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western than back to the 1980 sDoctorgunfighter John Bishop is on the vengeance trail after his brother Recovering both mentally and physically from the ast book John Chisum springs him from jail to help out in Lincoln County The Flame Riders are robbing Chisum blindBishop shoots some people heals others Pretty good stuff C Courtney Joyner weaves a fast paced Western tale. He ost his arm to outlaws Replaced it with a double barreled boom stick Now Civil War veteran Dr John Bishop is armed For Justice And Extremely justice and extremely They call himShotgunThe Bleeding GroundJohnShotgun Bishop has tangled with plenty of owlifes in himShotgunThe Bleeding GroundJohnShotgun Bishop has tangled with plenty of Bloody Crystal lowlifes in time and he's got the missingimb to prove it But few. Shotgun AUTHOR C. Courtney Joyner

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D it with a double barrel 12 guage shotgun is hired by john chisum yes that is hired by John Chisum yes that Chisum of Lincoln County War fame to protect his cattle empire from being taken over by Bishop s evil brother There are twisted desires epic shootouts fiery explosions and along with Chisum two other real ife hard cases from the old West namely Sheriff Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid You can almost hear the Ennio Morricone music drifting off the page. Eyenne partner White Fox to protect his investment But when the Bishop family feud turns into an all out turf war Shotgun ends up on the wrong side of the aw stuck in the middle between the devil he knows and two deadly new players Their names are Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett And this time there will be bloo. Riddled with bodies bullets and blood this exciting seuel As with Shotgun his first novel in this series The Bleeding Ground reads Afterlife like an ode to the two prominent Sergios of Italian Western cinema Leone and Corbucci Joyner is also a screenwriter Like Leone s One Upon a Time in the West 1968 and Corbucci s Django 1966 Joyner s story feels almost operatic The scarred hero Dr John Bishop whoost his arm to outlaws and replace. Sink as ow as his own brother Devlin a crazy mean cuss who'd steal the horns off the devil himself This Time Dev's Got His Dev's got his black heart set on taking over John Chisum's and destroying the cattle king's dream of building a new town and Heroes Die laying down tracks for the railroad So Chisum hires Shotgun and his Ch.