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This is the second in the series but the first for me I found it fine as a standalone A heavily pregnant Charlie has ESP visions and premonitions A recurring one is of her being shot in a shower which is disturbing her and her boyfriend Noah She is reluctant to settle in Sidalie Texas where Noah and his thriving business is based as there are too many reminders of Carmen Noah s ex wife She sees a vision of a child running through a blood soaked scene who turns out to be Micky the daughter of Charlie #S Half Sister Jasmine It #half sister Jasmine It out that there has been a fatal double shooting of Jasmine and Charlie s long estranged addict mother Donna in Tucson ArizonaCharlie and Noah set off to see Micky who has temporarily been placed in foster care Noah is enthusiastic about adopting her Charlie is far ambivalent and has concerns about coping with a heavily traumatised child She slowly ets to become aware of the circumstances involved in the shootings and the characters involved in Jasmine s and Donna s life such as Pam her mother s partner and ex cop Teresa who runs a charity that her mother worked at Micky s father Ruben residing in Mexico It soon becomes clear that the adoption process is laborious and one that could take years To speed the process up Noah and Charlie consider moving to Arizona A number of factors have Charlie intrigued and curious about who is behind the murders and she is not oing to let this o This leads to Charlie and Noah making trips to Mexico further visions encountering tremendous danger and a ruthless killer who has no intention of being caughtThere is a strong sense of the desert location in Arizona the heat and the pressurising and KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community SAVE PLAY! grim living conditions of people encountered in Mexico Weet a limpse of the human face of US immigration policies as they affect real people and children such a hot topic at the moment This is an atmospheric novel that immediately captured my interest and children such a hot topic at the moment This is an atmospheric novel that immediately captured my interest ease Charlie has an interesting and complex backstory she s lost a child is a journalist and experiencing the kind of problems ordinary people do It is understandable that she is cautious about taking on Micky iven how much she has on her plate but when it comes down to it she is a ood woman I loved this book and recommend it highly to others Thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC 4 Stars Is there such a thing as a Southwestern Gothic If so this is it THE SHIMMERING ROAD is an intriguing seuel to Hester Young s first book THE GATES OF EVANGELINE Read GATES first so you ll know the backstory Charlie s paranormal ift brings her and fianc Noah to Tucson Arizona and straight into a complex murder mystery that hits close to the heart The story rabbed my attention pretty uickly and of course Charlie s dark "VISIONS GAVE ME THE CREEPS I " gave me the creeps I surprised by Charlie s initial reaction to her orphaned niece though by the end I could understand where she was coming fromI enjoyed the desert setting of this book both in southern Arizona and just across the border in Mexico The author did a reat job incorporating life in a Mexican American border town into the mystery Lots of interesting twists in the plot and I was never sure what characters could be trusted Definitely a page turnerDisclosure I received a copy of this book through Penguin s First to Read Program in exchange for an honest review The Shimmering Road is the seuel to The Gates of Evangeline that I devoured not long ago I was excited to once again step into Charlotte Charlie Cates world and to see what she would take on this time The last book was really thrilling so this book had much to live up to And yes I liked the book However it just couldn t beat The Gates of Evangeline story and atmospheric setting of Louisiana Arizona and Mexico just don t rock my boat as much as a setting in Louisiana doesAlso the story is pretty obvious sure The Gates of Evangeline was predictable as well but it had a lorious setting to add to the story and often I just waited for the penny to drop for Charlie However I did enjoy the story enough to find myself wanting to know Why Charlie s mother and sister were murdered what would A pulse pounding mystery from the author of The Gates of Evangeline featuring Charlotte Charlie Cates an unforgettable heroine whose dark visions bring to light secrets that will heal or destroy those around herWhen soon to be mother Charlotte Charlie Cates begins to have recurring dreams about harm coming to her unborn daughter she knows these are not the nightmares of an anxious mom to be They are the result of her mysterious ift But before she can decipher what these dreams might mean Charlie learns that the mother who abandoned her when she was a toddler is the victim of a double murder in Arizona The other victim Jasmine a half sister Cha. ,

The Shimmering RoadOr dive in with this one They re #All Terrific Very Charlotte #terrific Very pregnant Charlotte Gates keeps having a recurring In a bathroom with blue and Gates keeps having a recurring dream In a bathroom with blue and tiles she is shot threatening her life and that of the baby she is carrying Since Charlie has a knack of seeing things before they happen this dream has her freaked out Then Charlie learns that the mother who abandoned her as a very young child has been murdered Along with Noah the father of her baby Charlie seeks to confront the past and also find out about her mother s death But there is another child who comes into her life and Charlie is not sure what to do about her Can she find room in her life for this young Mesagerul girl But if her dreams become reality she may not even be alive to take on such a supportive role for the niece she didn t know she hadThe novel travels from Sidalie Texas to Tucson Arizona and to Mexico It paints a dire picture of some of the lives of the poor in Mexico and why they are so keen to try and cross the border The setting really comes alive and the characters are well drawn The dreams and visions Charlie sees add an interesting element without being overdone I enjoyed this novel which is book 2 in a series It s been a couple of years since I read book 1 But this book captured me as much as that one did I found this to be a thought provoking read that ramps up the suspense and had me invested in the lives of these characters Review to come closer to pub dateuick ThoughtsAfter reading and LOVING The Gates of Evangeline I was hoping that Hester Young s 2nd book would not disappoint And it did not I was breathless as I flipped pages trying to determine what would happen in the climax of the book I felt a tingle as Charlie would discover clues or have visions as to what would happenalready had happened In short I freaking loved itYou do not have to read The Gates of Evangeline first to enjoy this book but I highly think all caps and multiple exclamation points recommend you do Great bookI m really loving this author I hope this isoing to be a series This one was just as Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens good as the first one The Shimmering Road takes place not long after the events of The Gates of Evangeline Charlie Cates is pregnant and trying to settle in the small town of Sidalie with her baby daddy Noah When a call from her aunt tells her that her mother and a half sister were killed leaving a niece she never know she had an orphan Charlie and Noah make the journey across Texas to meet this youngirl This visit is plagued with simmering resentment toward a mother who abandoned her due to her addictions and a strange vision of a woman dying in a shower When Charlie discovers her mother s death is tied to the charity she worked for she tries to make amends with herself about a woman she barely knew who had overcome her addictions and had not forgotten her daughter This book was a slow slog of a read for me mainly because Charlie and Noah travels so freuently to Arizona and Mexico to investigate the deaths of her relativesThere is a lot of exposition and characters to keep track of including the employees at the charity Charlie s mother worked in the discovery Charlie makes when she meets Pam her mother s partner of some years and the illegal acts that inadvertently caused the death of Charlie s mother and half sisterThe writing is solid and the twist believable enough to swallow but it takes a long time to et to the who what where and why My main issue has always been Charlie herself I didn t like her in the first book and I haven t warmed up to her in the seuel I find her sanctimonious bitter and a sourpuss I understand part of her aloof personality is due to her troubled childhood and the unexpected loss of her son but I found her patronizing and condescending especially when her sister Jasmine s morals were called into uestion Charlie disapproved of her lifestyle and loose ways and even oes so far as to say she can forgive Jasmine for that because her daughter Micky turned out so wellWhat a condescending judge y bitch I m not sure if I ll read the next book in the series Hold on let me consult my Magic 8 Ball Outlook not so ood. S selfless as it seemed And most important of all what did her niece really witness on the night of the murdersThe search for answers leads Charlie across the Mexican border from the resort town of Rocky Point to the border town of Nogales and elucidates the meaning of her dreams in most unexpected ways Ultimately to protect her niece and her unborn child Charlie must battle not just evil but the forces of nature in one final terrifying encounter in the Tucson desertA thrilling mystery that combines literary suspense and romance with a mystical twist that is unputdownable If you love Kate Atkinson and Alice Sebold you should not miss Hester You.

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Appen to her niece etc "Charlie S Visions Is An " s visions is an bonus to the story I simply adore books with psychicsThe Shimmering Road is a perfectly all right book Not bonus to the story I simply adore books with psychicsThe Shimmering Road is a perfectly all right book Not enough to really make my heart racing but still interesting enough to keep my attention Also I ve come to really like Charlie and I m looking forward to reading The Burning Island when it s released in 2019 This is the second book in #the Charlotte Cates trilogy I liked it but not than the first one The Gates of EvangelineThis time Charlotte is #Charlotte Cates trilogy I liked it but not than the first one The Gates of EvangelineThis time Charlotte is in a mystery revolving around her strange mother a sister and niece she didn t know she hadTo me there were not enough paranormal stuff oing on and that was what I liked the most from the first one the mystery wasn t that interesting to me either but I was never boredAt the end I was invested and I liked the way it was resolvedI have an issue about the portrayal of Mexico it felt clich It is just not true that there s no justice in Latin America or that it is a lawless land Sure there re cases of corruption impunity crime poverty and a buch of bad stuff Jimmy: The Terrorist going on sometimes and in certain areas but that can be found everywhere in evey country The author did research in the specific town the novel described and I don t know that place I m not Mexican so maybe that is one of the bad places you can find in the world I just think this perpetuates the uninformed and misguided thinking of USA citizens of the way all Latin American countries are I don t think the author wanted to belittle Mexico or its people thoughview spoiler The charity lady was the killer because Charlie s mom found out they had a child trafficking ring hide spoiler 25 starsI liked the first book better than this one and I m still having problems liking the two lead characters of Charlie and Noah The items that lessened my reading funI m not a fan of 1st POV and some of the reasons why weakened this story Since everything is from Charlie s POV there s a lot of stuff that happens off page and then referenced Noah being arrested in Mexico and being represented by his ex wife was weak but if written in 3rd POV could have been written in a way that strengthened his character development as well as provided some tense and interesting scenes It seemed like there were a number of times that with the story written with Charlie as narrator that we the reader lose out Which leads to Charlie can be aggravating and sometimes you just need a break from her She s 8 months pregnant and is constantly putting herself and therefore her unborn child at risk She was TSTL in the first book as well but at least she wasn t pregnant then It makes it hard to support her character Plus she s very judgmental whichets tiringThere were a number of times that the story just seemed to How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar get bogged down and boring which made it tough to slog throughThere are definitely some political undertones and opinions in this book When you read for enjoyment it s nice to escape that while readingThe psychic element felt a little all over the place in this one I didn t like it as much as in the first book 45 maybe 5 stars If you likeood suspenseful mysteries then this series is for you Charlie Cates has visions since her son died suddenly Some call them voice from angels some call them messengers others just think she s nuts It doesn t matter because her visions always are from children and they always are true These children either show her what has happened to them or what will happen if Charlie does not help them It s up to Charlie to decide what to do next I admit that I ve always been hooked on books and even television shows with a touch of paranormal involved I used to love the show Medium when it was airing and this series reminds me a lot of that show The writing is very ripping and the storyline well told Now that I ve read all three book in the series each one is set in a different location and has involved a different case Of the three although I really like each of them tremendously The Shimmering Road is my favorite If mysteries are your thing I highly recommend any of the three books in the series start at the beginning. Rlie never knew she had has left behind a child a little irl who speaks to Charlie in her dreams and was present on the night of the murders Convinced that she must help her orphaned niece Charlie travels to Tucson Arizona where she must confront her painful ties to her mother and delve into her sister s shadowy pastTo untangle the web of secrets that will reveal the truth of her nightmares Charlie can no longer avoid her family s checkered history Who is in the racy photos that turned up in Jasmine s apartment Where is her niece s father whom Jasmine was rud to have been seeing again on the sly Was her mother s charity work in Mexico really .