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Friend and they go on a bike ride from West Virginia to Seatle Win s dad is a big business man and is a total jerk Win uses the bike ride as a way of escaping his controlling dad Chris is mad at Win for leaving at first and making him deal with all of the troubles but he eventually finds Win by figuring out his clues in his postcards and going

"Back Along The Route Of "
along the route of bike rideAfter talking to Win Chris understands why he had to leave and is no longer mad at Win He goes back and gets the FBI agent to leave him alone and nows that he will be able to handle any other FBI agents if Win s dad eeps trying to find himThe book was good it was easy to read and "didn t take too long It was interesting to see how they changed "t take too long It was interesting to see how they changed their journey The end was pretty good It was ind of obvious how it would end but it was still good I m irritated with this book right now so I shouldn t write a review I just finished it and I wanted to throw it across the room and maybe stomp on it just a little bit This debut novel by Jennifer Bradbury is an award winner so who am I to give it only two stars Because I m wiser than all those critics who raved over it evidently It s too teen angst ridden too I m wiser than all those critics who raved over it evidently It s too teen angst ridden too I going to go on a long bike trip and find myself and define my relationship with my best friend who has jerks for parents and who ditches me to find himself and I will get blamed for his disappearance and you will learn all this through flash forwards and flash backs every flippin chapter Ug Maybe I should give this only one star Bradbury fits into the mold of most young adult literature authors of the new millennium she weaves the reuired bad language with a small smattering of teenage boy masturbation references and some bad bad humanswell OLD humanswith their blue hair driving their giant gas guzzling RVs around leaving puddles of antifreeze for mountain goats to slurp up while we teens CARE about Mother Nature See why I m irritatedI only read this book because one of my struggling readers checked it out of our school library 6th grader brought it to me and said This book is confusing me I was mad at the writer mad at my school for showcasing this book on a special shelf mad at the Utah Children s Literature Association for awarding it their Beehive Award so that it SAT on said special shelf after I read the first page Stale beer Puke smell College dorm setting Not the book for my 6th grade struggler Or for me either evidently I really enjoyed this book with its combination of page turning mystery buddy story and coming of age tale I found the characters well drawn and the dialogue authentic Definitely an engaging read I almost have a hard time believing that this was Bradbury s first book when the second was Wrapped which was a real let down Shift occasionally seemed a tiny bit unrealistic with the two boys managing such emotional articulacy but it was a great story well told And purely irrelevant but fun for me one of my absolute favourite yarn companies is Beaverslide Dry Goods which is in Montana I d been looking at their colour cards dreaming of my next yarn order and some of the names of colours are those of Montana landmarks encountered in the book Chris and his best friend have decided. Ng together Imagine you reach Seattle go back home start college Imagine you think your former best friend does tooImagine he doesn't Imagine your world shifting Shift is. Three and a half stars I This Mysteryboy Finding Himself this mysteryboy finding himself where college bound Chris s best friend vanishes on a summer cross country bike trip Has a couple of stockish characters the awful overdetermined father and the FBI guy and less would have been in some of the weighty conversations toward the end but I ll be looking for from this author Those in the book group Could we talk about covers This one sat in my pile too long because of the jacket Didn t think the title served the book much either Shifting gears isn t as easy at you d think Sometimes the chain catches other times the incline proves challenging than anticipated In Jennifer Bradbury s psychological mystery it s a bit of both metaphorically speakingBest friends Chris and Win embark on a bike trek across the country from West Virginia to the coast of Washington At least that s the plan They have just graduated from high school and are eager to test themselves and explore the world That seems to be what Chris is after Chris sets out on this trek with his father s blessing in fact Chris is pursuing dreams his father wished he had But what "are Win s motives Is he really out to share an adventure with a best friend or is "Win s motives Is he really out to share an adventure with a best friend or is runningriding away From whatChris gets a sudden flat tire at a critical point in the trip and when he needs Win the most Win disappears around the corner The clues are there the mystery slowly unfolds but it is really the relationship between Chris and Win that is the most mysterious and thought provoking part of this gripping story Chris has just returned from a cross country bike trip with his best friend Win He goes on to orientation at Georgia Tech but his best friend never checks in at DartmouthAs it turns out the two friends separated at the end of their tension filled journey Chris assumed Win went on to Seattle where he was to meet an Uncle Except the uncle was fictional just one of many lies Win told Win also claims to be broke when he actually had 19000 in cash on handThe FBI come to Chris s college and expect him to Career Strategies for Women in Academia: Arming Athena know where his friend went Only he has no idea Everything he thought henew about his friend and his life has just shiftedChris finds himself in this predicament in Jennifer Bradbury s 2012 young adult novel ShiftWhen the boys go on their road trip for the first time they feel cool Win s father is rich yet he does not feel supported or loved The bike trip gives him purposeGirls respond by sending both of them postcards Some of the postcards however are signed Tricksey One of the best scenes has Win wrestling with Chris reminiscent of the wrestling match Jacob had with the angel in the BibleThis is a powerful novel about new starts and learning how to say goodbye This book was pretty good It is a fast read and pretty interesting It is about a boy who goes on a cross country bike ride with his friend and his friend ends up going missing He was the last person to see his friend and is interrogated by his friends father and an FBI agent who works for his fatherI liked how the chapters go back and forth between the present of Chris in college dealing with having a missing friend and the past of the bike ride across the country with Chris and WinWin is Chris s best. Some friends fade awayOthers disappearImagine you and your best friend head out West on a cross country bike trekImagine that the two of you get into a fight and stop ridi. To use the summer after their high school graduation to ride cross country from Virginia to Seattle by bike It is their last hurrah before they have to settle down with alternating chapters you learn that didn t turn out uite as they had expected as Win disappears during their extended bike didn t turn out uite as they had expected as Win disappears during their extended bike Chris has settled down at college only to be faced with accusations that at the very least he Ultimate African American 5 Book Romance Bundle knows where Win is and even some suspicions that heilled his like long friendAfter weeks of investigation Win s father decides to take things into his own hands He decides to put his great wealth and corporate power into hiring an FBI investigator to look into things uietly in the hopes of preserving Win s slot at an Ivy League college their family has been attending for generationsThe investigator sets his targets on Chris since he is the last person to have any details about Win s condition That is their only hopes of finding out what might have happenedAs you can imagine Chris is a bit defensive and he is angry at Win for some of the things that happened on the ride which often makes him look suspicious but it uickly becomes clear that he did nothing directly to WinThe alternating chapters shifting the setting back and forth are not at all confusing Often it almost feels like the reader is joining Chris as he looks back on past events in the hopes of figuring out what really happened In the process he gets a better definition of friendship the true meaning of happiness and success and even of himself This format also allows the events to unfold in an interesting manner In fact the suspense builds like a classic old Hitchcock movieI now a lot of people who read this felt a bit disappointed by the ending but I thought it was a really realistic choice for how things played out I did not see it as being unbelievable though it is probably not as satisfying since most of us really want a tightly tied up conclusion to a book Unfortunately life is not like that One door closes leaving another openI did think the book had a sense of resolution particularly for Chris Like most cross country tales the journey is an internal one as much as a geographic one allowing the protagonist to Grow And Learn Along and learn along way I think Bradbury did a great job creating a story that does that This journey book was uniue in that the journey is one of self awareness rebirth and biking cross country Many would refer to this as a boy book but anyone can relate since the pressure Win feels from his parents and life isn t uniue So Win and his friend Chris decide after their high school graduation to bike cross country but what Chris doesn t now is that Win has other plans plans that eventually lead the FBI to Chris door A curt mystery wrapped up in a coming of age story and surprising that a female author could write such a dynamic story between male best friends Believable and inspiring It was a really good book I haven t finished it yet but I wanted to do a summary on it There was always a lot of details in the book and it pieced the story together well and made out for a good 60 pages There were FBI agents in the book because Chris went on a country bike trip with his friend Win and at the end they got. A tour de force a literary debut that'll nock the wind out of you as it explores the depths of loyalty the depths of friendship and the unknowable depths of another perso. ,

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