Forbidden Nights with the Viscount (EPUB)

Forbidden Nights with the Viscount

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Secrets can be fun Maggie is not looking for a second chance at love With some coaxing from her aunt she is looking for some pleasure Giles feels that he does not deserve love but will not turn down a tempting offer Secret trysts become amid danger I enjoyed this story very much and ecommend it as a fun ead Giles is a Radical politician He believes there are new ideas coming to England and he wants to be one of the people who make those new ideas into eality He will become an Earl eventually but goes by the name Giles Hadley He has been estranged from his father since he was a child Everything he has accomplished has been by his own intelligence talents and determinationLady Margaret is the widowed daughter of a very conservative member of the House of Lords She acts as his hostess campaigns for candidates and generally is a very involved political woman At a time when women were considered chattel she is a very forward thinking womanWhen these two people meet there is an immediate connection They are physically attracted to one another but they also are very happy to find someone with whom to share ideas Even if they are on different sides of issues they enjoy the discussionsBoth Lady Margaret and Giles are terrific characters Their intelligence and shared sense of humor create wonderful conversations They are honorable people who start an affair which could harm both of them politically as well as personally But the attraction is too strong to ignoreThis book brings the political atmosphere to life It also shows that even in the 19th century some politicians could be self involved jerks The plot is well developed as well as informative The secondary characters add to the texture of the story Each of them bring some story development and some humor to the BookMs Justiss Is A Very Justiss is a very author who writes a book which holds the eader s interest as well as entertains the eader In this book the only thing I would have liked would be development of the political side of the storyThis plot of this book is different I liked that There is a slight mystery which comes up toward the end of the book I liked That The Dialog Between The dialog between and Maggie is very entertaining I liked that I liked this book very muchI eceived this book from the author in the hope I would write a fair and honest eview All opinions are my own Giles and Maggie are from opposing political parties Giles is a Radical wanting eual ights for all marriage only when both parties want it and no titles Maggie wants titles and property to be governed by those who have held the title and generations that worked at keeping it that way She also believes that eform is bad Giles has been estranged from his father since he was five and thought it was his father s doing That hurt has Lead Him To Most Of him to most of beliefs in politics Now he meets Maggie and the connection is instant but will he get what he wants or find something Maggie married her childhood friend and love only to lose him She then has an engagement that was broken Now encountering Giles has given her new thoughts and challenges to think on and leaves her to wonder if she will do what is ight or get than she bargained for This is an amazing brilliant and compelling story full of complex characters and a mystery to boot I had a hard time putting it down to work or finish household items You will fall in love with ALL the characters even the secondary ones 1 in the new and exciting Hadley s Hellions series Well written with engaging and entertaining characters The storyline is fast paced with intrigue passionate kisses learning to love again and finding a new HEA There are many facets to the characters and the storyline I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to Eleanor, Quiet No More reading of Hadley s Hellions A very enjoyableead I would strongly ecommend eading this story I have enjoyed Ms Justiss stories and this one was no different I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game reading of Hadley s Hellions A captivatingead Fans of Historical Romance and Regency England are sure to enjoy this one I strongly Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) recommend picking this one up for youreading pleasure Received for an honest Revenant review from the authorRating 45Heatating Sweet Reviewed by AprilR courtesy of My Book Addiction Away from society's prying eyes After suffering the loss of her beloved husband uick witted Lady Margaret Roberts has sworn off the pursuit of passionthat ,
Nd More This book was the first that I have ever ead by Ms Julia Justiss and may I just say she does historical Ms Julia Justiss and may I just say she does historical the have ever ead by Ms Julia Justiss and may I just say she does historical Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life romance the wayMaggie is a widow with a turbulent past when it comes to men so when she meets Giles and her attraction is immediate she debates if he is worth it Maggie is a strong heroine who will definitely not cower away while her man takes care of everything which in my opinion made the book uite a bit enjoyable then the historical s where the women swoon at every little thingGiles is a man with a cursory title of viscount but Gilesejects his upbringing due to his father pushing his mother and him out of the house when he was young Now when his half brother George starts to set his sights on Maggie will he be willing to finally accept his positionThis was a great historical Green Eyed Envy romance that at times seemed a little drawn out but was definitely worth it in the longun This was a great political The A-List Diet Fitness Plan romance story that draws you inA book obsessed chickseview team selection While campaigning for her cousin s elections Lady Margaret Roberts is caught in the middle of a brouhaha and escued by
a handsome man 
handsome man the most beautiful blue eyes Maggie has been a widow and never intends to fall in love again however that does not preclude a dalliance of some sort especially with someone like the man with the unforgettable eyes Giles Hadley detests his title of Viscount of Lyndlington his family s history is uite complicated and his elationship with his half brother George Hadley is extremely tense Giles feels immediately drawn to the lovely widow but upon hearing that George might be asking for her hand Giles is determined to find out particularly after Giles and Maggie have met several times not so accidentally Ms Justiss takes her historical facts very seriously and the Whig Tory The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey rivalry as well as the Reform form the background for theomance in FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH THE VISCOUNT Although the political angle is particularly interesting I felt there was a bit too much to my taste Amidst the political intrigue there is much tiptoeing around the eventual affair between Maggie and Giles while frissons of anticipation hover around them and flirtatious banter abound I was particularly impressed with how accurately the author describes that feeling of infatuation of slowly falling under the sensual spell of another Julia Justiss prose is sublime as usual the dialogues are witty and the characters are The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families realistic and well fleshed out There are also a few uite sizzling sex scenes which proves that sometimes politics and sex do make good bedfellows Ieceived a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers review Forbidden Nights with the Viscount by Julia Justiss is a 2016 Harleuin Historical publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honesteviewThe topic of this book comes at a timely fashion since many of us have politics in our minds at the moment In this case the author explores the notorious opposition between the Tories and the Whigs The intelligent and beautiful Lady Margaret supports her father s Tory party and her hosting duties have not gone unnoticed She enjoys her Sextus: Ou, Le Romain Des Maremmes: Suivi D'Essais Detaches Sur L'Italie: Par M. Me Hortense Allart de Therase role which keeps her busy and her mind off the tragic loss of her husband She has no intention ofemarrying but feels Die Zarin restless The chance meeting with a politicalival Giles Hadley awakens Margaret s senses which have lain dormant for far too long Giles is a Viscount who will eventually inherit his father s title but doesn t believe marriage is for him due to the immense scandal surrounding his parent s marriage which was very sad However when the Lady Margaret suggests they enter into a liaison Giles finds himself Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History rethinking his position on that subject However Giles half brother is suited to Lady Margaret due to their like minded political stance and he is aggressively pursuing her Can Giles win the lady s heart despite their differences Can he convince her their torrid affair has deeper possibilitiesThis story starts off on a slightly humorous and charming note with the sudden and unexpected introduction Giles and Margaret have to one another and the instant sparks that fly between them I loved Margaret s attitude and herefusal to obey certain protocol when it came to enterin. S until she meets Giles Hadley Bitterly estranged from his family eluctant viscount Giles knows all too well the devastation of an unhappy marriage So whil.
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G into a dalliance with Giles She knew what she wanted and she pursued it while most ladies in this time period would never have even entertained such a thought Although Margaret is a delightful and gregarious character in the beginning she has an aura of sadness surrounding her However Giles will soon have her feeling the strength to heal and will give her a eason to want to move forward at long last Giles story was very sad indeed and I was happy to see him finally Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen receive the validation he deserves It was so fun watching himeact to Margaret and seeing him fall completely under her spell He never knew what hit him Often times I find that in the beginning of a book I struggle with one or sometimes both the protagonist but in this case I loved them both immediately and only grew to like them as the story progressed However this story has a bit of a bite to it with a The Jive Talker romantic suspense element tossed into the mix I found myself holding my breath as things got a little intense a time or two I don t know if it was just me but I think this story is just a little saucier that some I veead from this author but I thought it worked in this case because we aren t dealing with an innocent virgin but with two consenting adults who agree to a no strings attached arrangement However the tension does build a consenting adults who agree to a no strings attached arrangement However the tension does build a at a time tantalizing and teasing the Gargantuan reader Overall this an easyead moving at a steady pace with a few heart pounding moments and a healing and heartwarming family side story and of course the unlikely Wolfgang romance between two people with opposing views who wind up falling in love giving us a sweet and spicyomance that will leave you smiling at the end 4 stars 25 starsThis is a worthy story Well intentioned Hh Writing style a little pedestrian and some deep seated silliness on the part of the H But there s little eally to take exception to Or love Yep I just think Julia Justiss truly has a gift She s one of the few authors I dare compare to the actual classic writers of those times I love her poetic voice and writing style Lady Margaret Roberts and Viscount Giles Hadley meet while canvassing for opposing political parties in 1832 England Hadley has personal and humanitarian easons as to why he wants the power to be transferred to the common people while Maggie supports the idea that an uneducated man should not vote on issues he s not familiar with The dialogue about political issues felt honest and was never boring and had I been to allies held by either one I could ve been swayed to either party at any given time I m not too fond of stories with a political subplot but here it worked perfectly and it actually helped the plot move along nicely when it was necessary Maggie is not in the marked for marriage or everlasting love as she s known it before In fact the last thing she wants is to fall in love she wants is to fall in love because the love of her life died in a terrible accident and she doesn t want to suffer another loss She may be a widow but she still has a eputation to think of however the she knows about Giles the she wants to be with him in ways than she s willing to accept And of course Giles being the loving man that he is does everything in his power to make sure Maggie is loved in every way possible Their friendship is palpable through their dialogue as well as their actions so kudos to Julia for giving me the show instead of the tell There was enough sexual tension that never bordered on the unbelievable The main characters were charming and smart and witty and I just loved that the hero was never over powering or over protective he was just a normal man trying to do something good with his life The whole book was just great and I m giving it 5 stars because I just loved it This is the first book in the new series Hadley s Hellions Giles is estranged from the first book in the new series Hadley s Hellions Giles is estranged from father for most of his lifeand harass by his brother He doesn t want to take over for his father after his demised He enjoys his Кракатит radical political views as eualights for all Maggie likes political views as titles and lands stay as they are she helps her father in his political viewsMaggie husband passes away and she doesn t want to go through that heartbreak again Giles doesn t want to marry based on way his father treated his mother E he is prepared to indulge in an illicit affair he must beware for spirited Maggie awakens in him something even forbidden the desire to claim her as his wi.