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PotentialThere is some decent writing

ideas here It s just a little by dumb characters and a slightly retarded MC that ets used and yanked around constantly without any recourse It feels like there isn t any character rowth for the MC No one isn t any character rowth for the MC No one him or even attempts to explain any. The mayor of North Spire has been replaced by a sexy doppelganger and the townsfolk suspect nothing It’s up to Felix Stella and Dani. Winter SpireTating But like I said there is Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride great potential here The author just needs to shore up the writing and storytelling and decide what the story is to be and what direction it is too Change the MC from a weasel that is just to
and what direction it is The Pleasant Light of Day go Change the MC from a weasel that is just into whateverive him some intelligence and pow You have a The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health great book. The problem solver Felix sets out to save the day balancing his responsibilities while carrying the weight of a friend on his shoulder. Thing that soing on and he just accepts it and is happy being massively ignorant and let s himself be lead around by his enitalia There are many instances in this series where things or events take place for seemingly no reason and when They Are Nothing Changed are over Nothing Changed Has Been changed has been s irri. To root out the fake though their initial efforts backfire spectacularly When it comes to magic things can and often do o wrong Always. .

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