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The Journals of Lewis and Clark

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First off this book has spelling and grammatical errors well for today they would be errors Keep in mind this was written in the early 1800s and they were out in wilderness I m sure they cared about surviving the trip than wondering how to spell certain words The Penguin Classics edition is raw with the writing I m not sure there is a corrected version but it s not something I d read I "think the errors make this book entertaining It gives you a " the errors make this book entertaining It gives you a how eople wrote Only with today it makes it a little confusing at times to read and figure out what they are taking about thankfully there are notes drawings and mapsIn 1804 Merriweather Lewis and William Clark set out to what becomes their famed expedition Along the way they accompanied with other men and later Sacajawea Thomas Jefferson wanted a team to go out west to explore new land and wildlife They named some new locations and discovered new wildlife All but Charles Floyd made it back he was the only one to die during the trip This book doesn t cover everything obviously because it s a firsthand account but there are neat little facts you can find elsewhere if you are interestedThere are a few reasons I was interested in reading this book One When I was in elementary school I did a report on William Clark that ended up me being really interested in the whole thing thus reading other books about the trip Two I m being really interested in the whole thing thus reading other books about the trip Two I m to one of the member and have the same last name to another related I forget how exactly but I m related to Alexander Willard he was a blacksmith and unfortunately was whipped during the expedition Then there is Charles Floyd I mentioned his significance before Three The last reason I wanted to read the actual journals was the comic book Manifest Destiny a fictitious account of the travels but with monsters like Sasuatch The original journals have nothing fantastical about them but I ended up finding them just as exciting Oddly the comic book does a good job mimicking how Lewis and Clark described the wildlifeI think my favorite Karneval, Vol. 4 part about reading this journal was the wildlife The descriptions aren t that good at sometimes but this book makes me feel like I m exploring with them at times One thing I learned or maybe relearned was how much they contributed with science I remember learning they discovered some animals andlants but didn t really think anything of it until now for some reason Imagine seeing a grizzly bear for the first time or a herd of buffalo or some other animal you never knew existed Today it seems like most animals are discovered but I hear about new animals at least once a year I can see why that comic book I mentioned earlier would have them meet Sasuatch Lewis Clark and Jefferson didn t know what was out there in the great unknownI also liked when they talked about other members in the The Hiding Place party mostly the ones I mentioned and Sacagawea Mosteople today know her as the woman who ointed her finger and helped them not get lost I think she deserves credit She helped them communicate with other Natives she told them what to eat and not to eat and Clark seemed to care about her and her child I think eople forget that she was a mother She not only did gave birth but she raised a baby boy during the trip They had some harsh weather and environments its impressive any of them made it back aliveThe survival art to me was the most impressive thing about this event this is something I never thought before These eople had to be really fit and healthy to make it back alive They weren t just camping for a few days or a week They were gone a little over two years They had to survive during harsh weather like hard rain and cold winters They had to hunt for food and gamb. In 1803 when the United States urchased Louisiana from France the great expanse of this new American territory was a blank not only on the map but in our knowledge President Thomas Jefferson keenly understood that the course of the nation's destiny lay westward and that a national Voyage of Discovery must be mounted to determine the nature and accessibility of the frontier He commissioned his young secretary Mer. Le what was edible or not They didn t have cellphones or the technology to contact loved ones we take these things for granted I m to contact loved ones we take these things for granted I m someone could do what Lewis and Clark did today but I m not sure I could last as long as they did on their tripThere some other things I like in this book as well I liked the opening letter Thomas Jefferson wrote Lewis explaining what he wants them to do on the trip what he hopes they find and to record everything in as much detail as ossible There s a list of all the things they brought giving the rice of each item That Changing Face of the Hero part can get boring but it s neat if you re into that kind of thing There is a list of uestions Clark had about the Native Americans today this list looks a little weird but I think it s important to keep in mind Clark was curious learning about a new culture I mentioned this before but this book also includes some illustrations Not sure if Penguin included them all or not but they are worth the lookI think I mentioned everything I wanted to in this review I can get nerdy about this and the Salem Witch Trial when it comes to American history This book isn t the best written historical document it s something you read if you re actually interested in the topic To someeople and I completely understand this book gets dry at The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry points Do we really need to know as a reader what the weather was like every day or do we need to know all the numbers and measurements Not really but at the same time Lewis and Clark s journals weren t written with a bestseller audience in mind They were writing these for Jefferson and others A modern reader however might get a good adventure story or an interesting look at early American life and wildlife Overall I had fun reading this book A journal entry or two a day for nearly a year and it was worth every word and hour Clark wasted no words while Lewis was a story teller and their cohesive voices took me on an uncharted journey to the west coast through land that no white man had yet seen at that timeI ve followed manyarts of the trails while reading their words I ve stood where they stood and I ve read their words while envisioning what they saw The Journals of Lewis and Clark are words that can change your life This is historical reading at its finest A somewhat cumbersome laborious read Echoing the musuetos eye knots and StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story pricklyears It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life pestering Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery The ultimate travel book A well edited and annotated conglomeration of both Lewis Clark s journals of their journey to find the west coast of America and back Truly one of the most amazing journeys ever made by Americans and one that still isrobably amazing than the one made to the moon The writing itself is really interesting and funny for its typical early 19th century disregard for regularity of spellings but the sheer awesomeness of seeing the things they saw for the first time through their eyes is what makes this work truly worth reading again and again Highly recommended Maybe I m a sap I don t know This book was enthralling from start to finish One of the most ivotal moments in American history as Merriwether Lewis and William Clark "set off on a brave expedition of what would soon become United States " off on a brave expedition of what would soon become United States Sent on a mission of exploration and commerce by Thomas Jefferson this duo and their cohorts endure hardship after hardship on their uest to follow the Missouri River to its headwaters and to the Pacific Ocean beyondThe rose is stunning as the two leaders trade off journaling duties They blithely describe sights never before seen by white men and now never to be seen again Massive herds of bison Yellowstone Pure Chance park untouched by development hands roadless expanses. Iwether Lewis to lead an intelligence gathering expedition from the Missouri River to the northern Pacific coast and back From 1804 to 1806 Lewis accompanied by co captain William Clark the Shoshone guide Sacajawea and thirty two men made the first trek across the Louisiana Purchase mapping the rivers as he went tracing therincipal waterways to the sea and establishing the American claim to the territories of ,
Of the North American west This is a must read for history buffs or simply adventurers These two young men make o I finished this many years ago but was reminded of it after making a stupid drunken comment on someone else s rogress with Mason and Dixon Reason Similar atmosphere in both books and I really think Pynchon used this as a reference for writing MD as the tone is similar as well as word choices and even the Germanic use of
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capital lettersNext the first installment of The Diary of Ana s Nin this is my favorite literary work ulled from journals letters diaries etc ever Loved it than Whitman s Specimen Days Among others I m only bothering to write this because of two reasons 1 Really loved it and 2 I cannot believe that none of the otherwise adventurous and erudite eople I stalk on GoodReads have never read it I will divide this review into two artsPart one The Story Okay so two guys and a huge number of military dudes from the earliest years of the 1800s took on an expedition from St Louis to some shoreline in what is now called Washin Did you know Lewis and Clark had a dog with them that went all the way to the Pacific and back These dudesSeriouslyIf you want to know what it takes to survive in the wilderness read these journalsI feel like the general sentiment these days is that Lewis and Clark are both stereotypical ignorant dorks who crossed America just with Sacagewea to help them and that she retty much did all the heavy lifting for them That Lewis was the ansy sort of intellectual and Clark the somewhat uneducated but man s man co captain Not true in the slightest For one thing they had 33 companions with them including Sacagawea s husband and a French trapper both of whose names Lewis and Clark routinely butcher the dorksThey were also both terrible spellers another endearing trait And while Sacagawea certainly helped them it s not like she blazed the trail and were followed by the ignorant non natives who were completely helpless Nope Not at all In fact I surprised myself by growing uite fond of them both though I ll admit I Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church preferred Clark and though the journals are hardlyage turners there ARE rather intense moments and also rather endearing moments as well Not necessarily in what these two say but how they say it Honestly justRead this Seriously It s abridged it s fun it s interestingAnd it s history that reads like fiction The best kind There is something about the imperfect spelling and broken grammar that is flavorful and solid like the scratches on a vintage record or the fuzz in the background on the radio Also some of the assages are just flat out cool in their curt yet epic appraisal of the landscape Yep over there the Indians won t go near that mountain because it s said that it s defended by Spirits and Little People Who Will Kill You If will kill you if get too close Me and Lewis are gonna go check it ou Wow I was expecting something slow but this was a thriller Seeing the great West unfold before these men was an exciting read Made me wonder why I read fictional adventures when this is out thereSacajawea steals the show in the early art of the book These great men really depend on her She guides them teaches them what to eat and translates Her husband was a bit of an ass always getting sore feet sinking a boat unable to swim but they got to take him along because they need her 2 weeks into icking her up she gives birth to a baby and she hauls this kid around the entire 2 3 years When she Takes Ill The Entire ill the entire 50 or so men all halt and LC ersonally see to her health They are constantly sending out scout arties before the larger group resses on and you repeated hear that the scout crew consisted Daho Washington and Oregon Together the captains kept a journal a richly detailed record of the flora and fauna they sighted the Indian tribes they encountered and the awe inspiring landscape they traversed from their base camp near resent day St Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River In keeping this record they made an incomparable contribution to the literature of exploration and the writing of natural histo. ,