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As great as the one Molly is a woman that has been searching for love and acceptance all of her life Raised in Boarding schools and without much contact from her parents she needs that in her life When she finds out that the man she thought was her father isn t she is angry and hurt But he tells her who her real father is and where to find him What she finds when she Goes To Connecticut To See to Connecticut to see real father is a careing loveing man who has been widowed for ears but has raised two beautiful daughters with the help of his mother the commander He completely accepts Molly and brings her into his home and makes her apart of the family even if the littlest sister is a teen age bratMolly s father the General is accused of murdering his best friend and buisness partner And the only man she can think of that can get her father off is Daniel Hunter But Molly left Hunter a ear ago and his offer to go anywhere with her to start a new life to find her family and find herself But that isn t exactly what she has done though she found the family she isn t her real self for them And she hasn t dealt with her self absorbed Mother either Hunter was devistated when Molly left him He has lived hard and fast since she left trying to drowned out his loss but it hasn t worked When Molly shows up on his doorstep asking for his help she finds his home a wreck and a woman in his bed Yikes She can t get out of there fast enough But Hunter follows her down to her car and confronts her He is still the same Sexy and irresistable man from last ear even if he needs a shave and shower and a housekeeper But he is wary of takeing on the case because of his past feelings for Molly Molly goes home thinking that Hunter isn t going to take the case and that she is back to suare one for her fathers defense But Hunter shows up dispite being nervous about his feelings for Molly and how she can hurt him again Thinking that he can get her out of his system and leave her behind But that isn t as easy as he thought She worms her way back into his heart and so does her family But he can see there is still work for her to do to find herself and deal with her Mother So when the case is resolved he heads back home and leaves Molly there to figure out what she is going to do with herself and her life Will she figure all of this out and be able to give herself to Hunter whole and intact You need to read this fun and inspireing book to see SEALED WITH A KISS by Carly Phillips is book Two in the Ty and Hunter Series This is the story of Molly Gifford and Daniel Hunter I have read the previous book Cross My Heart which Hunter and Molly were in so that added to my enjoyment of this book Molly and Hunter were friends moving forward to something when Molly up and left to find out about her real father Now she is back asking for his help when that biological father is being accused of killing someone Hunter and Molly both went through law school together and now Hunter is a successful lawyer Hunter still hurt by her leaving does agree finally to help her which puts them working closely together again Enjoyed reading their story. Restado por asesinato Signaler un problème y ella estaba convencida de ue Hunter era el único abogado con la capacidad la reputación necesarias para salvarlo Hunter no podía resistirse a ayudar a un hombre inocente Sin embargo en esa ocasión sería él uien se marchara aunue eso les rompiera el corazón a los Just gotten close to each other after Un monstre dans les céréales years on him asking her out and her refusing asking her out and her refusing book was not for me and Ty s book was better I wish we had seen him Hunter and Molly had unfinished business Their relationship was different from any others that I ve read because these two had feelings for each other but have never been a couple butet it seems like they always were They both had issues from their childhood that they carried around into adulthood and affected things It was a bit complicated and in the midst of all that Molly broke Hunter s heart Then Molly needs Hunter s help in a personal matter at which at first he wasn t willing to help her but his feelings for her no matter what was stronger Molly has changed for the better and had gotten some closure about her childhood and she was determined to win Hunter but he was being very careful But in the end he couldn t resist herThis was a uick read but packed with so many feelings and suspense that will have Nam you turning the pages wondering what s next Molly left everything behind to find herself but she wasn t expecting things to go the way they have The man she thought was her father turns out not to be and he leads her to the man that actually is her dad Molly decides to find him and hopes to form a loving and lasting relationship something that has been sorely missing in her life Not only does she find him she now has two half sisters and a grandmother to boot When her father is accused of murder and is arrested she learns uickly that the attorney they hired to help him isn t worth his weight She decides to turn to the man who tried to be a part of her life but who she turned down and left behind so that she could find herself When a knock came to Hunter s door he wasn t expecting for it to be Molly He hasn t seen her in close to aear and is still hurting from her departure He doesn t want to help her out but being the nice guy that he is he can t just leave her hanging He tells her that he will help but as far as they are concerned there is nothing to talk about Follow along as the two try to help Molly s father and at the same time figure out just how they feel about each other Hunter still has feelings he never lost them but he doesn t want to get hurt again Molly still hasn t found what she is looking for and although she has feelings for Hunter she doesn t know what to do about them Will the two talk and let their true feelings show or will Hunter leave town saying bye to Molly forever This was a touching read that had Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you cheering for the two to end up together You couldn t help but wan them to figure it all out and come together in the endI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Rating 35 5One thingou can always expect from a Carly Phillips book is that it ll be a light hearted sweet sexy romance Sealed With A Kiss definitely follows along that line Though I do have to say that this book is a little angsty in the beginning and a little emotionally deep than many of her other booksIf Lippenbekenntnisse you plan to read this book I d highly recommend r 2nd book in the series Just. Ién era su verdadero padre no dudó en hacer las maletas aunue eso significara dejar su vida atrás Un año después Daniel Hunter aún estaba intentando superarlo continuar Entonces Molly apareció en su puerta pidiéndole ayuda Su padre a uien había encontrado hacía muy poco había sido ar.

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This is not a romance when ou have Hero SLEEPING AROUND WITH OP AND AN INDIFFERENT HEROINE WILL around with OP and an indifferent heroine Will read because of Sofia s excellent review Thanks for the heads up hon We first meet Hunter and Molly in Cross my Heart and to say their story started out rough was an understatement However these two are truly meant for each other I felt it within every page and every conversation and every action these two have I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book after reading Cross my Heart I literally read this book in one sitting I think the only time I got up was to use the bathroom and get coffee Yes Ms Phillips is really that good at her story telling I honestly wouldn t change one thing about this book Other than maybe I just want That s just because I m greedy and never want Ms Phillips books to end They could go on and on and on and I would be than happy Highly recommend this series and really all of this author s books Review by Tabitha This is another reissue that is perfectly refreshing and up to date This second chance romance has everything ou need in a read romance suspense drama twists turns and humor Hunter and Molly went to law school together and were involved until Molly left suspense drama twists turns and humor Hunter and Molly went to law school together and were involved until Molly left find her biological father When she discovers he is being accused of murder the only person she feels can help is Hunter but will he put aside the fact she left him and actually help her now Hunter does not want to get sucked into the drama but he cannot let Molly deal with this alone but he is not going to let his heart get involved again Yea right It was so much fun to watch these two circle each other and figure everything out This one can be read as a standalone but I really recommend Impossible Things you read Cross My Heart first for some of the back story and because it is a great book too Definitely a great two book seriesReceived this ARC for review I wonder how I was able to finish the book I hated the main characters and some things seemed a little far fetched But I will focus only on the main characters because they are the essence of the book Hunter The only sour thing in Cross my heart was the epilogue because it was mentioned that after Molly left he started sleeping around like his life depended on it That was strike one Strike two came when the book began with him waking up next to his sleeping buddy and Molly knocking on his door and finding him with her Strike three came when his strategy was to leave Molly as she did to him and in the next second he was all mussy and had completely forgotten his plan The only good thing about him is that he pushed Molly to get over her issuesMolly Whenou spend most of the book knowing that the heroine wouldn t choose the hero over other people because she was holding them on higher esteem Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you know that something is wrong with the book or at least the heroine She has issues and doesn t really do anything to solve them which is bad I did not like her character and I don t think that she loved or cared for Hunter as much as he did for herI didn t get all the drama that came when Molly left She and Hunter didn t have a relationship or something and they had. Él aún tenía el corazón roto pero ¿uién puede resistirse a un apasionado besoEn apariencia Molly Gifford lo tenía todo una estupenda carrera profesional como abogada a Daniel Hunter su guapísimo novio Sin embargo lo ue en realidad uería era tener una familia Así ue cuando descubrió En busca del pasado Coleccionable 30 Aniversario