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This book has been on my shelf for a long long time and I regret not reading it for such a long time The second half of the story especially is very poignant Very emotional second chance at love storyLuca Rebecca loved each other but misunderstandings and lies which Rebecca s father told them seperates them but after 15 years they get the second chanceThis time Rebecca Luca clear the misunderstandings and

mourn their daughter 
their daughter find their way back to each otherThis book made me crysmile and also angry at Rebecca s father for what he didI really cried at the end when Luca finds out about his daughter and both Rebecca Luca mourn HerThe Story Progressed Really Wellloved story progressed really wellloved Rebecca and LucaOverall i enjoyed this bookRecommend it It was a five star read but because of some triggers safety issues I decided not to rate it But I recommend it please try and see how you feel It was a good oneI liked the heroine she was strong and independent The hero was as usual cold manipulative and arrogant but somewhere behind those he had a soft heart I don t have the correct word to explain what I feel after I read this one it was intense Safety Issue 17 years virgin heroine and 20 years hero were in a relationship The heroine got pregnant and they were about to marry when her evil father interrupted The child was born early and she loses the baby They got separated because of the heroine s evil father During that time No Cheating no OMOW 15 Years of separation During that time both the hero and heroine got married to another person Later both got divorced 15 years later they meet again the hero was single this time but the heroine was in a not so good relationship with another man The heroine slept with the hero while she was in a relationship After that She ended the relationship It was cheating It doesn t matter to me that her relationship was no relationship and she was on the verge of a break up I just didn t like the idea of sleeping with the hero and nowing she was in a relationship with another Check Vintage Review also Amazing and sad Oh no really sad For once it s the hero that s breaking my heart I am not going to do this book justice with my review but here goesPlotThe story evolves in a series of flashbacks from current day to back when our couple first meetsWealthy Becky is sixteen going on seventeen when she meets Luca a young tall yummy but poor Italian 20 year old As much as he tries to put the breaks on their relationship she is too hard to resist They are too hard to resist Lucy Gordon creates a couple that is shiny golden and everything that sweet young love should be No tongue in cheek or eye roll here He s protective she s supportive She s cute and sassy he s indulgent Good lord it s just too perfect without being sappy The h ends up pregna. He's come to find her because he wants a babyThe man Becky Hanley nearly married has just walked back into her life It's The Italian's Baby

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Ad that Not me But that s why you can t always judge a book by its tropes or titleYou don t really expect a hero like Luca he s not the smartest for a self made tycoon and eeps saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and he doesn t even have pure motives when he goes looking FOR BECKY AGAIN BUT HE S SO HE S SO EVEN Becky again But he s so genuine even he s fumbling the ball and saying all the wrong things he nows he s saying something wrong and is desperate to now how to fix it It s cute it s real and it s touchingYou can t help liking Becky because she s down to earth and doesn t give a hoot about wealth and power but it s Luca that really steals your heart and you remember afterwards He s all Alpha Male and throwing around his money and influence at first but after it doesn t get him anywhere he changes tack uickly and becomes uite the humble tentative unsure maleThe time they spent at the old hovel of their past the dirty primitive little place when Luca had been a poor young handyman really got to me At the end when they re ready to finally leave and look back on the old broken down shed and think We were happy here twice ohhhh maaaaan the feeeeeels It just inda stripped away all the artificiality of their modern polished sophisticated lives My God the nostalgia was just dripping off the pages tinged with bittersweet love regret hope and happinessGreat story Loved it Even better because all the deep sadness and genuine heartache and reconnection was the last thing I expected from The Italian s Baby Jesus It was a beautiful story but awfully sad as well I love that the story starts right off into it It grabs your attention right away and pulls you in The start is a bit confusing but everything works out nicely The hero and heroines relationship begins to built into something it wasn t just a uick wham bam thank you ma am relationship it was real and full of purposeLoved the book Second chance story of young lovers torn apart by the machinations of the heroine s father I liked the book although it seemed as if the hero hadn t missed the heroine much while they were apart Still I loved the way he had been as a young man and he eventually found his way back to that person This author really The Sorcerer's Apprentice knows how to write a hero in agony No pouting self pity here This hero experiences full bore on yournees grief that finally moves the heroine to forgive the sorrows of their past It is that cathartic passage that makes this second chance story memorable Hh had a passionate affair when h was 17 and hero was 20They have both been frozen in emotional amber for 15 years after their baby died Even though they married and divorced other people they weren t really living until they faced their past I though the author handled that well but evil dad didn t get much justice beyond an early deat. E love is still there Then she discovers that all Luca really wants from her is a baby and shockingly she's already pregna. Nt which is what happens all too often when teenagers fool around but it s all okay as Luca can support them The problem is she is a daddy s girl and daddy happens to be my current vote for Worst Parent Ever Becky defies her father and stands by her man All to no avail as a confrontation when she s seven months pregnant ends up tearing them all apart She loses the baby and due to her father seven months pregnant ends up tearing them all apart She loses the baby and due to her father machinations loses Luca as wellThe two main characters are in a state of stasis emotionally They do move on getting married to other people but emotionally they are frozen in timeWhat brings them together is Luca s desire for a child His reasoning which is emotional and faulty to say the least is that Becky is the only woman he can have a child with The real story is their coming together falling apart again and finally growing upWhy did I like it so muchYummy alpha romero hero CheckSweet besotted heroine CheckEvil doer who rips them apart CheckOTT sex and magic P CheckAll of that is relative as what Lucy Gordon does with the story is throw out the ass hat perspective and creates a hero who really cares really loves and really mourns all he has lost It s almost too much at times as a reader familiar with HP heroes and their antics we rarely experience honest emotions other than revenge and lust Becky aka Rebecca is the strong almost cold one in the story which some readers may not care forBottom line while not perfect I really bought the young love perspective which set up the two major characters for real not manufactured angst in terms of loss of a child loss of their romance relationship and also a loss of their own character Trigger issues view spoiler Sex scenes that are intense but not graphic Violent scene where the heroine is pushed by her father which causes the miscarriageCharacters marry other people But Are Divorced When are divorced when meet again hide spoiler This was such a heart wrenching and touching story A true love story Highly recommended 45 starsbeautifully written and emotionally gripping Not an action packed exciting readyou have to be in the mood for a story about lost love wasted years and above all grief I loved the powerful depictions of the hero s love and grief and that they both moved on in the 15 years apart Also when hero goes OTT in his approach heroine Becky stands up for herself A few off Maybe this book caught me in juuust the right mood but wow What a gem Definitely not what I expected from a story so ignominiously titled I guess I should be glad there wasn t a Tycoon or Billionaire thrown in but it s still pretty bad The story though was surprisingly intense and movingNothing about the plot makes it sound good second chance love story Hero and heroine both in their 30 s both married and divorced other people Boo hiss Who wants to re. Een years but Italian Luca Montese is just as desirable as ever The attraction is overwhelming and she can't resist him th.
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