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Spirituality of the Psalms FacetsExcellentThis is a must read on the subject of the Psalms and theodicy The Psalms rovide movement for us and the author values alongside the Psalms Psalms rovide movement for us and the author values alongside the Psalms times of suffering within this the artful Yolanda's Genius process of life Interesting Insightful Practical Spirituality of the Psalms is not an in depth devotional commentary such as Spurgeon s Treasury of David or the work of Alexander Maclaren nor is it strictly speaking an overarching exegetical work whether that work be brief eg Kidner or extensive eg Allen Broyles Perowne or Wilson Instead Brueggemann helps the reader understand that a major move of the Psalms is the move from an ordered reliable life to an existence that somehow has run amok and how thesalmist re orients toward God in the face of it This theme of Orientation Disorientation Re Orientation is the subject of his bookIf you want to understand the Psalms so your own walk with God Fettan purchase Spirituality of the Psalms This is a book to be read and studied The authorrovides multiple examples of Die Kunst Des Zeichnens: Die grosse Zeichenschule: Praxisorientiert und gut erklärt psalms of orientation disorientation and re orientation He also offers additional Scriptural support outside the Psalms Additionally Brueggemann will help you avoid the tendency to treat the Psalms merely as a guide to arivatized spirituality As he oints out in Chapter 5 Spirituality and God s Justice the salms highlight theodicy God s goodness and justice in an evil world That Justice Operates In Community operates in community communion therefore reflections on theodicy always spill over into the The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans public dimensions of life Chapter 5Brueggemannrovides the insightful analysis of a scholar For example in discussing the hidden gap between verses in a salm when the writer goes from lea to raise he takes us to a deeper discussion among scholars including that of Joachim Begrich The deliverance oracle is a romise on God s art to be resent with to help and to intervene on behalf of the Times of Bede petitioner The recurring feature of such a speech is the sovereign fear not of Yahweh And that speech so goes the hypothesis resolves the desperate situation andermits the speaker to begin life anew in confidence and gratitude It is argued that the fear not represents the The Catechism of the Council of Trent primal communication that touches the deepest fears and angers and opens the mostrofound City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York possibilities when it is spoken by one who has consent from us to change our worldI appreciate Brueggemann s work for many reasons buterhaps most notably for taking us to the The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 place most don t want to go thelace of disorientation when our world doesn t make sense and God seems silent Brueggemann writesWe have spent a major Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje portion of our time and space on that reality in the Psalms because that is theart of the Psalter that has been most neglected italics mine in church use In the resent religious situation it may be the art of the Psalter that is most helpful because we live in a society of denial and cover up and these Davids Sling psalmsrovide a way for healing candorBruegemmann reminds us that in the Psalms as in life we can never go home again God works in the unpleasant situations of our lives to take us to new heights and depths that we might know of Him wherever we areI gave this book five stars because Brueggemann brought to a light a key insight that impac. Using a model of orientation disorientation new orientation Brueggemann explores how the genres of th. Ts my of all the Psalms Orientation Disorientation New Orientation He helped me appreciate the spirituality of the salms for my walk with God and my walk with God in community Finally his treatment of theodicy and community was very helpful Three stars because the scheme of orientation disorientation new orientation is a helpful aradigm FOR THINKING ABOUT THE TYPES OF EXPERIENCES CONTAINED IN thinking about the types of experiences contained in Psalms Only three stars because I disagree fundamentally with the critical scholarship on which most of the author s work is built Balanced view of the role of the Psalms in scripture taking into consideration the three hases of life Ie orientation disorientation and reorientation The book also considers the spirituality of God s JusticeComes highly recommended Brueggemann argues that Just Destiny people treatsalms one of two ways either they treat them devotionally and never critically analyze the genre structure etc or they do treat them academically but never allow them to affect them spiritually His goal in this book is to do both by Paradise Run providing a newaradigm to see the salmsGunkel showed the world that the salms fall into specific forms or genres Mowinckel showed the centrality of the Help Me, Jacques Cousteau psalms in the cult Westermann sidestepping Mowinckel updated Gunkel s genres Brueggemann takes all of theseerspectives and combines them with a dash of liberation theology He argues that there are three movements in the spirituality of the Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen psalms orientation dis Wonderful little book that discusses how thesalms are characterized by themes of orientation disorientation and new orientation as the cycle of spirituality and life overall as God intendedThe last chapter also makes a compelling argument of how the The Book of Mordred psalms also show the interaction the community and God as it faces uestions of injustice which is also intricately bound with spiritualityA little sample from the concluding chapterWhen weray these Psalms in community or in Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide private we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who count on ourrayers Those witnesses include first of all the Israelites who cried out against Pharaoh and other oppressors But the cloud of witnesses includes all those who hope for justice and liberation This does not detract from the conviction that God is Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert powerful Spirit It does not reduce the Psalms toolitical documents It rather insists that our spirituality must answer to the God who is Hidden Boundaries present where the uestions of justice and order transformation and euilibrium arearamount We dare not be ositivists about our spirituality as though we live in a world in which all issues are settled The spirituality of the Psalms assumes that the world is called to uestion in this conversation with God That ermits and reuires that our conversation with God be vigorous candid and daring Walter Brueggemann Spirituality of the Psalms Minneapolis Fortress Press 2002 73 74 So far the best book I ve read on the Psalms from both an academic and devotional standpoint Folks essentially write two kinds of books on the Psalms Commentaries that tend to be lengthy and hard to digest or topical like this or Lewis s meditation on the Psalms But these topical approaches never uite manage to create a heuristic that is elegant instead they. E Psalms can'be viewed in terms of their function This results in fresh readings of these ancient son. ,

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Tend to be cumbersome or inadeuate Brueggemann s little book is supremely elegant Well worth the read This is a rather small and short book but I really struggled to read its academic and dense contents I have an extensive vocabulary but I find some academics write in a way that feels almost urposefully obtuse The author seems to take a lot of words to say not very much It s very academic in tone which seems
to contradict the 
contradict the s spiritual intent One of the interesting aspects resented by the author is how the salms are likely to be interpreted differently by Jews versus Christians Basically the author resents three categories of salms belonging to orientation faith in creation disorientation struggle and frustrations and new orientation historical liberation None of the salms is actually reprinted in the text though so you ll want to have them nearby to consult The last chapter was MY FAVORITE AND I WONDER WHY IT WASN T favorite and I wonder why it wasn t first chapter I m actually surprised I made it so far and I ity the Nebular Sammelband 5 - Galaxis in Panik poor reader who gives up before reaching it as I was so tempted to do myself This final chapter discusses theodicy and the nature of thesalms that makes them central to discussions of society and justice Brueggermann brings the Psalms to life with his insightful material on orientation disorientation new orientation Being a short abridgment of one of his larger works it is a great entry oint for the everyday Christian but deep enough for the theologically trained Spirituality of the Psalms by Walter BrueggemannInsightful erspective of these ancient Bakunin: The Creative Passion poems and useful for empowering groups and teams to be reflective and embrace transformationPSALMS THE RHYTHM OF LIFE AS ORIENTATION DISORIENTATION REORIENTATIONThe basic movement in everyone s life is Firstly the move into theit when our world collapses around us Secondly the move out of the The Donegal Woman pit into a welcomelaceWalter Brueggemann suggests that our life consists of moving with God in terms of being securely oriented in which everything makes sense in our lives being Martha's Chickens and the Pirates painfully disoriented in which we feel we have sunk into theit and being surprisingly reoriented in which we realize that God has lifted us out of the The Necromancer, or The Tale of the Black Forest pit and we are in a newlace full of gratitude and awareness about our lives and our GodBrueggemann says that the Psalms offer a framework for engaging GodFirst Movement Orientation Songs of Creation God s gifts Ps 8 33 104 145 Songs of Torah God s Amstel Girl: Playing With Destiny purposes Ps 1 15 19 24 119 Songs of Wisdom God s certainty Ps 14 37 Songs of Well Being God s goodness Ps 131 133Second Movement Disorientation Songs of Personal Complaint Ps 13 35 86 Songs of Communal Complaint Ps 74 79 137Third Movement Re Orientation Personal Thanksgivings God s rescue Ps 30 34 40 138 Communal Thanksgivings God s salvation Ps 65 66 124 129 Kinglysalms God s leadership Ps 29 47 93 97 98 99 114 Hymns of raise God s newness Ps 100 103 113 117 135 146 147 148 149 150Psalms are for eople who are living at the edge of their lives sensitive to the raw hurts the A Diary of Darkness: The Wartime Diary of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi primitiveassions and the naive elations that are at the bottom of our life For most of us liturgical or devotional entry into the Psalms reuires a real change of ace to listen as well as speak Gs that illumine their spiritual depth The voices of the Psalms come through in all their bold realis. .