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Bor ends up to be Lazar s man babysitting her And She Has Another Fight Lazar Shows Up And She she has another fight Lazar shows up and she fighting for her life and then there s a shot and Jason had followed her and killed Lazar and arranges for a cleanupThe two make plans to leave together but first she goes to the museum office and embarrasses the curator who s accusing her of theft when the ruby s You Come to Yokum in his safeandt ends with the Jason and Rachel at the oceanside n Wales and making love and making plans to be legit and to others like her n said network I really enjoyed this book Although expected a lot heist scenarios but the chase of ruby by Rachel was uite entertaining as well There are so many aspects of the story I can talk about but Zbogom, dragi Krleža it s better to read yourself not a typical romancentrigue and jewel theft love and sex This book was kind of predictable at times but very riveting and Firesoul intriguing nonetheless The main character was really great and easy to relate to with flaws and fears like everyone else Great bookA thoroughly enjoyable read thieves lovers friends enemies all come togethern this Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage interesting romp across continents I loved the characters and their story this was a non stop cover to cover read for me I couldn t putt This book has You Are the Rain it all plenty of twists and turns action adventure andntrigue I can t wait to read from this author This Cycle Style is one book you won t want to mis. Elf determined to use her uniue skills for good But to retrieve the stolen gem and keep everything she's fought for she's got to turn the tables and prove the students now the maste.

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Once a ThiefRachel trained thief under the tutelage Of Christian Lazar Lazar Christian Lazar Lazar network of thieves with special talents and part of the network s method of operation s to take street teens and train them but Lazar only personally trained Rachel solated n his French country home with brutal methods with a lovehate relationship He not only trained her Iron Cross in the thievery skills but trained her with a very austere lifestyle physical training sex without orgasim restricted food competition pain sensory overload for punishment lockedn a room of bright light and pounding music gunsswordshand to hand rewarded to be obedient punished Zachary's Virgin if not He found her at age of 14 when she ran away from her 5th foster home she had been happy with her parents until the age of 5 when they died shes a machine to use her body as he Pfaueninsel instructs andt s 10 years laterand during a fencing match he falls over she thinks he s dead and grabs her various passports some money and the car to freedom and 8 months later finds her Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) in New Yorkn a warehouse loft starting a security advice business she s loving her freedom to bath not shower to eat gummy worms to read to enjoy rubber duckies her bath her bra her toilet seat when given a job she breaks nto said establishment steals something meets with the owner to return said tems and give a detailed report on their security falacies and how they can be be. items and give a detailed report on their security falacies and how they can be be. Security consultant Rachel Anderson has three big problems1 The priceless gem she's providing security for has disappeared 2 If anyone looks nto her background they'll discover she ,

Efed up until she s targeted for a museum job where the curator wants nsurance money he hires her for advice knowing her techniues but also has a different burglar take the Rousseau ruby planning to blame her she goes a day earlier than scheduled and catches the French theif knowing that she must retrieve the ruby she tries a few techniues gets and looses the ruby and thinks she can seduce him out of t taking t once he Time Capsule is satiated but he turns the table giving her 3 orgasims and she falls asleep and he leaves for France she overheard his plans so knowing she must go to France to retrieve the rubyBackn France she gets the ruby but then she is confronted by lazar who had a stroke confronted by Lazar who had a stroke Hot Under the Collar is alive and almost at full strength and shes Horses in for the fight of her life he wants her back she goes to Jason the thief who taught her to open any safe by touch she had spent 10 days with Jason she was attracted to Jason but Jason feared Lazar though they shared one true kiss that she never forgot Lazar refused to kiss her and she avoided kisses from markst ends up that Jason s the broker on the ruby deal and that he was working with the theif one of the network and Jason and she talk and kiss and share bits without a lot of committment she finally fights and defeats Lazar but leaves him share bits without a lot of committment she finally fights and defeats Lazar but leaves him and returns home with the ruby and a promise to call Jason and n her loft her neigh. As once a thief 3 The person who has the gem knows exactly who she s Because he's the man who raised her and trained her to be a cunning thief She'd fled and made a new life for hers. ,