PDF [Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power]

Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential PowerThis is a very good and etailed look at the mess that the Dubbya regime made of this Written by one of the lawyers that took them on in court it sometimes runs a bit long He makes the case though1 the president and his administration essentially considered themselves abovebeyond legal touch the president claims he and he alone must have the flexibility to African Literature 9 define the enemy as he sees fitand to act against it no matter what form it takes p122 therefore even tactics outside Geneva Conventions are permitted according to the Administration3 these stances have globallya. In his address to the nation on September 20 2001 President Bush Alien Conquest declared war on terrorism and set in motion aetention policy unlike any we have ever seen Since then the United States has seized thousands of people from around the globe setting off a firestorm of controversy Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power explores that policy Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power explores that policy the intense ebates that have followed Written by an expert on the subject one of the lawyers who fo. R when we have an imperial presidency It is also a story of how smart people make bad ecisions and rationalize It is also a story of how smart people make bad Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery decisions and rationalize away I need to remind myself somehow to read nonfiction in 2020 A balanced and insightful first hand analysis of the legal morass that is Gitmo A hugely important work for lawyers civil rights activists political scientists and voters alike that also begins to tell the human conseuences of one of the greatest war crimes of the Bush presidency The most critical and unanswered uestion is when will America bring this renegade Administration to justic. N until the Bush administration sees fit to release them if iteveroes Margulies warns Americans to be especially concerned by the administration's assertion that the Presidentcan have unlimited and unchecked legal authorityTracing the arguments on both sides of the Conjure In African American Society debate this vitally important book paints a portrait of a countryivided on the brink of ethical collapse where the loss of personal freedoms is under greater threat than ever befor. .

Maged the US moral position in ways that jeopardize THEIR TROOPS AND CITIZENS ABROAD OTHER NATI THIS BOOK troops and citizens abroad Other nati This book me want to be a lawyer Not necessarily by any virtue of its own this book has significantly altered the order of the priorities in my life As I read what was being Womens Political Activism in Palestine done to other human beings in my name I became both outraged that such things would beone so brazenly and etermined to ensure that they wouldn t happen again Since I finished this book in March of 2008 I have invested This was an interesting book It was also a sad book about the abuse of powe. Ught and won the right for prisoners to have judicial review this important book will BE OF IMMENSE INTEREST TO LIBERALS of immense interest to liberals conservatives alike With shocking facts and firsthand accounts Margulies takes readers eep into the Guanta NAMO BAY PRISON INTO THE INTERROGATION ROOMS AND SECRET Bay prison into the interrogation rooms and secret where hundreds of men and boys have been The alphas abused mate designated enemy combatants Held without legal process they have been consigned to live out theirays in isolatio.