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You deserve this: Simple Natural Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle: Bowl Cookbook yFor the dark epic themes of Potter But he can probably handle most of this book though it does get a little creepy during the final showdown and for that I am gratefulThis is a uick read with sketchy outlines that are perfect foroung readers Yolen peppers her prose with wisdom most of it coming in italicized sayings by the main character s dear ma like Better take care than need care and Secrets is like wounds can main character s dear ma like Better take care than need care and Secrets is like wounds can be cleansed until opened and Expectations always disappoint and Good folk think bad thoughts bad folk act on em and most tellingly for the plot and moral of the book Talent don t matter It only MATTERS THAT YOU TRY WITH THAT that Politieke geschiedenis van België sinds 1830 you try With that kisses him three times once on each cheek for love and once on the forehead for wisdom and sends him packing to Wizard s HallYolen engages in some amusing humor Henry becomes Thornmallow a name which no one can seem to remember Thornpillow said Magister Hickory Marrow corrected Magister Beechvale Mallow sueaked ThornmallowAnd when the kids are in the library trying to figure out how to defeat the dark wizard they come upon a solution that seems to easy to Thornmallow Besides if we thought of it why didn t the Magisters Probably because it is to simple and too easy Gorse said Haveou ever noticed how grown ups try to complicate everything Make it harder than it is Like grown up food with too many sauces And grown up clothes with too many buttons added Tansy And grown up manners Will said With too many shoulds and shouldn ts But this is not an overtly funny book For me it was an entertaining confection But for my kid it may well be a tome that with its three great themes will resonate deeply in his psyche Words mean somethingWhen the head of the school has confronted the dark wizard and is deflated he begins to tell a story And clearly as Magister Hickory spoke the very act of speaking the words telling the story re creating another time gave him life Just as the words spoken by the awful Master had brought him a kind of death The Fine LineBy black my prickly friend I do not mean evil Or wicked I mean dark and deep as in the black water of the deepest lakes All those strongest of emotions that if used improperly tempt us to wicked evil deeds For example ambition which can become greed Or desire which can become gluttony Or admiration which can become envy We are all made up of such deep and dark emotions and as we grow mature we learn to control them Always try AlwaysAnd Jane Yolen is overly fond of italics Just saying I just picked this one up at the library to reread as I remembered loving it as a kid It was in fact the first novel I ever got a library fine on as I lost it under my bed for "several monthsa book that tells the story of "monthsA book that tells the story of boy wizard succeeding against all odds might sound a bit familiar to ou but Wizard s Hall came long before Harry Potter was ever a twinkle in Voldemort s eye Told in charming voice reminiscent of Diana Wynne Jones this uick read is full of dry humor and is a must for anyone who loves the Harry Potter series wondering why all my reviews are five stars Because I m only reviewing my favorite books not every book I read Consider a novel s presence on my Goodreads boo For category a book with magicI found Wizard s Hall for fifty cents at a book sale and picked it up simply because I was intrigued by the cover I had absolutely no idea what it was about since the back flap came all stickered and unreadable and no expectations for it so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and began reading I fell in love with this little book It s a lovely story of a charming reluctant hero whose simple courage and determination win out in the face of powerful magic 455 Always really liked this book Certainly children s fiction but the writing is good I only wish it were longer or that there were in this series I hope my friends enjoy reading it as much as I did Ok this is a children s book but it was my fave book as a little kid Also the first Harry Potter book is a total rip off of this story so I felt the need to add it. S Hall is threatened by a cruel sorcerer’s fearsome beast it is up to Henry er Thornmallow to figure out how to save not only his new friends but also the entire school for wizar. ,

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Plot it s executed very "Well In My Opinion Things "in my opinion Things t as stereotypical as one would think and that makes it worth the short read Things could have been made a bit exciting but it s not a bad plot WritingThe writing was good I must admit that there are a lot of lines in the book that are very uotable But it s not done in an obtrusive way like the plot was made around the uotes The uotes come at very organic moments and that s what makes them so great There are some parts where I d have to read again Because The Wording Was A Bit Awkward But Those Were the wording was a bit awkward but those were and far in betweenCharactersI liked the characters Thornmallow most of all He had every reason to give up multiple times in the book but he drove on like I m sure so many of us wish we could do sometimes The book is plot heavy than character heavy so the reader only gets a taste of the characters Things I LikedThe thing I liked best about Wizard s Hall was how Yolen went about with the ou must try theme of the book I find that a lot of authors and other such content creators including artists try to incorporate this into their works and fall very short In the end it s some surprise super power that saves the day not the protagonist actually trying But Thornmallow succeeded because he tried Throughout the entire book he tried and though things didn t always work out he still continued to try I really liked that Things I Didn t LikeDespite its short length Wizard s Hall feels a bit dull I love Thornmallow and the theme of the book but I am eternally grateful Yolen didn t drag the book outDiversityThere are a lot of female magisters and Thornmallow makes friends with two girls one of whom Tansy is black That s about it though OverallI d recommend ou ignore Yolen s little joke about Harry Potter being copied from Wizard s Hall She even admits that Rowling probably never even read her book and the similarities are just because both books contain common magic tropes Don t come into this book thinking it s any like Harry Potter is than Harry Potter is like The Lord of the Rings Besides that Wizard s Hall is a fun little magic book that is very interesting to boot There s a good theme in it and Thornmallow is a great protagonist Here is a link to my notes After learning that this book preceded Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone and that its author Jane Yolen feels that Rowling stole all of her ideas from Wizard s Hall and is remarkably grumpy about the Harry Potter series even though the story moves along I just don t feel like they re well written and I always tell people that if Ms Rowling would like to cut me a very large cheue I would cash it and Rowling s prose is terrible I just had to read this bookSure Wizard s Hall has similarities to the Potter series but it isn t remotely epic like Rowling s 7 tome creation Nor are the similarities damning Yolen says Wizard s Hall has got a boy named Henry who goes to wizard school doesn t think he has talent He has a good friend with red hair There s a wicked wizard who s trying to destroy the school and the pictures on the wall move and speak and change That s all she s got So Bridget Jones Diary Pride and Prejudice And everyone is now stealing from the Twilight series even though vampire mythology has been around since prehistoric times Ideas are like flowers just because one rose resembles another doesn t mean either is a clone However none of this gristmill of ridiculous bile makes a damn bit of difference if one tries to take Wizard s Hall as a stand alone children s bookAnd as one I liked it Not immensely But I liked it I thought of Harry Potter only once when the main character forgot his wizard s robe in the wardrobe Otherwise the clever bits in this book bear only a passing resemblance to the clever bits in Rowling s and they aren t nearly as well fleshed outBut that s ok And in fact for what I was hoping I hear it s ok to end a sentence with a preposition these days but I fear Yolen will read this someday and come after me My son is a prolific reader at age six he s not ready. Ickly on the outside suishy within” It’s not enough that the only talent he shows at Wizard’s Hall is an ability to make messes of even the simplest spells Now when Wizard’. Yes Jane Yolen s 1991 children s fantasy novel Wizard s Hall does indeed feel a bit like JK Rowling s Harry Potter series or rather I should instead point out that Wizard s Hall and the Harry Potter series are somewhat alike in their superficialities in their general set ups but definitely and in my opinion NOT IN ANY MANNER with enough similarities for Jane Yolen to have any reason but definitely and in my opinion NOT IN ANY MANNER with enough similarities for Jane Yolen to have any reason to even remotely accuse JK Rowling of actual plagiarism of actively having copied large chunks of text from her Wizard s Hall For honestly truly and after now having read both the Harry Potter novels and Wizard s Hall the former are all much in depth and as such also considerably interestingly and engagingly penned than Wizard s Hall which really does for the most part remain rather tediously on the surface so to speak and also has none of the intricate world and word building as well as very little of the humour and delightful irony that JK Rowling makes such ample and entertaining use of in her novels about Harry Potter and his friends with even the main protagonist in Wizard s Hall with even Henry "Thornmallow not reading so much like Harry Potter but akin if I actually "not reading so much like Harry Potter but akin if I actually want to find a link to Neville Longbottom Therefore only three and rather unconvincing stars for Wizard s Hall for a decent enough but ultimately still rather unspectacular even mildly disappointing story albeit that I have indeed now lowered my general rating to but two starts because well I do personally feel both than a bit annoyed at and frustrated by Jane Yolen s pedestrian and silly attempts of trying to accuse JK Rowling of plagiarism and indeed this sure to and for me also does tend to sound like either a case of sour grapes or Jane Yolen trying to make publicity for her obviously not as popular Wizard s Hall and which I certainly do find at best rather childish I picked up this book after reading an article about books from which JK Rowling had stolen Harry Potter Jane Yolen was the one author who didn t seem so overtly angry but had simply said If Rowling wants to give me part of her profits I won t say no I thought this was kind of funny and assumed her book would be too It was not It was also not good Yes I know that it s a kids book and I m in no way claiming that kids couldn t possibly enjoy it But that s not what makes Harry Potter successful The Harry Potter series is well thought out fast paced and gripping Wizard s Hall seems like it was written in a day There s very little character development and the plot reads like it was written by someone who knows that events have to keep happening but doesn t know that things also have to happen in between to make the story flowYes the main character is friends with a red headed boy and a smart girl Yes there is some sort of prophecy But seriously Harry Potter isn t simply good because it uses the plot conventions of a million other fantasy books and it is annoying to be duped into reading something so very mediocre by generally baseless comparisons This was a really fun and cute book for kids I enjoy it a lot and know I would have loved it as a kid I do wish that the book was longer and developed I felt like it was just very basic with what was happening and I would ve liked details It s always funny to read books like this and see how similar they are to the premise of Harry Potter I m sure jk got some inspiration from this one An imaginative tale of on odd school for magic in which the greatest power comes from understanding one s true nature Just a few days ago Thornmallow was a simple boy named Henry who lived on a farm Now he s a wizard who s just discovered that there s an evil heading right for his new school With this threat to the school also comes the threat to his new friends And it s up to Thornmallow to help save the day But how can he when the most he can seem to do is make messes with his magicPlotThe plot is very simple a boy goes to a school to learn magic and he and the school have to deal with an evil wizard Despite this less than uniue basic. Poor Henry It’s not enough that his mother has sent him away from home to learn magic It’s not enough that everyone at his new school calls him Thornmallow because he’s “pr.

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