Clay has finally decided to bring back the holidays in his house it has been 100 years since his last wife died and it is time to come back into the land of the living Tess has been hired to decorate Clay s homes but immediately feels strange around him lightheaded and euphoric Clay never expects to meet his next mate and have her in danger so uickly Will Tess accept who she is to Clay and also what he really isI was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Shifter Wonderland terrific set of stories Christin Lovell A Beary Merry Christmas Lora and Stone talk online and finally have a date He s sick and cancels at the last minute When I m loving all the Christmas stories within this boxest so far I haven t finished them all yet so I ll add a review once I doA Beary Merry Christmas by Christina LovellAndre by V VaughnIf your currently reading V Vaughn s Tempted by the Bear serial you will recognise Tori in the start of this story I don t want to give to much away with the storyline Tori Ginny Nessa are triplets Tori has arrived at their college dorm to let her sisters know of their werebear heritage update them on what has been happening in her life This is Nessa s journey at accepting being art bear all that entails I LOVED this storyGhost of Shifters Past by Tasha BlackI FLOVE Tasha s Curse of the Alpha Fate of the Alpha series to learn that Ghost of Shifters Past is set at Tarker s Hollow made me do the happy dance I was instantly sucked back into the lives of the citizens of Tarkers Hollow I LOVED it Focusing once again on the shifters in the community we get to see how the wolves from Copper Creek are handling the move A night time walk home Bonnie catches glimpses of shadows her wolf isn t icking up a scent after a steamy dream an encounter with a fox spirit I will have to leave it there How I miss Tarker s Hollow I was LOST in this the story was rivetting Shifter Beneath the Mistltoe by Charlene HartnadyBerry Merry Winter by Kate KentThere s Snow Place Like Home by Lola KiddHer Holiday Bear by Marie MasonYuletide s Eve by Erika MastenBear Humbug by Harmony RainesLittle Drummer Bear by Ruby ShaeMotivation by Elle ThorneA Dragon s Gift by Emerald Wright Terrific collection of holiday shifter romances Great buy for the books in this collection Here are just some of the books in this collection A Bear Merry Christmas by Christin Lovell What a lovely were bear romance Who knew that one internet date led to romance between one hunky werebear and a sexy voluptuous romance Now everyone could go great but a misunderstanding could ruin things all between themAndre by V Vaughn What a wonderful story about true love when you least expect it for a woman and a man who isn t what he seems Little Drummer Bear by Ruby Shae This is a ghost story with a shifter twist A female wolf shifter has these dreams and she decides to solve the riddle of her dreams and find out who her dream mate is in those dreams A Dragon s Gift by Emerald Wright What a terrific story about a dragon shifter who is back in his home after 100 years He is ready to come back to the living after his wife s death 100 years before Tess is the beautiful lady that has been hired to fix up his home and whever she around Clay she is immediately filled with sparks of heat and lightheaded and feels so good This is the story of having found love again for the 2nd time will Clay be willing to open his heart and accept Tess also will Clay be able to rotect Tess from the danger from the threatMotivation Shifters Forever After Book Elle Thorne What an emotional story about mates who were denied the chance to be together by outside forces by being kept apart They have a chance now to be together will they accept this and finally make their dreams come true Little Drummer Bear North Pole Bear North Pole 3 Ruby Shae Such a sweet shifter romance Wade is helping out some friends by coming to take over and be the temporary drummer in the band when he usually is the heavy up in the North Danica meets Wade and there is an instant connection but the fact he Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion plays in the bandlays havoc with her romise she made years ago the one never to date musicians They are able to make a good friendship and the chemistry is awesome will Wade be able to get Danica to break that romise she made herself or will their love not come to fruition Bear Humbug Harmony Raines Another awesome shifter story Declan is a bear shifter and this holiday season he wants to find his mate and bring her home Maria goes to the sheriff asking for help to find her missing nephew The sheriff who takes the case is Declan Sexy Declan is looking at Maria and realizes this is his mate but he knows before he can mate her he has to find her nephew There are secrets that Maria does not know about Declan and her nephew Will Declan be able to do the impossible get Mara s nephew save him mate his beautiful lady and have happy holiday season from here on out with his mate Yuletide s Eve Erika Masten Great story with lots of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat Great twist about the Wild Hunt will Eve come out on top or will she be consumed There s Snow Place Like Home by Lola Kidd Maya is a storm chaser and in the middle of a uniue winter tornado she stops to gas up her vehicle and meets some delicious and sexy brothers Logan Tate Now these brothers know that she is their mate but getting the sassy chaser to realize that well that is another storm ready to erupt I really enjoyed this storyBeary Merry Winter by Kate Kent Beautiful story about how Anne wants to have a baby but wants nothing to do with men in order to get Punainen metsä pregnant She is out shopping and comes across a store that makesotions There is one on Forever Im Yours pregnancy So instead of getting her friend a gift Anne gets one for herself and theregnancybaby making OMG what sensual delights occur when she runs into a guy whom she met earlier named Zanedo they or don t they You must read to find out if she lets him and if there is a baby And if Zane can help Anne overcome her aversion to men My rating if there is a baby And if Zane can help Anne overcome her aversion to men My rating this boxset 47 stars A gifted copy was Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown provided by the author for my honest review ARC free book for honest review and I want to give Harmony Raines a big thank you for giving me the special gift and the chance to read books theseowerful books in this box setShifter Wonderland is a collection of 12 BBW Holiday Shifter Romances from USA Today and Best. Hifter Seasons #1Lola Kidd There's Snow Place Like Home A Shifters Ever After Holiday StoryMarie Mason Her Holiday BearErika Masten Yuletide's EveHarmony Raines Bear HumbugRuby Shae Little Drummer Bear North Pole #3Elle Thorne Motivation Shifters Forever After #3 Emerald Wright A Dragon's Gift.