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Octavios JourneyOctavio s Journey by Miguel Bonnefoy is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early FebruaryWhile acting as a domestic accomplice to a local street a domestic accomplice to a local street Octavio struggles to hide his illiteracy when he meets a bohemian intellectual named Venezuela It s a really well written short story that talks about the slim divide between the old and new cultures of South America and very very accurately depicts both the feeling of meeting someone vicariously new and going off on your own for a soul searching journey I received an ARC of this book in exchange for journey I received an ARC of this book in exchange for honest reviewGenuinely and sensitively written you can read this book either as the story of a man s life or the story of the history of Venezuela Either way it is entertaining and magical The cover also caught my eye this short but affecting fable set in This short but affecting fable set in tells the story of Octavio an illiterate man whose chance meeting with a dynamic woman called Venezuela changes his life in ways he could never have imagined There s no happy ending for his relationship with the women Venezuela but I assume we are to understand that somehow his relationship with the country is rewarding The story line is compelling enough even if like me you don t really understand what it s all about I ve read a uote from the author that It s the Review copy courtesy of Gallic Books via NetGalley many thanks for the opportunity to read this I understand this to be an allegorical tale of Venezuela s history but I confess that was lost on me and I enjoyed it as a story of a man s life The most moving aspect of the book for me was Octavio s experience of learning to read and write having been illiterate throughout his childhood and early adulthood Not only can he get by easily in daily life it is as though he has been cured of blindness and he sees everything differently He is enthralled by the way he can now hang on to words and feelings that would have vanished as soon as they were uttered before Very well writtenOctavio flees his home after becoming caught up in a burglary gone wrong and spends decades wandering the forests and villages of Venezuela his unusual height and strength finding him odd jobs to keep him going An uncomplicated soul while he is living a simple life close to nature his country is being transformed by global modernisation A touching story building up to an unexpected and oignant ending Trigger warnings Violence robably some other stuff but I read this like a week ago and The story of Venezuela told through the adventures of kindly giant Octavio Struggling to conceal his illite. ,

T was under a hundred ages soThis book is very reminiscent for me of Gabriel Garcia Maruez It s set in Venezuela and involves eculiar characters and magical realism So Really I don t have a HUGE amount to say about this It s only 90 something The Elephants Journey pages so there s not a lot of time for character development or story development or anything like that The first half was definitely interesting to me than the second and the ending was downright weird But I m glad I read it it definitely gave me a lot to think about Wonderfully written from beginning to end this short novel shifts to a metaphorical journey half through and lost me in therocessIn Venezuela in the 50 s or 60 s Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' probably the illiterate Octavio starts to learn his letters with a nice woman herself named venezuela for these two not in theirrime For these two not in their rime they re robably in their 50s this apprenticeship gives birth to sensible sentiments Then Octavio does something that makes him leave the town and here begins a surreal journey in the countryside which nature and goal totally eluded meI m robably not the best audience for this kind of stories so take my judgement with a grain of salt The author writes with a beautiful oetic style and I m The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry pretty sureeople fond of Garcia Maruez or Neruda will like it than I did Don Octavio is one decision away from determining his life s trajectory Born in Trinidad he is illiterate like his father before him As a member of the native StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story population he has been denied an education He stays in the shadows trying to blend in He works in shadylaces as a messenger or laborerIn 1908 he is living in a Venezuelan slum Noise and commotion are ervasive Don Octavio lives in a flimsy hillside abode where wealth is defined by the number of windows in your dwelling He hides his illiteracy by cutting and bandaging his hand rendering him temporarily unable to write Presenting this excuse during a doctor visit and having no aper to write on when the doctor has forgotten his Lignin Biodegradation prescriptionad Octavio asks the doctor to write the name of the medicine on his table Octavio a muscular giant carries the table on his back to the chemist The Pure Chance prescription has become illegible since Octavio has lent his table when needed by village residents during his descent to the village apothecary A replacementrescription is later The Lady and the Lionheart presented but is missing the last letters of the medicine Enter Venezuela acute insomniac incessant talker and fan of men who listen silently to her Racy he embarks on a transformative journey that unearths his life'surposeWinner of several literary awar. .
Old opinionsVenezuela is able to decipher the name of the medicine Venezuela non judgmentally convinces Octavio that writing only involves a few strokes of the en As his writing improves and he learns to read the world becomes brand new He no longer cuts his handOctavio now has two jobs and two teachers In addition to Venezuela s mentoring Octavio is a member of the brotherhood He belongs to A Group Of Burglars Who Plunder While Residents Are Away group of burglars who Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church plunder while residents are away lead burglar justifies the brotherhood s actions by using secret ballot voting to determine burgle sites teaches respect for victim sroperty and believes in eual distribution of the booty No weapons are allowed Items A (kinda) Country Christmas pilfered are given creative back stories and sold for a handsomerice When Guerra sets his sights on Venezuela s house Octavio s decision will determine his journey through lifeFirst time novelist Miguel Bonnefoy is a born storyteller Octavio s Journey is magical I enjoyed the rideThank you Gallic Books and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Octavio s Journey A little jewel and homage to magical realism If you like Garc a M ruez you ll love this book Sweet little magical realist fable Sensuous detail some compelling imagery I was given an advance copy of this book by the ublisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI wish that I had read this novella in a college level literature class I am a bit frustrated because I feel that I only was able to appreciate about 23 of this fine book Octavio s journey is an allegorical story of the history of Venezuela The author clearly had much to say and while I was able to follow the concepts of Octavio the main character a giant who symbolizes the country as it develops as Venezuela betraying His Own Culture And History own culture and history lost until ultimately finding himself I feel that in a University class some historical background would have really made the differenceIf I may make a suggestion it might be interesting to include an introduction in a subseuent rinting that rovides a brief historical essay no spoilers for the novella lease that outlines historical events and could give someone without knowledge of the history of Venezuela a frame of reference for the events and what they symbolize A beautiful story with a heart as big as its gigantic National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 protagonist Full of artistic skill as well as emotion One of those few allegories that actually work as an interesting narrative story as well4 stars. Ds this critically acclaimed and instantly engaging tale reveals Miguel Bonnefoy to be a gifted storyteller.