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Extremely interesting and informational If you want to know about Shakespeare and how he grew in pop culture this would definitely be a good reference Cambridge Companions are usually pretty good This one only had one essay that really suited what I m studying but there are plenty of essays about all sorts of things especially essays that help to contextualise Shakespeare and his plays This is part of my Shakespeare reference collection which includesA Companion to ShakespeareAsimov s Guide to ShakespeareEssential Shakespeare HandbookImagining ShakespeareNorthrop Frye on ShakespeareShakespeare After AllShakespeare An Oxford "GuideShakespeare The Invention the HumanThe Cambridge Companion to ShakespeareThe Oxford Companion "The Invention of the Cambridge Companion to ShakespeareThe Oxford Companion ShakespeareFor the plays I ve read I ve also read the relevant sections in these reference books When I pick up the next play in my Shakespeare reading list I start by reading the relevant section in the reference books and also to refer back when necessary to get the background history of performance and literary criticism My interest in drama and Shakespeare in particular has been reawakened by my vacation trips to the Utah Shakespeare Festival for the past three years This book contains nineteen essays on various general aspects of Shakespeare The series has separate companions on each of Shakespeare s genres so those were not covered here except for one essay on Shakespeare s genres so those were not covered here except for one essay on poetry nor were there essays on specific works The book was uite interesting in terms of indicating the present concerns of Shakespeare studies which are rather different from what they were when I was in school in the heyday of New Criticism As one would expect there was an essay on his life and one of textual uestions naturally in today s postmodern climate there were articl. An international team of prominent scholars provides a broadly cultural approach to the chief literary performative and historical aspects of Shakespeare's work They bring the latest scholarship to bear on traditional subjects of Shakespeare stud. ,

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The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare Cambridge Companions to LiteratureS are overly detailed and not accessible for the beginner "language is complicated at and its academic style and tone disengages you Though there are some positives to take away "is complicated at times and its academic style and tone disengages you Though there are some positives to take away essay Shakespeare and the Craft of Language by Margreta de Grazia had some useful and illuminating information Grazia writes if freuency of usage by any indication un was Shakespeare s favourite prefix Perhaps he was fascinated by how two letters can negate a word and yet still leave it literally intact p54 Shakespeare was fascinated by language In the essay The Genres of
s Plays Susan Snyder writes Heminges and Henry Condell categorised them in the table of contents under Comedies Histories and Tragedies p83 Shakespeare never listed his plays into chronological order and did not group them into genres he simply wrote them and did not categorize them into any specific genre They are in the genres they are today due to Heminges and Condell who were trying to make the plays accessible and readable for the general public Therefore is Julius Caesar really meant to be a tragedy is that the genre Shakespeare the man himself the author would have put it in We will never know and today when viewing a performance of Caesar people think they are viewing a tragedy because that is what they have been taught that is the idea that has become embedded in culture without people realising that it wasn t Shakespeare who called it a tragedy And the two essays on criticism do list a lot of reputable books on Shakespeare to read but they are all very outdated and that is due to the fact The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare itself is outdated Calling Cambridge and Stanley Wells get yourselves into gear and please give us an up to date version of The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare. Espeare on film the presence of foreigners in Shakespeare's England and his impact on other cultures Helpful reference features include chronologies of the life and works illustrations detailed reading lists and a bibliographical essay BOOK JACKE. Es on genre definition gender and ethnic issues Almost a third of the essays were concerned with the afterlife of the plays that is to say their performance traditions from his time through the end of the twentieth century the development of Shakespeare criticism Shakespeare reception in non English speaking countries adaptations of Shakespeare on film etc Most of the essays were reasonable informative Read Chs 1 14 9 11 3 4 10 8 6 16 5 2 12 13 15 18 His words are a very fantastical banuet And even so when you realize how many were coined by him Not ust zounds and forsooth but courtship embrace puppy dog and watch dog And the phrases It s Greek to me and salad days and tower of strength or in a pickle It s America Lost and Found: An English Boy's Wartime Adventure in the New World just amazing This wonderful collection of essays also explains where Shakespeare got his learning and explores the controversy over who wrote what Did you guess It s from Much Ado About Nothing Act II This is a fundamental book for anyone that wants to undertake the onerous task of writing about Shakespeare in an academic contest whether at an undergraduate or graduate level This Cambridge Companion does notust constitute a general introduction to Shakespeare and Shakespeare studies but in fact at times delves into some very deep waters All of "the academics involved in this edition have done a marvelous ob but I believe that the following essays "academics involved in this edition have done a marvelous ob but I believe that the following essays too extraordinary not to mentionThe reproduction of Shakespeare s texts by Barbara A MowatPlayhouses players and playgoers in Shakespeare s time by John H AstingtonShakespeare on the page and the stage by Michael DobsonApart from these the review essays on Shakespeare criticism are fundamental to get an overview of the critical panorama of the last 400 years This is not a good introduction to Shakespeare the essay. Ies such as biography the transmission of the texts the main dramatic and poetic genres the stage in Shakespeare's time and the history of criticism and performance In addition authors engage with recently defined topics gender and sexuality Shak.