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45 rounded up to 54 stars for the main Gilaad Tama stars for the Fall of stories throughout Book of Death a Valiant crossover the Fall of stories throughout Book of Death is a Valiant crossover is somewhat awkwardly split in twoOn the one hand we have the core Book of Death It s the story of a Geomancer with a prophetic book from the future and how it may help to prevent the ultimate corruption of the earth by a Geomancer gone wrong Though we ve seen the fight the future trope many a time in comics going back to Days of Future Past this one has a couple of things going for it First it rather magnificently mashes up two of the main forces in the Valiant universe Geomancy and the Deadside Second like most Valiant crossovers it offers real conseuences In some ways this all feels like a retread of The Valiant because of its similar focus on the Eternal Warrior and Geomancy Still it s a fun event 710The other half of the Book of Death is a series of Fall stories that tell the final fates of various Valiant heroes Bloodshot Lemire gives us true scope an. So let it be written So let it be doneFrom New York Times best selling writers Robert Venditti X O Manowar Matt Kindt Divinity Jeff Lemire The Valiant Joshua Dysart Imperium and a powerhouse roster of all star artists comes the blockbuster crossover event that will forge the future of the Valiant Universe – collected in its entirety for the first time anywhereThe Valiant heroes X O Manowar Bloodshot Ninjak The Harbinger Renegades Unit. .
D rather delightfully puts Bloodshot into the roles of missing VH 1 heroes as he becomes Robot Fighter and Dinosaur Killer But Bloodshot s final fall that s amazing in parts shocking and tear wrenching 910Ninjak Despite its name Kindt really gives us a final story for Unity and it s a strong one investigating the relationships between its three final investigating the relationships between its three final This is a wonderfully somber character piece about legacies There are also rather nice future connections to Rai Unfortunately it gets a little muddy in the last couple of pages 710Harbinger Dysart indeed gives us the endings for the entire Harbinger family and those endings are meaningful and touching The core story about Peter meanwhile is Dysart s science fiction at its best An appropriate ending for the series 710X O Manowar The amazing thing about these Fall stories is that they aren t dystopias They re inevitability full of hopes and possibilities and that may be the truest of X O Manowar Of all the Valiant comics X O Focuses The Most On Leg. the most on leg. Y This is how they lived This is how they diedNow we know The Book of the Geomancer has recorded it all But only a young girl – the last in a line of the enigmatic mystics who protect the Earth known as Geomancers – has seen this future come to pass from the coming cataclysm to thedawn of the 41st century Alone with her sworn protector the Eternal Warrior – a soldier battle forged across five thousand years of combat – the duo .
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Acies so that s where this Fall comic goes as well 810The somewhat awkward part of this book is the uestion of its relevancy awkward part of this book is the uestion of its relevancy these deaths all happen within the chronology of the Book of Death future then they re irrelevant because that s theoretically averted So what s the POINT OF READING THEM HOWEVER IF THEY RE INSTEAD of reading them However if they re instead alternative universe that s still the future of VH E then why were they mashed up with the Book of Death crossoverI suppose we should ust appreciate these four stories on their own because they re generally uite good 12I ve never really appreciated the character of Gilad the Eternal Warrior Every time he pops up in other Valiant books I felt he was alright but for a guy that s supposed to be the greatest fighter in the world due to his millennia of experience you never really saw him do much He was kinda meh But this right here THIS is an Eternal Warrior showcase When he takes out all of h The best part for me was likely the last stories The main story is a typical action rom. Ust defy their allies to stop the Dark Age that now threatens to eclipse our world Together they are the number one target of every hero and villain on Earth Either the Eternal Warrior hands her overor they take him down But can even he singlehandedly protect one child when the entire Valiant Universe wages war against him Collecting Book of Death 1–4 The Fall of Bloodshot The Fall of Ninjak entire Valiant Universe wages war against him Collecting Book of Death 1–4 The Fall of Bloodshot The Fall of Ninjak Fall of Harbinger The Fall of X O Manow.