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John is a beastAs John and AMELIA TRY TO SETTLE INTO MARRIED try to settle into married and preparing Chuck and Danielle for the birth of theirirst child Unrest settles among the pack Not everybody is thrilled with the union With Michel Gauthier turned to ash after the cure they think life is looking up Hmmmmmmm A very short story to tie book 1 book 2 together John and Amelia are together and Michel is slowly turning to ash I m diving into Book 2 now Another great book rom Julie Morgan Make sure to read this after you read deadly Alchemy but before you read Fatal Intentions releasing in 2016 With Michel being captured and turned "human after taking Amelia s cure changes are wit. "after taking Amelia s cure changes are happening wit. have put their patrols on high alert after the battle with their enemy the Undead Amelia’s not certain of the long term effects of her cure

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Ey talk and it s great to get in thereThis "short story wet my appetite or It was great to see "story wet my appetite Gray Bishop for It was great to see and Amelia again and get a glimpse as to whats going on now in the pack It was also pretty hot phhheewwwww i love John a true Alpha and it s great to see him settled and loving Amelia but also controlling the packCan t waitor Fatal Intentions A great link between deadly alchemy and atal intentions A great insight into the dynamics between the pack and Amelia A great short A uick short story that bridges the gap between the end of the irst book and the beginning of the second We inally get closure on a character The love scene was very steamy. Pack to protect Amelia will the protection all short When one of his own shows signs of animosity it is obvious not everyone is happy with the turn of events. H him How long will he be a human With the "rising threat of the Vampires John has also increased the patrolling around the town to protect his wife Amelia as well "threat of the Vampires John has also increased the patrolling around the town to protect his wife Amelia as well their unborn child But with John s right hand m Fun interludeThis was a Liar fun brief interlude with John and Amelia It also sets the stageor the next book Fatal Intentions A uick story that gives us a steamy update on Amelia and John It was good This is a novella and kind of a bridging book between Deadly Alchemy and coming Release Fatal IntentionsIt S Been Fatal IntentionsIt s been while since i read Deadly ALCHEMY AND THIS NOVELLA WAS GREAT and this novella was great getting back into the swing of it I love the old ashioned way th. Specially after Michel is captured The evidence is appears astounding and uite shocking Changes are coming When John pledges his life as well as that of this. After Midnight (Deadly Alchemy series)