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Bishop and Knight return for second outing There are some repercussions from their previous investigations and some old criminals from Knight outing There are some repercussions from their previous investigations and some old criminals from Knight past reappear This was a decent crime novel about drug mules and organised crime Great gripping read I was eager to read this second in the BishopKnight series and it did not disappoint indeed I think it raised the bar The unknowns the colorful additional cast and the realistic not a given representation of police work and human indecision had me gripped from start to finish Off to download the third installment asap Great charactersAgain another smooth read that I uickly devoured I now need the next one in the Catherine Bishop series and here s hoping its as good as the first two have beenHighly recommended Having read the first of Lisa Hartley s books On Laughton Moor and uite liked it with reservations I thought I would give the second in the series a goPersonally I like the characters settings and storylines enough to give it certainly than 3 stars but i have marked it down for several reasons all of these I think are down to the appalling transfer to Kindle format On many occasions whilst reading Double Dealing it is frankly impossible to understand what is going on In one sentence you could be in a Police car on the way to a shout but in the next you could be with the victim in the back of a van Unlike the majority of books there are no distinct separations between portions of the chapters In other cases the start. When Mark Cook walks into Northolme Police Station to report his wife missing Detective Sergeant Catherine Bishop still reeling from the repercussions of her previous case and her lov.

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Double Dealing DS Catherine Bishop #2L know for example a Celia Chantry or a John Worthy
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their words actions Catherine Bishop is a great protagonist smart loyal and all too humanDouble Dealing is exactly the kind of novel I like to read and I can t praise it highly enough Loved this StoryI really love this book It is well written I enjoy the interplay between Catherine and Knight I can t wait to read the next one and pray the series continues a long time OddWhat SHOULD have been a great story fizzled twisted popped and then no bang So many characters too many Too many stories in one Zero scene separations one sentence finished the next starts but in one Zero scene separations one sentence finished the next starts but s nothing to disengage reader s thoughts Again great idea but poorly written On Laughton Moor Double Dealing From the Shadows by Lisa HartleyJust finished the Detective Sergeant Catherine Bishop series and loved finding a crime series from a writer I hadn t come across befor This is the second C Bishop book I have read in a very short timeframe and I must say that I enjoy the characters and the way the Hughes story is woven into the narrative throughout the books I did find the outcome of this book a bit hard to stomach it felt very deus ex machina to me That s why I only awarded two stars GoodI ve been a fan of Lisa Hartley for a long time and usually enjoy her books For some reason and I can t explain I ust couldn t get into this book I know Lisa is an exceptional writer so it must ust be me Too much going on in my personal life right now. Rky world of drug mules where nothing is as it seems Catherine and her colleagues are running a race against time to track down the traffickers and discover what has happened to Laure. .

Of paragraphs ump from being inset to being ustified making the reading think that we have moved to the next section when in fact this is not the case All of this makes the book which should and Tries To Be Action Filled Actually Makes to be action filled actually makes very difficult and at times annoying to readI will give the third in the series a go but if things don t improve then I can see this author being dropped from my reading listReview also posted on I thoroughly enjoyed On Laughton Moor and have been looking for the seuel since I read it Double Dealing does not disappoint and is another GREAT READ DS CATHERINE BISHOP RETURNS TO WORK AFTER read DS Catherine Bishop returns to work after weeks off to recover from the traumas of her previous case and is promptly immersed in the case of a missing woman Lauren Cook although procedure will let her do much about a missing adult Then the body of an unidentifiable woman is found and the assumption is it is Lauren The Subplot Involves DI Knight Being Replaced As Lead On subplot involves DI Knight being replaced as lead on Paul Hughes murder enuiry see On Laughton Moor and becoming a suspectDouble Dealing is a stand alone novel but I think you would get a much better understanding of its subtleties if you have already read On Laughton Moor The plot is logical mostly and linear so each piece of information leads to and makes it easy to follow but not easy enough that you can guess what s coming nextWhat I like best about Ms Hartley s writing however is her characterisation She has the knack of creating believable identifiable characters we al. Er’s betrayal has no reason to believe that Lauren is in danger But then a horribly mutilated body of a young woman is discovered by Moon Pond and the officers are drawn into the mu. ,