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Ou that s not an idle boast Romano really really really delivers the goods on that score The films listed boast Romano really really really delivers the goods on that score The films listed strange sleazy and outrageous and I aven t seen any of them Given the mockumentary nature of the imaginary canon entirely made up and pulled out of entirely made up and pulled out of ether there s a very good reason for that I love movies and fancy myself a bit of a cinephile but this collection is truly for the Collins French with Paul Noble - Learn French the Natural Way, Part 3 hardcore low budget movie fanatic with a penchant toward the bizarre and sexploitative some of these drive in adult movieouse flicks make Russ Meyer movies look like Disney produ This is a great book if you are a fan of old school indie genre movies It s a istory of the drive ingrindhouse fair that poor schlubs like myself grew up rotting our brains on except the movies described in the book were never made It s a novel A false istory with false players Sure Roger Cozmat is probably supposed to be Roger Corman and THE INCREDIBLE MUTATING FREAK is an obvious reference to THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN and referencing movies as if you My Husbands Under Here Somewhere had seen them at your own local grind in is brilliant But in the end it goes where the real story went It crashes and burns with the creation of video and the end of the drive in market Sad Still a good read though Easily the most gore geous book on my shelf I m reading it very slowly because I don t want it to end If you LOVE exploitation films of the past you won t get enough of this fictionalizedistory of them The mock film posters are beyond priceless. Monster flicks like UNIVERSE OF BLOODY ZOMBIES; to the streetwise blaxploitation of CHOCOLATE CHERRI ON TOP; this illustrated epic is guaranteed to blow the most jaded movie geek's mind and leave everyone else cheering in the aisles for. Shock FestivalThis book is for anyone who as ever dreamed of making their own movies coming up with crazy plots ideas crazy ideas for posters etc This is a book for those who enjoy the sleazy grindhouse movies of the 70s through the 80s Horror SF exploitation for those who enjoy the sleazy grindhouse movies of the 70s through the 80s Horror SF exploitation action and everything in between This book is for anyone who can appreciate creativity that is clearly a result of a labor of love Basically this is a book filled with faux Questions that Islam can't answer - Volume one histories and reviews of movies that never existed by shouldave It s so detailed and realistic that if someone who is unfamiliar with the Genres Were To Start Reading They Probably Would Have No were to start reading they probably would Deeds of John and Manuel Comnenus have no that the movies were nonexistent That sow well written it is The book is filled with BEAUTIFUL retro artwork You remember all the cool movies posters of the 70s 80s Well you get tons of pictures that look just like that and they re so effective that you will start to get pissed off over the fact that there is no movie behind the posterYou also get covers of faux novelizations of those books which will also make you sad that you cannot go on and order those books If you like exploitationhorrorgrindhouse moviesI recommend snatching this book up before it goes out of print You ll kick yourself for not ordering this I kid you not I guess the downside of this book is that those people who do NOT like tongue in cheek false Comment Devenir Mannequin histories will not enjoy it But that s not the fault of the book but rather a matter of taste However I d say my only criticism is. An illustratedistory of 101 of the strangest sleaziest most outrageous movies you've never seen An elaborate work of illustrated fiction SHOCK FESTIVAL is a raunchy ilarious tall tale of imaginary sleazebag exploitation films lavishly.

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That it s not longer Don t get me wrong This is a efty ardcover book that s about 350 pages so it s worth every penny But this book is so good that no matter what you don t want it to endLike I said this seems like a true labor of love It is evident that there was so much time and effort put into this book that you will start snubbing your nose at other books that cover the same topic grindhousehorrorexploitation films even though they are covering real movies That being said this is a truly BEAUTIFUL book that deserves to ave a permanent spot on your coffee table SPOILER ALERT returnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnI don t want to give out too many spoilers but it s a clever approach The posters and other artwork is simply incredible as is the description of the movies Some of the titles and photography is a bit too cheesy to believe though Clever funny and the like The worse part is that it really Clever funny and the like The worse part is that it really makes you want to watch some of these movies that you ll never be able to track down Elements seem familiar or eavily based
of descriptions of existing people artwork certainly seems based off of some existing posters and book covers Highly entertaining read that makes you believe the movies examined in it are real Well worth reading and a great coffee table book So this book promises to deliver up the 101 strangest sleaziest most outrageous movies you ve never seen and let me tell Brought to life with undreds of exclusive never before seen original movie posters and memorabilia items It's the retro dazzle of GRINDHOUSE meets the authentic 'mockumentary' appeal of SPINAL TAP in over 350 full color pages From wild.