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E truth of how money affects our lives While the effect of money may not always be in the negative it nevertheless forces us to uestion and perhaps at times leave behind the morals of old times often threatening to wipe out all distinctions between ight and wrongReading this book is an experience that everyone should go through irrespective of whether the Indian context is The Back House Ghosts relatable or not It is a tale that according to me overcomes all barriers through the message it encapsulates and the truths that it brings to light The translation is superb and does not feel forced or unnatural but actually flows with a certain character which makes this book shine even better Highlyecommended I found out about this book after Haven: A Graphic Novel reading aeview from my book friend PorshaJo and she generously gifted me her copy to ead So thoughtful of you PJ and I thoroughly enjoyed it I was struck by the sparse to the point prose and coincidentally I finished Kent Haruf s Our Souls at Night yesterday which shared a similar writing style of saying with less When I got to the end of this novella about unplanned wealth s effect on a family at first I was greedy I wanted the story to continue but at the same time the author was able to get the message across in less than 120 pages so I can be content with that and maybe another novella with this family at a future date I m looking forward to books from this author Thanks again PorshaJo At my touch the striking cover of this book leapt up and stood suspended at "my eye level As if to escape this loggerhead state I bored through its skin amid a uestion what does this "eye level As if to escape this loggerhead state I bored through its skin amid a uestion what does this wish to convey Unity Mess Greed ASYMMETRY POWER VICTORY ABANDONMENT CONFUSION CULTURE Power Victory Abandonment Confusion Culture All None Not uite able to coalesce all these floating words into a single bubble of appreciable mass I threw aside my pondering gauntlet and opened the first page I began eading and The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction read a little continuedeading and didn t pause till it was the last page Once done I closed the book with trembling hands and clutched it tight for what seemed like a long time It had become a precious possessionGhachar Ghochar is a collouial phrase meaning messy or entangled The common connotations have their bearing on life events and elationships and in this book on a family This tale follows the trail each of the six family members A line in the book sums this one up perfectly It s true what they say it s not we who control the money it s the money that controls us Ghachar Ghochar 4 Spellbinding Stars When you have no choice you have no discontent either Vivek Shanbhag Ghachar GhocharRecently there s been lots of discussions about the plight and struggles of the working middle class both in the United States and in Europe Something we hear less about thought is the anxiety experienced by people who had ecently made their way up the economic ladder particularly those who live in the so called emerging marketsAccording to numbers eported by the World Economic Forum between the years 2004 thru 2012 India a country of 13 billion people doubled the size of its middle class from 300 million to 600 million To put that in perspective according to the latest available statistics the entire population of Canada is around 35 million while the United States s stands at just above 326 million In Ghachar Ghochar author Vivek Shanbhag portrays an Indian family aised from extreme poverty as a Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction result of this extraordinary economic boom It might sound counterintuitive but for many people moving up the social ladder eliminates significant challenges but it also adds new ones This novel is not so much about the ostentatious habits of the nouveauiche as much as it is about the fears and insecurities that are intrinsically linked to a middle class lifestyle As the novel opens our unnamed narrator is sitting at the Coffee House an old Bangalore establishment where every day he spends hours contemplating his life He s particularly fond of VINCENT A WAITER WITH AN ENIGMATIC a waiter with an enigmatic and a penchant for cryptic observations which our main character The Forever Court (Knights of the Borrowed Dark reads as a form of fortune telling His joint family consists of his older sister Malati his wife Anita his parents and his father s brother or chikkappa uncle They live together but this arrangement is a matter of convenience and family politics than fondness for each other It is natural to wonder I suppose why the six of. Way of life the family dynamic begins to shift Allegiancesealign; marriages are arranged and begin to falter; and conflict brews ominously in the background Things become “ghachar ghochar” a nonsense phrase uttered by one meaning something tangled beyo. .
In Bangalore India a young man sits in a coffee shop It is a place he comes to often morning and evening he is convinced that the waiter Vincent has insights into life that he badly needs As he works up his courage to tell Vincent his story he ponder the many changes in his familyOnce poor living in only four ooms that connected front to back a mother father sister and brother as well as their uncle all live together There is a certain progression of stays that is silently acknowledged the uncle first as he brings in the most money father a certain progression of stays that is silently acknowledged the uncle first as he brings in the most money father as he to Ghachar Ghochar is perhaps one of the first books in ecent times that interested me because of its title The uniue nature of the title and its surrounding simplicity attracted Me And Made Me Want To Read and made me want to Ola Shakes It Up read book Added to this is the fact that the cover is one of the most beautiful covers that I have seen and this is not solely due to its aesthetic appeal but due to its simplicity and its ability to convey a message that is both simple and true Despite having bought this book I couldn t get to it until today and even then I felt that I wouldn t be able to get to it given that my husband had come home yesterday after a long time and I felt that I owed him a book free weekend something that is uite impossible Anyway the afternoon here was hot and theising temperatures were conducive to sleeping and that s what my family did giving me the small time frame I needed to gobble up this book Despite the assurances of a lot of friends who had all marked this as a five star book I felt confident that I would go to sleep after The Glass Arrow reading a page or two I was wrong and they wereight I kept turning the pages went on Einatmen, Ausatmen reading till I finished the book taking about an hour to get through it completely After finishing all I could do was close my tablet and lie with my eyes open allowing the words to sinkight in I don t know how long I was lying like that but the next thing I knew was my husband asking me if everything was okay I couldn t say a word except Ghachar GhocharLife is an entanglement at best and at worst it is a kind of entanglement that gives you joy as much as it gives you sorrow It teaches you as much as it can even if you don t want to learn And money is the perhaps the boon and bane of life Ghachar Ghochar eiterates these simple truths within its pages in a story that it is as thrilling as it is appealing The story is one where a lower income middle class family becomes wealthy and how this wealth affects them and the lives of those that they come "In Contact With As A "contact with As a it is uite simplistic and what s is that the language is also simple the characters are your ordinary middle class that almost all Indians can easily elate to and yet it is a story that is both mesmerizing and thrilling one that showcases the constant struggle between virtue and vice and defines the thin line that lies in between and the ease with which one can easily go from one side to the other Shanbag s characters are a varied motley cast in the form of Chikappa Appa Amma Malati Anita and the narrator Shanbag differentiates between the two eras of life through Chikappa and Appa Where the hardworking Chikappa is someone who understands that to grow in the world today you have to change your tune the stoic Appa feels no such need and is silent to everything that goes on around him It is almost as if the changes in his life has Lightfoot the Historian: The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1884) as Churchman and Scholar robbed him of his speech if not his ability to think and what s it hasobbed him of his opinion which has no value attached to it The narrator the third male in the story whose eminisces are what you ead and who is like a Gideon's Ride river going where the flow takes him never contradicting or asking uestions or even stating opinions It is not so different in many families here even today where the main breadwinner is the one who sets theules and takes the decisions with the others simply following them The women are uintessential in their descriptions with Amma being the one who serves the family Malati being a typical spoilt brat and Anita the daughter in law taking the Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation That Shocked The World role of a mirror in the family A mirror that the family doesn t like and definitely doesn t want simply because it highlights the truth which they just don t want to see It is through these characters that Shanbag weaves a tale that is honest and stark which forces us to look within ourselves and face th. A young man's close knit family is nearly destitute when his uncle founds a successful spice company changing their fortunes overnight As they move from a cramped ant infested shack to a larger house on the other side of Bangalore and try to adjust to a new. Us should want to live together he muses What can I say it is one of the strengths of families to pretend that they desire what is unavoidable After Appa the family s patriarch got laid off from his job as a spice salesman he decides to invest his considerable severance on his brother s business venture Fortunately for the family Chikkappa is uite a competent businessman the new company uickly flourishes and in short order they move from their ant infested oneoom house to a large home where everybody has their own bedroom and they enjoy the conveniences of modern day appliances Initially these material improvements bring an overall sense of contentment to the whole family but things uickly begin to unravel after the narrator marries Anita One of the great strengths of this novel is how well it depicts the picture of a family so closely knit that it s almost impossible for any outsider to break into it Anita s presence unsettles the family s norms and way of living so much that soon some sinister possibilities are beginning to be considered and the plot takes a much darker turn The first 20th Century Photography: Museum Ludwig Cologne review Iead about this book was posted by Esil in which she advises not to spend time looking up the expression Ghachar Ghochar because in her words you ll find out when you need to in the story After eading the novel myself I couldn t agree with that assertion Although this is one of those novels with an unresolved conclusion the ending which I found uite unnerving was also surprising and very cleverly structured Ghachar Ghochar is a sublimely told story that shows a slice of life in contemporary India and manages to communicate as much by what is says explicitly than what it leaves impliedHighly ecommended This is exactly why I love short books With 119 pages Shanbhag managed to completely enthral me had me nodding along basically had me going oooo and ahhhh This is a story about how a family goes from poor to The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 rich and how it completely tears them apart Not in a everyone hates everyone because theye now spoiled Mise En Sc�ne: Cin�ma Et Lecture rotten way but in a how does a family that worked together as a communityewire itself to work as a family that is made up of individuals with no interdependence FASCINATINGMoney is a conversation I wish we were all Having It S An It s an part of our everyday lives and it can affect Deathless relationships and lives in so so so many ways It touches each of us but wee al scared to talk about it It s frustrating and this book shows why it can be talked about and why it should be I definitely look forward to Vivek s next English translationCheck out my video eview A high 4 stars When I finished Ghachar Ghochar I ead the author s brief biography at the end of the book and wasn t surprised to see that he had Written Several Plays This Very several plays This very novel has the tightness of "a good play Set in Bangalore India the first person narrator tells us about his "good play Set in Bangalore India the first person narrator tells us about his s ecent ise to wealth and the attendant conseuences The story is short and told very simply but the understated nature of the narrative is deceiving You don t know what the story is eally about until the end And what an ending A great look at contemporary life in India the awkward mix of tradition and modernity the internal impenetrable logic of families with secrets and of the cost of new found wealth Well done Highly ecommended By the way don t try to figure out what Ghachar Ghochar means you ll find out when you need to in the story Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to Mixed Doubles read an advance copy When you have no choice you have no discontent either Had been on my tbr for a year and would have gathered dust for longer had it not beenecommended to me by my buddy A short but a lovely and touching story Translated literary pieces freuently fail to transport the original essence of a story as endering the meaning of a text into another language in the way that the author intended is difficult But often than not there is a lot in a book that falls casualty to the exigencies of translation there is simply no alternative I personally don t like translated scripts and have a suspicion towards something that is not the original Having said that most of my favorite books are translated pieces and ironically without translation most of us would not be edified by the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky Albert Camus Italo Calvino Rabindranath Tagore and many oth. Nd epair a knot that can't be untied Elegantly written and punctuated by moments of unexpected warmth and humor Ghachar Ghochar is a uietly enthralling deeply unsettling novel about the shifting meanings and conseuences of financial gain in contemporary Ind.