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TELY keeps me on the dge of my seat throughoutand *I m so looking forward to reading about the Stallion men I am njoying The Stallion series Enjoy the romance *m so looking forward to reading about the Stallion men I am njoying The Stallion series Enjoy the romance the couples and the close knit family support along with secondary storylines Very predictable but fun read I really Snowbound Seduction enjoyed this story between Mitch and Mark I am also loving Edwards jokes The family close relationship I love itThe Stallion men are so sexy I cant wait to read the next because I know that Luke story will be sexy tooI really like how when they fall in love they say it no games they just go with it Great book Mark Stallion likes to live his life on thedge First book by author moving on to book Heat generated between Mark and Mitch Is Enough To Create New Opportunities For enough to create new opportunities for heart to thaw Soon some matchmaking and a little mystery show her how asy it could be to fall in lo. ,

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I have read this story before *But I Am Currently Reading *I am currently reading again I am going to be honest here and say that I do not believe that these stories are fully developed There are three books in the series that I know of and I will Review The Other Two As the other two as since I have them of the three this one is the best However there is an air of disbelief in the stories for me The speed of which these people fall in love is ridiculous This story revolves around Mark Stallion and Mitch or Michelle they are both adrenaline junkies Mitch is the best friend of Matthew Stallion however the story lends you to believe that although they live in the same city Mark and Mitch never met Mark also has. He likes to go fastBut when mogul Mark Stallion meets sharp shooting mechanic Michelle Mitch Coleman the motorcycle driving Texan discovers what it means to fall fast and hard leaving ,
A best friend named Vanessa and the author lets you know very uickly that she is a lesbian I think with a little depth in the story it could be a 5 star hit for me it just isn t there yet It was good but I liked John s story better Mark Stallion meets Michelle Mitch Coleman when he takes his bike to her shop to be serviced Heat is generated between them and they overcome obstacles before they actually date Reread Love me a Stallion i absolutely love the Stallion family books thus far looking forward to reading ach one of Them I Absolutely LOVED I absolutely LOVED romance between Mark and Mitch is HOT SPICY FUN and very ROMANTICthe suspense and DANGER surrounding Mitch and Mark DEFINI. Im in awe of Mitch's skillsand her beautyShe likes it slowMitch isn't interested in a pretty rich boy who plays games with women's hearts no matter how well built and fine he is But the. ,
Tame A Wild Stallion The Stallions #2