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Only Say the WordHas a gift the words he reads from the scripture while serving as a lector at St Anthony s Shrine transform the lives of all who hear them When word of this spreads the congregation grows and the sleepy neighborhood Franciscan chapel is transformed into an picenter of xpectation where the voice of God might be heard Told from the viewpoint of multiple characters the gift of this story is unwrapped layer by layer as we are offered provocative laser "sharp glimpses into the lives of parishioners ach with their own "glimpses into the lives of parishioners One Wild Weekend each with their own desires struggles triumphs and shortcomings I have read many of the author s other booksspecially those written with his partner aka Scott Scott This book was very different Sometimes gritty sometimes breathtakingly moving this is not a sweet asy read This is not a guilty pleasure "Book Instead This Smart Novel Invites And Compels Us To " Instead this smart novel invites and compels us to and reflect on the paths taken through life and the impact those paths have on our personal faith and our interaction with others This is not a book filled with steamy smoking hot sex However themes of sexual desire tension and the struggle between longing and guilt thread their way through the story and the weave is made stronger by their presence The period between the years 2000 and 2004 is perfectly captured The relationship between Colm and his lover Sandy Plunkett was well drawn and the rest of the characters came alive for me as the story unfolded and I got to know ach of themDid I like the book Yes I did I liked it a lot and will read it again I will likely read it multiple times Parts of it stayed in my mind for hours after I finished itDid I love the book I asked myself that uestion after I finished the last page and again a day later My answer is that it perfectly captured that uiet moment between the completion of a prayer and waiting for a miracle Intellectually I know that miracle may never arrive but my heart and my faith Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing ensure me that the prayer was heard and we re not alone Sometimes that s just as important as loveIf that s the kind of read you re looking for I highly recommend Only Say the Word You won t be disappointed This is the first time I ve read Scott s work and if this book is anything to go by I m in for amazing words from his other booksOnly Say the Word is uite the novel I can list a b For me Only Say the Word was another step outside of my comfort zone I tend to avoid books with a religious based theme but the premise behind this one intrigued me and I decided that I wanted to give this one a chance because I ve read some books by this author and while one of them wasn t my cuppa the other two that I read were really good and Injoyed them So I guess you could say I took a leap of faith and in some ways I was rewarded because I honestly feel that this author "Has Some Crazy Mad Writing SkillsWhile The "some crazy mad writing skillsWhile the F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby ended up not being my thing I can truly say that if the uality of the writing hadn t been as good as I found it to be there s no way I would have been able to get through this book I had some very visceral gut reactions to some of thevents and characters There were times I just wanted to rage against things that were happening in this story Only Say the Word is not a light fluffy fun romance by any means Essentially there is very little romance and sex and what there is is off page than on I found that this story dealt with several issues the largest of them being how one man s uestion of faith and whether or not he could reconcile it with who he was and want. Y marriage his relationship with his older atheist boyfriend is undermined by devotion to a Church that devalues their love the Archbishop wants to sell the Franciscan chapel to the highest bidder and there’s an abused former altar boy out there who has determined that he can win redemption by assassinating Colm in the midst of Mass When Colm is shot all Boston’s tension comes to a boil and xtremists. Scott D Pomfret s Only Say "the Word was a first time read of this author for me and I was absolutely "Word was a first time read of this author for me and I was absolutely away by this novel The story takes place in Boston and it surrounds the Catholic Diocese and the turmoil of pedophilia and the cover ups "that have caused havoc within the church It also deals with bigotry the harassment of gays as well as "have caused havoc within the church It also deals with bigotry the harassment of gays as well as and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church looking for ways to bring money to the religion no matter who it hurts The vents in Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany each characters lives take us to various years from 2000 until June of 2004Johnny Jack Flavey is a priest at St Anthony s As a young man he took the fall for a crime served time in prison and then decided to turn his life around Father Jack believes in taking his ministry to the streets at night He honestly believes in helping the homeless thex cons and those who have fallen on hard times He feels guilty when he realizes he didn t listen to two important confessions and verything seems to become an uphill battle for him And ventually Father Jack becomes a victimColm Flaherty is a lawyer He was drawn to St Anthony s where Sister Mary Donovan selects him to participate in the washing of the feet He gets involved in the lay ministry reading scripture at the masses and it draws and people into the church Colm knows it s not a good idea since he is a gay man in a religion that does not accept him The congregation grows and veryone has their own xperience with Colm s readings He brings something beautiful to Tempting Fate each individual andven those who don t recognize him want something from him When Colm is xposed as being gay then he becomes a victim of the religionEven though there is an abundance of characters and all play a part in this tragedy Father Jack and Colm Flaherty were the two characters I grew most concerned over They both seemed to know what they had gotten involved in with the church but they couldn t walk away This novel is very different and deals with some disturbing vents and I couldn t put it down Only Say the Word has no HEA It s a tragic story because so many people suffer in different ways and it raised many issues for me how people are still trying to deny the right to same sex marriage and the way homosexuality is used as a scapegoat so people will focus their attention away from the pedophilia issues and what happens when a person is a victim of a pedophileReviewed by Maryann for The Novel Approach Reviewshttpwwwthenovelapproachreviewsco I don t know what I was One Giant Leap expecting when I read the synopsis of this book Maybe it was the romantic in me that searched for the meaning behind a gay man and his faith while navigating theccentricities of the Church Or maybe I was just reading below the surface Even the attempted assassination of one of the lead character was anti climaticWhatever it was I personally did not find it I hate DNF books but this one has to go on the list Maybe I will revisit it at another time with a open mind This reviewer has the right to accept that mindset ARC provided by Author in xchange for an honest review Reviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club 45 Stars Reviewed by Jeffery for MM Book EscapeOnly Say the Word is

A Gripping Novel Set In 
gripping novel set in during the arly years of the 21st Century and tells the story of Colm Flaherty a gay man who is struggling with his faith against a backdrop painted with the fight for marriage uality a Church trying to recover from sexual scandal the fight against AIDS and the greed of Boston s political machine Colm. Can a man be Catholic and gay and still true to himself and his lover Colm Flaherty sets out to do it Rejoining the Church Colm discovers a gift for speaking at Mass that puts wounded people at peace Miracles and visions abound Colm is hailed as a “gay saint” But the Colm brings peace to the parish the gritty Boston grows ugly around him The Commonwealth is rocked by violent political division over ga.

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Ed to be came to affect not just him and "his personal relationships but an ntire community At the heart of the story is Colm Flaherty a successful young lawyer "personal relationships but an ntire community At the heart of the story is Colm Flaherty a successful young lawyer while he doesn t necessarily advertise his sexuality neither does he hide it But Colm is also Catholic and his religion means a lot to him so needless to say this has also left him uestioning his faith and feeling conflicted about a lot of thingsOne of the aspects of this story that *I probably njoyed the least was that it was told from the point *probably njoyed the least was that it was told from the point view POV of roughly 10 different characters and while there were times that I did wonder if it was necessary to have that many POVs in the story I have to admit the author handled this relatively well I was never confused as to whose POV I was reading because it was done by dedicating ach chapter to a particular character s POV and giving the date and the character s name at the beginning of the chapterIn spite of the fact that I went into reading this knowing that it was very strongly based around religion I have to admit that I was still not prepared for just how strong that focus was and this was definitely another contributing factor to me not njoying this book as much as I had hoped tooMore than any kind of a romantic love story Only Say the Word is a statement of our times and the challenges faced not just by the LGBT community but by all individuals at some time in their lives to look at who they are what they believe and reconcile that with the world around them Colm was by no means the only person in this "story having to face this conflictColm s partner Sandy Plunkett as a result of what happened to Colm was forced to "having to face this conflictColm s partner Sandy Plunkett as a result of what happened to Colm was forced to with the reality of their relationship Addressing the issue of what he believed what the world saw and what was Somewhere in this mix was the answer to Sandy s internal conflict Next there was Jack Faley who was also for me one of the most fascinating characters in this story a Franciscan monk whose ntire life and being was devoted to finding answers to his personal conflicts and those of others This was not a story lacking in interesting characters with depth and dimension if anything at times there may have been too many of them Only Say the World is a journey into the darker side of faith and what happens when one man s personal conflict spills out onto the rest of the world At the nd of it all I found that this was a far somber caricature of the world I live in than I was comfortable with and while it s not something that I want as a daily part of my reading diet I find that sometimes it s good to step outside of the box and view things from a different perspective and maybe gain a better appreciation for what is over what was will be or could beAn ARC of Only Say the Word was graciously provided by the author in xchange for an honest review This was an alternate world Boston yet still held uite a lot of the content and ideas of real life Boston at the time I was all right with getting the viewpoints of multiple characters Some aspects of the story seemed to me to be what I think of as magical realism I m not sure I m using that term correctly There were some loose nds but in the way that life has loose nds I would have liked to know what happened later in some of those cases Some of the viewpoints were from people who were viciously homophobic They seemed to accurately match their real life counterparts but it was depressing to read in fiction as it is in fact It was an interesting read though review to follo. Of A Love To Remember every kind clash His would be assassinscapes the Archbishop and Mayor only contribute to the culture wars and Colm’s x boyfriend is torn between his grieving and his commitment to gay liberation The would be assassin makes a second attempt on Colm’s life and only a single disgraced priest stands between them and has a chance to preserve Colm for another dayThis is a work of literarygenre fictio. .