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A little girl gets a "new puppy and the two of them work to become friends At first the puppy "puppy and the two of them work to become friends At first the puppy scared but she uickly becomes friendly The two play outside together nap ON THE CHAIR AFTER MAKING A the chair after making a and sometimes get stinky The puppy gets lost and then found again They get dirty and wash up They make noise and give tons of isses and hugsEdwards uses frank and simple text to tell the story of the two new friends in this book The little girl narrates the book and tells it from her point of view The illustrations though show the entire story which is that she is getting just as dirty as the puppy making just as much noise and eating #just as sloppily This clever twist adds to the pleasure of reading #as sloppily This clever twist adds to the pleasure of reading book and will be enjoyed by young readersA warm welcome to a new pet this picture book is a celebration of newfound friends Appropriate for ages 2 4 I Got a New Friend by Karl Newsom Edwards tells the tale of a little girl who has just been given a puppy At first the puppy is shy and scared The pint sized pooch is afraid of her new surroundingsThe little girl is not about to give up on her new friend Being pati this is just precious i love it 3 A tiny puppy comes to live with a little girl in this adorable picture book from authorillustrator Karl Newsom Edwards and the two new friends do everything together The narrator observes that her new friend loves to play makes a mess and needs lots of love But who is the narrator exactlyAn adorable exploration of the experience of getting a new pet I Got a New Friend has a narrative that works both ways whether told from th. A sweet introduction to owning a pet that is perfect for readers of The Most Magnificent Thing and A Ball for DaisyWhen a little girl gets a new puppy they have a lot to learn about each other The new friends can be shy messy and sometimes get into trouble They get lost but they always get found Their friendship may be a lot of work but

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I Got a New FriendHouse 2017 1700 9780399557002BUYING ADVISORY Pre K EL K 3 ESSENTIALAUDIENCE APPEAL HIGHA little girl is given a new puppy At first she is a little shy and nervous but soon she and the puppy become friends The girl and her puppy do everything together She plays hide and seek with her new friend runs outside and can be very noisy except when
is sleeping She can be lot of work #And Needs Lots Of Love But She Is Worth ItA #needs lots of love but she is worth itA #Story With A Fun #with a fun The story gives you the impression that it is told from the perspective of the little girl when in actuality it is told from the puppy s perspective The puppy loves the little girl even when she gets dirty and sometimes smells Because the descriptions are so interchangeable children will love the comparisons between the girl and the dog This is one that ids will read again and againGina Media Specialisthttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20 Minimal words tell the story of a young girl getting familiar with her new puppy Readers will see the parallels in the girl s and puppy s lives and behaviors and learn that friendship is a mutual feeling The end pages list important rules for caring for a new friend which could be a catalyst for classroom discussions on friendships Puppy and child are not too different when it comes to tracking in dirt being messy eaters loving playing and needing the occasional bath Sweet sweet title with eually adorable little girl and rambunctious puppy The author turns our expectations upside down on the last line by revealing view spoiler that the puppy was the narrator the whole time hide spoiler. Ship and friendship BooklistThe concise cheery text gently explains what to expect when a newcomer joins the household and the illustrations are cartoonlike and sweet The curly haired brown skinned little girl and the large eared spotted puppy make an adorable pair as they learn what it means to gain a new companion School Library Journal. E perspective of the girl or of the dog Both girl and dog are endearing characters and the sweet charm of both is captured in the pencil and watercolor illustrations Recommended to all young dog lovers as well as to anyone looking for new children s stories about having an animal or human companion Brightly colored illustrations crated with pencil and watercolor and then refined digitally accompany a familiar experience of making a new friend The story is told as though it s coming from the perspective of a young girl who has been given a new puppy but as it turns out the puppy is the one who has laid claim to its new human companion the little girl No matter though since both girl #AND PUPPY HAVE UITE A LOT #puppy have uite a lot common including being a bit shy being messy eaters and being able to wash their faces all by themselves Animal lovers will surely enjoy this title which has footprints and paw prints on the end papers and practical suggestions for how to take care of your new friend whether it is a puppy or girl Books like this one always make me want to go pet my dog and cats and spend some time with them Basset hound books almost always get five stars The twist is super cute tooI read a digital ARC of this title from the publisher via Edelweiss Used for baby storytime and Also For Toddler Storytime for toddler storytime adopting a pet Super cute I love the clear illustrations on the white pages and simple text Worked very well for little bitties They didn t get the joke at the end but they still liked the story I Got A New Friend by Karl Newsom Edwards PICTURE BOOK Alfred A Knopf Random. T the end of the day they love each otherExperience the excitement and mystery surrounding a new pet and a new friend in this joyful picture book from acclaimed author and illustrator Karl Newsom EdwardsCheerfully ingenuousTotally infectiously ebullient Kirkus Reviews Starred reviewA joyous look at the work and play that go into pet owner.