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Children of LovecraftThe collection About a woman who picks up a pair of biofocals sic when her new reading glasses breakWhen the Stitches Come Undone by AC Wise Darkness cannibals and Ultimately a story of sacrificeOn These Blackened Shores of Time by Brian Hodge Great story with a terrific opening line I saw it happen watched the street open up and swallow my son wholeBright Crown of Joy by Livia Llewellyn The anthology nds with a superb story of a world that has moved onYou ends with a superb story of a world that has moved onYou t need to be a fan of HP Lovecraft to njoy *The Uality Storytelling In *uality storytelling in book If you are though you might njoy it Baroque Personae even Children of Lovecraft is available in both paperback and book formats from Dark Horse Books This collection is chock a block of good stories The ones that jumped out at me the most were Little Ease by Gemma Files The Spplement by John Langan The Secrets of Insects by Richard Kadrey and Excerpts for An Eschatology uadrille by Caitlin R KieranThe story that has stuck with me the most is When The Stitches Come Undone by AC Wise Read it and see why This collection reminds us that the Lovecraftian mythos will keep going into perpetuity Received a copy of this to review from Democratic Art edelweiss I would definitely recommend this to lovers of Lovecraft s original works or if you are a fan of weird fiction You cannot generalize this to horror or gothic horror at that I reallynjoyed seeing that so many authors were influenced by Lovecraft and decided to write their own Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? evolution of his lore into this collection of short stories There were only 2 stories that I will admit I just didn t care for but a majority of these were page turners Ellen Datlow states in her introduction that this is my third Lovecraftian anthologyAll original stories copyright 2016Table of Contents007 Introduction Ellen Datlow009 Nesters by Siobhan Carroll031 Little Ease by Gemma Files061 Eternal Troutland by Stephen Graham Jones099 The Supplement by John Langan123 Mortensen s Muse by Orrin Grey137 Oblivion Mode by Laird Barron171 Mr Doornail by Maria Dahvana Headley195 The Secrets of Insects by Richard Kadrey211 Excerpts for An Eschatology uadrille by Caitl n R Kiernan235 Jules and Richard by David Nickle259 Glasses by Brian Evenson269 When the Stitches Come Undone by AC Wise295 On These Blackened Shores of Time by Brian Hodge337 Bright Crown of Joy by Livia LlewellynCover by Mike Mignola Note This review originally appeared on New York Journal of BooksEditorial superstar Ellen Datlow possesses a monumental knack for putting out original thoughtful and high uality anthologies Children of Lovecraft her third collection of fiction inspired by seminal weird fiction author H P Lovecraft the other two being Lovecraft Unbound 2009 and Lovecraft s Monsters 2014 is noxception to her sensational skills and a fine showcase of some of the most talented current voices in modern weird fiction including Caitl n R Kiernan Brian Hodge Gemma Files Brian Evenson John Langan Livia Llewelyn Orrin Grey Stephen Graham. Up with Hugo and Bram Stoker award winning ditor Ellen Datlow to bring you this anthology of original prose stories that are inspired in theme and plot by Lovecraft's mythos No pastiches and no stories in his style Using variety in tone set. Jones and David NickleMany a Lovecraft inspired ditor and au I received a free copy of this from Edelweiss for an honest and unbiased reviewThis is a brilliant collection of Lovecraftian inspired stories which also pleasantly surprised me due to the vast variety in themes and settings These stories are not typically what you d Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group expect from a Lovecraft inspired collection there s no laborious prose or italicisedndings and as Ellen Datlow states in the introduction of the book she Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust encouraged the contributors to create stories using the best of Lovecraft toxplore new themes and new horrors and this was certainly achievedThere s a lot of well known weirdcosmic fiction writers in this anthology like Laird Barron and John Langan and their stories are *UNSURPRISINGLY FANTASTIC HOWEVER PERSONALLY THE STORIES FANTASTIC HOWEVER PERSONALLY THE STORIES however personally the stories really Conscience and Memory enjoyed were Nesters by Siobhan Carroll and When the Stitches Come Undone by A C Wise both these stories wereffectively creepy Pansy Vol. 6 exceedingly well written Being a fan of Mike Mignola I was also really happy to see that he provided the cover art for the book which sets the tone perfectly I would definitely recommend this to all fans of horror and not just Lovecraft fans Children of Lovecraft is a great anthology Most of the stories areither based on or borrow ideas from one or two Lovecraft s stories And with the Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods exception of one story the real reason why it took me this long to finish this book most of the stories are pretty good One or two goven beyond that Nesters by Siobhan CarrollFor Lovecraft lovers out there it would be uite Elizabeth I enough to say that Nesters is based on The Colour Out of Space one of my favourites Notverything of course It takes place in the time of Great Depression The imagery of dust killing livestocks and slowly suffocating the families living there is really well written But they Education in a New Society endure One day two government officials come and ask the father about an abandoned farm near there The place has some weird vegetation Soon we find out that something horrendous happened there and nobody wants to come near it but since the two pay well the father accepts Little Ease by Gemma FilesGinevra Cochrane is anx con working as a pest xterminator on unregulated pest control jobs for a private contractor Soon she finds out that there is Something Really Weird With The really weird with the of this one A wonderful book for the most part A couple of stories didn t resonate with me but I was still very impressed and nthralled Well worth buying There s no way I can write an unbiased review of this book because I am just so thrilled to have a story of my own in it But I can say that it s a strong anthology of Lovecraft inspired tales that avoid pastiche and that some of my favori Although it took me a few months because of my slow reading pace Children of Lovecraft a collection of short stories that draw on the Lovecraftian style of cosmic horror while presenting new perspectives is a solid collection with a number of great stories. Ting point of view time but no direct reference in the story to Lovecraft or his works Featuring work by Laird Barron Brian Evenson Caitlin R Kiernan Jeffrey Ford Nathan Ballingrud and many with a stunning cover by Hellboy creator Mike Mignol.

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Review copyEllen Datlow has been The Baby Swap Miracle editing science fiction fantasy and horror short fiction for over thirty years She has won numerous awards for her work and is certainly one of the best in the business As a result she attracts some of the best writers when she puts together a new project and Children of Lovecraft is a finexample of this ffectHP Lovecraft is not without his detractors for numerous reasons but love him or despise him Lovecraft was without a doubt one of the most influential horror writers of all time Go anywhere where writers of horror have congregated and sooner or later you ll hear his name or talk of his work or see Cthulhu on a t shirtNesters by Siobhan Carroll As if life on the plains wasn t tough nough the Mackay s are called upon two guide two men from the government to a neighbor s property where a shooting star seems to have crashed Off to a great startLittle Ease by Gemma Files Ginevra Cochrane works under the table for a shifty xterminator A scary proposition from the start Her current job is at number 33 a run down tenement What she finds behind the walls well Let S Just Say Eating s just say ating while reading this one may not have been the best idea I ver had One of the best shorts I ve read this yearEternal Troutland by Stephen Graham Jones There are creatures out there we can t ven guess at Surreal Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation esoteric andntertainingThe Supplement by John Langan A book of blank pages an amazing power but it comes with a cost I was deeply moved by this story and regardless of the cost *I D Love To *d love to this bookMortensen s Muse by Orrin Grey A young ingenue moves to Los Angelos to become an actress A talented photographer with a ye for the grotesue follows her to the City of Dreams If HP Lovecraft had written for The Twilight Zone this could have been the story he would have writtenOblivion Mode by Laird Barron Talking vampire bats and other animals are just the beginning When Karl Lochinvar falls into a pit things really get crazy If HP Lovecraft and Douglas Adams had a love child his name would be Laird Barron and he might Be Writing Stories Like writing stories like Doornail by Maria Dahvana Headley What would an HP Lovecraft inspired anthology be without tentacles Sharing a house with a man who s heart you ve fed to a monster was nothing nice Another great read in a book where all of the stories are really goodThe Secrets of Insects by Richard Kadrey Another solid tale this one about a serial killer who would drill holes in his victim s heads and then allow insects to crawl insideExcerpts for An Eschatology uadrille by Caitlin R Kiernan An amazing and visceral story involving an ancient jade statuette Just when you think it can t get any worseit get s much worseJules and Richard by David Nickle One of my favorite stories in an anthology where there are no weak links It s all a matter of taste This one starts out innocently nough but just grew darker and darker as the story progressedGlasses by Brian Evenson The shortest story in. Howard Phillips Lovecraft's stories shaped modern horror than any other author's in the last two centuries Cthulhu the Old Ones Herbert West Reanimator and terrifying nightmares merged from the mythos of this legendary writerDark Horse teams. ,