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us could a push towards at times What a way to be introduced to the work of times What a way to be introduced to the work of Banner This is my first time reading a story about two men who find love and acceptance in each other I never thought I would ENJOY A STORY LIKE SLIPPERY WHEN WET BUT I a story like Slippery When Wet but I I loved this book hard I loved it so much that when I finished reading it I gifted a copy to a friend Slippery When Wet was written with so much heart and soul so much depth and emotion Scott and Hendry meet by chance on a cruise ship Scott would love nothing then to meet the man who literally takes his breath away Fate takes over when Scott literally slips near the pool right in front of Hendry Scott learns to go after what he wants He learns that sometimes relinuishing control can be the beginning of so many amazing things Hendry is easy going and full of life He lives his life day to day The connection that these two have will make your heart melt This may have been my first book by Mr Banner but it most certainly won t be my last I look forward to reading from this amazingly talented author Reviewed by Rory Lampley This is absolutely my new favorite Brazen Boy and the perfect end to an excellent series I ve related to almost every BB in one way or another with Daryl being a master at writing relatable characters but Scott I don t now how many times while reading this I cracked up saying omg that s so me I remembered my highlight feature this time and ended up marking over twenty passages that made me laugh hardest hit me in the feels or were deep and meaningful It still amazes me how Daryl can get so deep even in these tiny little romances Like dude why you gotta dig there you re Dragonsbane killing me please don t stopI loved this sto. D out Scott doesn'tnow how to vacation When he stumbles into the unapologetically carefree and stunning boy named Hendry Scott's dry heart gets an overdue drenching With only seven days on the luxury cruise ship things between the boys are about.

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Ry so much Don t pass it up for last book in the series Oh man I was worried about This One But It Delivered one But it delivered what a saucy title huh I loved it from gate I feel like he ended the series on a high note I think he tapped into of his psychological background in this book It was an awesome story I like the cruise stories Poor Scott is similar to me in his anal retentiveness I tend to plan things to death just ask my husband He is looking for an excuse to let go and just live in the moment And that excuse comes in come great packaging Hendry is a sweet Lonestar Sanctuary kind guy who seems tonow exactly what Scott needs to unwind I felt the ending might have been a little bit rushed because the previous pacing of the book was a bit on the slow side they took their sweet time getting to Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator know each other It was a good story and I m sad to see the Brazen Boys go but Inow that there will be many other books by Mr Banner that I will like so I will look forward to those Fast paced romance I liked itbut admit to skimming through some parts Scott his best bud Ollie and his girlfriend The Manneuin are on a cruise and there he spots the man of his fantasies HendryScott is repressed and a bit OCD but is determined to have a good time and fair play to the guy he puts a great spin on everything determined not to get down on the cruiseHendry has his own heartbreak but still has a positive outlook on life They are opposites but get along so well than wellThe magic show I had tears actual tearsI loved Ollie He s giving you a total bone bone right now isn t he I even warmed to The Manneuin at the end Their cleanse made me lolIt s sad that this is the final Brazen Boy but what a way to go out with the series Totally fantastic read. To get slipperyNote Each novella in The Brazen Boys series is a standalone MM romance They can be read in any orderTHE BRAZEN BOYS SERIES Dorm GameOn The EdgeOwned By The FreshmanDog TagsAll Yours TonightStraight UpHouseboy RulesSlippery When Wet. ,
FGMAMTC Blog Review Excerpt I really enjoyed reading this 8th installment in The Brazen Boys series and I m just so sad this is the end Daryl Banner s writing is a gift truly Congratulations Fun in the sunfloating on a small city in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico while sipping on cocktailsyes please This new and maybe last Brazen Boy is right on pointboth with the descriptions aboard a cruise ship as well as the down to earth story that makes me wish I had a Hendry in my own life when I was youngerScott has a lot of issues to be sure but so does his BFF Ollie and the new to be sure but so does his BFF Ollie and the new hunk he meets on vacationeach battling their own life problems A mix of comedic romance and intimate longing this novella has something for all MM loversjust enough spice to go with the sweet and a relatable story If you ve ever been on a cruise before you will get it and feel like you are right back onboard dancing at the deck partiesplaying in the casino or pigging out on the buffet Loved it 5 the best times of our lives stars Great read ifyou enjoy MM hot scenes times of our lives stars Great read ifyou enjoy MM hot scenes read personal growth and an HEASide Note This one was fun I liked that I had taken the cruise they had lol It was cool to see the uptight guy let go and learn to enjoy life though I thought they were moving a little fast at the end But in the same breath I understand WHY they were moving a little fast at the end But in the same breath I understand WHY they were moving the speed they did and it fit the situationmessagechange that was happening I giggled I laughed I swooned and as usual the sex was right on point Wouldn t have minded a little but maybe that s just me Lol Total recommend for MM fans What a great way to end this lovely stand alone series This one ranks up there with my favorite It s all about talking chances and letting go Please make this fantasy into something I can feel and touch and Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India know as intimately as the sweat that dresses my palms Uptight and perpetually single Scott can't wait to embark on a seven day cruise with his straight best friend Trouble is stresse.