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Afterlife lLetely understood No community is perfect but non Muslims are always so ready to talk about backwards Muslims and men who beat their wives and savage religions that it s difficult to say anything in criticism of your own culture for fear of it being co opted by others It s not that our cultures shouldn t be criticized but these outsidersooking in blinded by prejudice and ignorance simplify an enormously complex issue to suit their racist existing narrativesI fully expect this book to see criticism from such people who will insist that the representation of the Muslim community in this book is too positive or unrealistic or whatever To those people I would say two things first screw you for thinking that Muslim communities can t be good and kind and supportive Second yes Muslims communities have their issues You know what So does Blue Is for Nightmares literally every other community We re not special What is special about us is that we re nearly always portrayed negatively soet us catch a fucking break for once We don t always have to talk about our intra community problems just because that s the narrative that people have come to expectThis is one of very very very few ownvoices books about Muslims by a Muslim and it s Heroes Die lost in a sea of books written by non Muslims that portray us as violent sadists at best ignorant savages at worst It s nice to have some positive representation for once We deserve it If that bothers you work hard to make sure that thousands of other ownvoices books about Muslims flood the publishing industry so we can see variety of stories Anyway you guys this book was so so so good Every time I read something in this book that I related to I got thisjolt Like hey yeah that s me That s my family That s my community It was an amazing feeling Is this what everyone feels when they read books with people they can relate to on such a personalevel Read this book Even if you re not Muslim actually especially if you re not Muslim Especially if you don t know much about Muslims or have conflicting feelings about Muslims You L'Ingénu llearn a The Strathmore Club lot And even if you rarely read YA contemporary I highly recommend picking this book up It s worth your time I promise It s not juvenile or overly preachy and though it discusses many heavy topics it s never heavy handed with them And Iiterally could not put it down Janna s hilarious and deadpan narration kept me hooked in a book where not too much happens This is one of the few books I can see myself reading again and again and I can t wait for it to come out so I can buy a copy for my bookshelf Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this book This is the first contemporary I ve read with a muslim main character and damn I was excited as heck but also so fricken worried that it would show a bad representation of islam The first thing I think all people need to understand is that the religion of islam is perfect but muslims are not We all have faults and its not about judging and boasting about who the best is but it s about working your hardest on a daily basis to be the best and most honourable you can be There s a Pampa Pampa lot of things I want to discuss but also aot of things I m not sure I have the capacity to explain due to my Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus lameness inanguage and expressing myself If anything is confusing or unclear plz Geometry Part 1: Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide (Quick Study Academic) let me know Il try my best to explainBe warned that I will be mentioning minor spoilers but I will try my best to be as vague as possible Pros Janna has a wholesome and realistic and beautiful relationship with her brother Muhammad Loads of banter but theres still This is very different from Love from A to Z my first book from this author but still really well written and Janna the heroine easy to understand and ike She a Muslim was abused by a Muslim boy She doesn t know what to do how to deal who to open up to about it Meanwhile a non Muslim boy is interested in her and she in him despite her brother s pressure about it Meanwhile a non Muslim boy is interested in her and she in him despite her brother s pressure date within the Muslim community This is a story about Muslim culture and ife Ifinishedthebook a ot of incoherent Screaming And Suealing And Oh and suealing and oh godYou can find my very ong full review here the tales of two readersThis book has EVERYTHING family one hell of a cute brother that I demand a full book about friendship truly tatyana is best friend goals romance character development AND positive Muslim representation YOU REALLY WANT THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFESaints and Misfits is a multidimensional ownvoices story that portrays the good and the bad of the Muslim community the side that no one bother to speaks of Did you know that Muslims get up in the morning have breakfast brush their teeth fall in ove pay their bills and have normal stories Did breakfast brush their teeth fall in ove pay their bills and have normal stories Did know that we aren t just terrorists or NOT terrorists Well Saints and Misfits does just that It shows you the men within our community that are despicable just Blu oltre la prua: Un'avventura di Jack Aubrey e Stephen Maturin - Master Commander (La Gaja scienza Vol. 946) like many others but it also shows you the good ones the ones who are 100% faithful without being on the extreme It also shows you Muslims on various degrees of religiosity This is a story of feminism rape interfaith all intertwined in the complex characterization of our 15 year old narrator hijabi Janna Yusuf And by the end of the book you reeft with a tinge of hope that maybe everyone can start seeing Muslims just Releasing Heaven on Earth: Gods Principles for Restoring the Land like that not black or white but people who don t have to be on either side of the spectrum That is why ownvoices representation is very important because we get to tell our own stories and not have them told by others who only see us as one thing or NOT that one thingUPDATE 2232017 WE HAVE A HIJABI ON THE COVER PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A DRILL LOOK HOW GORGEOUS IT ISMuslim Arab and Indian You mean I a both Muslim and an Arab am finally addressed in an upcoming YA book wow GIVE IT TO ME NOW Full review The review includes one unmarked spoiler There is a warning before it is stated When I heard this book is about a Muslim MC I bumped it right up to the top of my TBR because this is the first time I hear of a book portraying Islam I admit I was very scared to see how my religion was going to be portrayed especially when weive in a world where Islam is associated with stereotypes and bad generalizations and many false negative ideas so I was deeply hoping this book would portray the religion as is I have so much to say about this book since it is very important to me I The Future of English Teaching Worldwide ll try to cover everything I remember Janna is a Muslim Egyptian Indian teeniving in the USA and Between like any other teen she encounters the regular day to day issues a teen encounters but she encounters additional issues because she is Muslim But the thing is Janna is continuously criticized and as a Muslim I go through that In this book it is. Otographer and sometime graphic novelist is not exactly easy to put into a boxAnd Janna suddenly finds herself caring what people think Or ateast what a certain boy named Jeremy thinks Not that she would ever date him Muslim girls don’t date Or they shouldn’t date Or won’t Janna is still working all this outWhile her heart might be eading. ,

Wow who knew this book was going to be such a breath of fresh air and at the same time hold an incredible emotional burdentw sexual assault to be honest i think the best way to write this review is just tell you what i David Starr Space Ranger loved and what i hated because me jumping into this expecting some great muslim rep a cute contemporary did not prepare me and it made my reading experience so much better the good this was so rich in culture ioved the close knit family dynamic that is so present in our culture today the family rep and the various perspectives given i related so much to the experiences that the characters sha This was such a great contemporary with the right amount of fluff heavier topics and diversityI actually was not expecting this book to handle such heavy topics Crusader conspiracy Banner books like rape sexual assault but I feltike that really added a The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books) lot to the story and made it even poignantI was also very excited to read this for the Muslim rep that I d heard was overall uite accurate I recommend reading ownvoices reviewsike May s Em s and Jiana s to see how accurate they thought the rep was since I m not Muslim and cannot comment on that Janna was a very well fleshed out character and I enjoyed reading the from her perspective She had a strong personality and was the exact opposite of a boring flat protagonist She was so three dimensional and real with flaws and doubts that made her human and seeing her grow throughout the story was beautifulDespite handling heavier topics this book was uite cute and fluffy Fluff books are either hit or miss with me and this one was definitely a hit I mean I totally called the An English Translation of Fa Tsangs Commentary on the Awakening of Faith love interest and so did everyone else probably but it s okay because I 100% ship it Empowerment was a huge thing in this book and I LOVE how it was tackled Janna grows to become an even stronger character and has the courage to speak up about what happened to her despite fearing what people would think at first Sheearned that she has to take action for herself and that was so so beautiful to see especially in a novel aimed towards today s teensThis is a very underrated yet important book so I hope to see people picking it up soon The character development and themes of empowerment were truly beautiful and not only is it a significant book but also a really fun and enjoyable one I Gauntlet A Novel of International Intrigue loved this book Ioved it I The University of Chicago Spanish English English Spanish Dictionary loved it Ioved itI will try to write a coherent review though mostly I just feel I magnifici dieci like sueezing this book and hugging it tight and typing something nonsensical in all caps so forgive me if this isn t especially elouent As a Muslim woman and Egyptianike the protagonist of this novel I ve The Happiness Secrets Of Joel Osteen literally never read about an Egyptian girl before this book meant so much to me I ve been reading for asong as I can remember but I do not recall ever reading a book where I saw myself and my community represented Especially not in such a positive Seashells light I am so happy this book exists now Not only that I am so happy that it is a good book A positively excellent hilarious entertaining book that I will be recommending to every single Muslim girl I know Janna Yusuf is a high school sopho with plenty of wit and snark to spare The story is told entirely in her perspective which is fantastic because Janna is one of the most realisticikeable protagonists I ve ever come across She s hilarious sarcastic intelligent and oddly self aware for a teenager She s also half Egyptian half Indian Muslim and a hijabi She s a part time photographer part time graphic novelist part time Flannery O Connor geekThere are no stereotypes in this book Out of habit I tensed when the older brother Muhammad was introduced because I am so used to Muslim men especially older brothers portrayed as misogynistic oafs But Muhammad is delightful your typical annoying older brother sweet charming caring He wants to study philosophy and marry his girlfriend whom Janna refers to as Saint Sarah because she seems to be perfect though there s to her than meets the eyeJanna s uncle an imam at the An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet local mosue answers religious uestions with humor and wisdom Janna s father is ultraiberal and secular now married to a white woman When we first meet him he Ruhestand fr Einsteiger loudly proclaims to anyone who willisten that he would rather his daughter wear a bikini rather than a burkini not the best thing to say but still a refreshing change of pace from what we re used to seeing of Muslim fathersAnother great character is Sausun a niabi girl who also wears Doc Martens and is the Muslim euivalent of gothemo teen She s tough as nails hosts a YouTube show about niabis and absolutely shatters any stereotypes about women who wear niabs The niab itself the act of wearing one is given nuance Sausun implies she wears it because she wants to decide who is worthy of seeing her face Janna talks about the protection the niab offers to someone who perhaps might wish to see but not be seenAnd then there s Nuah A black Muslim boy who clearly has a crush on Janna though she doesn t see it until the end of the book he s sweet optimistic and silly I La criminologie loved him so so much Please give me a seuel to this where Janna and Nuah are datingNot all is rosy however the main conflict in the book is that Janna has been sexually assaulted by Faroo a boy who has memorized the u ran and is seen as the most pious Muslim around For those of you non Muslims out there who don t know memorizing the u ran is a big freaking deal Doing it pretty much guarantees you re untouchable which is why Janna has such a difficult time telling anyone what happened She worries people won t believe her especially as Faroo has started talking about how Janna is straying from Islam Janna is also hesitant to say anything for fear of making her communityook badThere are two important things I want to say about all this 1 There s a slang term in the Muslim community want to say about all this 1 There s a slang term in the Muslim community wallah bro It is used to describe a Muslim man who thinks waaaay too much of his own alleged piety and takes the time out of his day to admonish Muslim girls on how they should behave Wallah bros a side effect of patriarchy as it manifests in Muslim communities are pervasive and annoying as hell Now Faroo attempted rapist takes this to a whole new evel but he still displays the utter hypocrisy of a wallah bro when he posts vague statuses on Facebook about how it s sad that Muslim girls
straying from their religion in to Janna accidentally being seen without her hijab when he s iterally going around assaulting women Growing up Muslim I ve witnessed this hypocrisy so many times that it was so validating to see it utterly destroyed here on the page2 When Janna talks about not wanting to make her community Random House Webster's College Dictionary: 1996 Graduation Promotion look bad my heart hurt I comp. Saints and Misfits is an unforgettable debut novel that feelsike a modern day My So Called Lifestarring a Muslim teenHow much can you tell about a person just by Making Mentoring Happen A simple and effective guide to implementing a successful mentoring program looking at themJanna Yusuf knows aot of people can’t figure out what to make of heran Arab Indian American hijabi teenager who is a Flannery O’Connor obsessed book nerd aspiring ph. Saints Misfits Monster and Mayhem

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Clearly shown how Muslims are always criticized and expected to be perfect The thing is Muslims are not perfect We ike any other human being make mistakes Just because we re Muslims does not mean we are unallowed to make mistakes Some people who don t understand our religion think the religion is faulty and they believe it when the media presents false ideas and brainwashes people who are too simple minded to use their brain and think Our religion is a beautiful religion that s for sure but what s not for sure is that every Muslim is perfect We are not perfect yet we try to follow our religion as much as we are able to Unfortunately there are also Muslims who are Muslims by name and nothing The first scene in the book is very powerful It shows Janna wearing a burkini and her dad criticizing that That brings about the wide spread false idea that Muslim women wearing the hijab are oppressed Janna tells her dad that it is her choice she wears the hijab and it is not anyone else s choiceJanna is continuously criticized by her family and friends Just because she is a hijabi Muslim they think it is okay to put that Turning Points in Australian History label on her Wrong Yes being a hijabi Muslim is a big part of her identity but it does not constitute 100% of who she is Janna is so much than that And all Muslims are much than thatabel automatically put on them We are our preferences our ikes our dislikes our hobbies our thoughts our personality our friendships And I just wish people would remember that every time they encounter a Muslim and not just automatically assume all those stereotypes and generalizations that go aroundWhat I didn t expect is that the book is dark So don t expect a fluffy contemporary Janna is almost raped by a Muslim guy who s viewed as perfect just because he memorized the uran and she s too scared to tell anyone because who would believe her word against a word of a perfect and pious man That s a big example of a Muslim individual by name only Memorizing the uran is something amazing that s for sure However what s the point in memorizing it and not following its core messages What s the point of memorizing it and not understanding and following what it calls for Your cousin ruined himself And you enable it with your stupid belief that just because he memorized the ur an he s untouchable The ur an is a book of messages And he didn t get one of the main ones in it respect My only complaint is how the hijab was portrayed SPOILER AHEAD Janna has a crush on a non Muslin boy and during gym class she took off her hijab which is okay when the room is only full of girls However what happens is the boy she has a crush on comes in unannounced and see Janna hijab ess Janna instead of doing what is Let Dai Vol 8 logical ie covering herselfhiding and askingdemanding him toeave she stood there all frozen and even curled her hair the next day I was not okay with that Yes Janna is a teen and she is young but when you choose to wear the hijab Janna has been wearing it for 3 years you have an obligation and a commitment towards it and you can t just disrespect itEND OF SPOILER Janna goes through tough situations in the book all related to her being a hijabi Muslim teen I An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet loved Janna s family particularly her brother She has such a beautiful relationship with him despite being tense at some times That s completely normal Also her relationship with Mr Ram who is viewed as a mentor to her and understands herove for Hoodwinked literature In addition to that Janna s friendships Tats Sarah Sausun thoseadies took me by surprise to be honest They turned out strong in their own way The characters in this book are one of the strongest points in it This book is so character driven and so diverse in personality It s greatI Братья Карамазовы loved how easy SK Ali explained Islam and its guidelines and its core values It wasn t complicated and it was done just right and I thank her so much for that and I hope she continues writing books with Muslim MCs because the book community is in dire need for such books So if you decide to read the book and you are unfamiliar with Islam don t worry this book will explain the religion in a very simplistic and clear wayYes I struggled big time with the writing and the pacing of the book It took me over a month to read I struggled aot with the first 50% of it to the extent I put it on hold for a few days but a nagging voice in my head made me pick it up again because of how important that book is I m so glad I did It got extremely better in the second halfSo read this book guys It s very important Update 2672017 Yes I am indeed back to this book Ignore the fact that I put it on hold a few days ago I m a mess okay someone save me from myself Anywaaaaay I m determined to finish it this time Update 1872017 So I ve been reading this book for a month so far and I haven t made it to 50% It s just so utterly boring and I have zero motivation to continue it I tried to push myself to read it because it is an important for me as it has Muslim rep but I just can t force myself any As much as it pains to do this I m going to have to DNF this for now I may decide to continue this someday Who knows 1362017 A YA book with a Muslim teen You bet I Best Practices In Leading The Global Workforce ll be breaking my ebook ban for it The rep better be well done or Il cry Buddy reading with Em May and Prag I m crying MUSLIM TEEN AKA ME REPRESENTED It was kind of meh but i still enjoyed itREVIEW TO COME what am I going to do with my HORROR STORIES life until June Trigger warning sexual assault photos posted on the internet of the MC without her hijab without her consent disrespect of the MC s faith with ignorant comments and microagressionsIt s so hard to articulate my thoughts because 35 stars Buddy read with the one and only Sara I was really torn on how the rate this book but Il have to settle for 35 stars Saints and Misfits is a good and important book and I Would Recommend It To My Dear Goodreads Friends Who Maybe recommend it to my dear Goodreads friends who maybe t have the opportunity to read a book with a Muslim protagonist and Sloane Monroe SeriesBooks 4 5 learn about Islam Everyone knows that Iove YA books with developed family dynamics and I was happy to see how nicely the relationship between Janna and her brother developed throughout the book I Vida de perros loved Janna s fierceness and the way SHE chose to be a hijabi despite her father s nagging My first problem however sort ofies there view spoiler When Jeremy sees her without her hijab she almost doesn t bat an eyelash I seriously doubt that s how a hijabi teenager would her hijab she almost doesn t bat an eyelash I seriously doubt that s how a hijabi teenager would I was extremely taken aback by her behaviour I of course am not saying that I expected Janna to be the perfect person but the fact that this wasn t really addressed that much after it happened twice eft a bad taste in my mouth hide spoiler. Her in one direction her mind is spinning in others She is trying to decide what kind of person she wants to be and what it means to be a saint a misfit or a monster Except she knows a monsterone who happens to be parading around as a saintWill she be the one to call him out on it What will people in her tightknit Muslim community think of her then. ,