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His Very Special Nurse

Margaret McDonagh ↠ 9 Free read

X for short moved back to town to take care of her ill father After her father s death she goes back to working full time and takes a job with Kyle s hospital Alex was immediately attracted to Kyle but she sees the pain sadness and loneliness behind that calm composure
Alex Knows It S 
knows it s bad idea to get involved with Kyle but as days pass by Kyle is slowly being wrapped around her life and she cant do anything about it She doubts Kyle is ready for a relationship much less move on from the past Alex truly wants him to forgive and forget mostly for himself But the million dollar estion is will Kyle be able to do it or will he sink deeper into his grieving and brooding This is an excellent novel where some very important life lessons can be learned sometimes incidents happen in life and learned Sometimes incidents happen in life and blame ourselves but we can t just live in that grief We have to grieve and move on with *our lives Like that saying when one door closes another door * lives Like that saying when one door closes another door we have to do the same Kyle had to do that too He blamed himself for something that wasn t his fault and it took love for him to realize that The situation in the book conveys the fact that when we have our loved ones with s we can defeat any obstacles in our way but we have to fight it together Stop listening to peoples negative remarks about people you care for Review by JenNurse Alex is attracted to her new boss Kyle But his aloof manner keeps her at bay Kyle had a disastrous end to his marriage and is afraid to take a chance on love again But is drawn to Alex and wonders if she can heal his wounded heart His Very Special Nurse by Margaret McDonagh is a fast read but well written and developed The characters are heart warming and the plot solid I liked the medical setting and really it played of a part in the story than just the characters occupations I received this book as a free gift from Harleuin in my monthly shipment from them I might not have picked it p if I d seen the book on the shelves but I m glad I did read it The third of Margaret McDonagh s medical romances set in southwest Scotland His Very Special Nurse is a delightful book that manages to improve on the first two already good books in her series Fans of the author will be pleased to hear that the heroes and heroines of The Italian Doctor s Bride and A Doctor Worth Waiting For are bac. N to her new boss But her instincts tell her there is pain behind his blue eyes and her nature tells her she must help himDr Kyle Sinclair hasn't so much as looked. This was a very ick read and just an ok romance
This Wasn T A 
wasn t a book It was well written and a good read It just kept getting me sidetracked with all the medical talk which I would expect since it s a Medical romance I don t think I ve ever read one before Review to come soon It s hard to truly rate this wildly neven book Parts of it were very good and parts were terrible It s a slight story clocking in at only 187 mass market paperbook pages and while some stories can be told in that short a page and while some stories can be told in that short a page this story was one that needed fleshing out Needed Time To Breathe And time to breathe and a better version of what McDonagh was aiming forIt is clear that McDonagh has a heart for nursing and helping those in medical need as that shone through with each interaction that Nurse Alex had with her patients It was when Alex was interacting with Kyle Penny and anyone else not related to her job where everything went to sixes and sevens Especially Alex s interactions with Penny and the constant comparisons that were made between Penny s look and Alex s own I find it very aggravating when an author or anyone honestly compares women and then proceeds to call the curvier of the two to be a real woman as if someone model thin isn t really a woman I m no stick figure myself but I hate pitting women against each other like that even in a fictional settingAlso there s no sense of time passing in this story as if the internal clock doesn t have a consistent pace I truly have no idea how much time passes between Alex arriving and her and Kyle hooking Thin Blue Smoke up and then falling in love I have no idea how long Alex gathered intel on what Penny was doing to her patients or how long Penny was poisoning patients opinions of Alex So there are places in the story that feel rushed and some that feel drawn out All in all this book was a fast read but not truly enjoyable I wish that there had been about 100 pages as that would have fleshed this story out so much better Dr Kyle Sinclair has been through a lot losing a baby then divorcing his wife which left him grieving andnable to trust any women who came into his life afterwards He hides himself behind work and doesn t let anyone see how he really feels not even to his best friends Kyle is lost sad and alone ntil he meets Nurse Alexandra Patterson Nurse Alexandra Patterson Ale. The bachelor doctor's brideDevastingly handsome dark and brooding and with a slight Scottish burr to his deep sexy voiceNurse Alex Patterson can't help but be draw.
Dance With Wolves
K here as secondary characters so the reader gets *to catch p on what s been happening with Nic Conor Hannah and KateThis book offers of the same * catch p on what s been happening with Nic Conor Hannah and KateThis book offers of the same Scottish scenery as Margaret s other books in the series and of the same medical cases for our hero and heroine to deal with As the heroine is a district nurse in this book the medical scenarios are about illness than emergency so the author trades excitement in exchange for real human emotion I was immediately struck by the deepness of the characters both central and secondary in the storyline Margaret really delves into their personalities finding out what makes them tick and as a result the novel is so authentic that I struggled to remember that I wasn t reading a work of non fictionThe author s grasp of characterisation improves with every book and this story reaches new depths of human consciousness a light fluffy chick lit story this isn t Instead it shows how two very different people can come together despite the many internal and external obstacles in their way Kyle Sinclair is the classic brooding hero with a touch of Mr Rochester about him while heroine Alex Patterson is simply Lovely A Real Caring Sharing a real caring sharing being somebody it s impossible not to fall in love with from the first page Margaret also deserves kudos for creating a memorable villain in her stalker nurse Poison PennyHis Very Special Nurse is packed with emotion intrigue and sparkling dialogue The plot is secondary to the story of the central characters indeed this is a character focused character led book The pace picks p in the final third of the story as things build The Vanished (Roswell High, up to a make or break scenario and I was hooked onto every page struggling to put the book down The author manages the difficult trick of making a book complex and heavy with feeling while at the same time making her writing simple and readable in the extreme This is a genuinely moving read and the author s best yet I recommend it wholeheartedly Isually do not read these kind of books but my hubby thought since it was a medical romance I would give it a whirl so i didNot a bad read overallCould have got to of the sex stuff earlier in the book they always get to the end before they get to the good stuff but whatever WOW THE BOOK IS EXTRA INTERESTINGRIDE UP OUR CELEBRATED AUTHOR MARGARET MCDONAGH. At a woman since his marriage fell apart but he is immediately attracted to this warm caring nurse Could she be the one to heal Kyle's heart and help him love aga. ,