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The Rosie Result (Don Tillman, #3)ஒரு வீடு பூட்டிக்கிடக்கிறது [Oru Veedu Poottikidakkirathu]கல் சிரிக்கிறதுமரம் [Maram]வேடிக்கைப் பார்ப்பவன்Howards EndThe Warlow ExperimentBroken Glass (Nik Pohl Thriller #1)வெள்ளையானைMalevolent (Cases of Lieutenant Kane, #1)Cry From The Grave (Harry Briscombe, #1)Sea Sickபிடி கருணையானை டாக்டர் [Yaanai Doctor]மத்தகம் [Mathagam]சதுரங்க குதிரைகடல் புறா [Kadal Pura]கோவேறு கழுதைகள் (KOVERU KAZHUTHAIGAL)

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Bsolutely zero His wallowing in self PITY HIS INSISTENCE THAT LALITHA SHOULD his insistence that Lalitha should her husband to be with him without giving a thought to how he will support the both be with him without giving a thought to how he will support the both them reeks of impracticality and dangerously of recklessness and irresponsibility It is tough to retain respect for such a protagonist especially when he has been projected as a very sophisticated intellectual from the very beginning of the book The parallel story of Balammal Murali s mother and the husband Narasaiah whom she decided to leave that again is sketchy Not in the sense that details haven t been provided about their back story But in the sense that Narasaiah s parting lecture has been given so much of a spotlight But contrary to Jayakanthan s sual logical even if revolutionary manner of thinking this last lecture was full of proclamations rather than rational thinking At least that s how it seemed to me All Narasaiah did was labour the sanctity of the marital bond and insist that every "transgression be forgi. போ! by Jayakanthan This is the best fav. "be forgi. போ! by Jayakanthan This is the best fav. Explosive book May be 1965 66
Was Better Than Now 
better than now police brigade would have made a lot of noiseBut was JK subdued in the end 10 1960 bookreader bookrecommendations booksthatinspiredme booklover writerstag bookstagrammer bookstagram ReviewinTamil ReviewPost readingisfun writerscommunity parisukupo jayakanthan tamilbook booksfrompreviousgeneration Of all books by Jayakanthan I read so far this is my personal favorite Slow in the middle pretty good at the start and towards the end There was an intense focus on music particularly on Carnatic Classical music I found some of these ideas new and though provoking However the protagonist Sarangan caused me much exasperation However full a person Is Of Revolutionary Ideas It Is Difficult To Keep Admiring of revolutionary ideas it is difficult to keep admiring Person Even When He Suanders even when he suanders all of his time and health without the smallest action to back his grandiose ideas He keeps stating his intent to reinvent traditional Indian music But what does he do towards this end Nothing Amazing ePub, பாரிசுக்கு. Ven Very convenient for him considering THAT HE WAS THE ONE WHO he was the one who needed the forgiving Anyway this book is worth a read for its ideas on Carnatic music vs Western music and for Lalitha s back story than for anything else The ending certainly was a let down for me Not the feeling I sually get after finishing one of Jayakanthan s books My third attempt to read and appreciate Jayakanthan s work But his writing style is really not my cup of tea His views might be revolutionary and iconoclastic at that time it was published but now for me it seems antiuated and a bit boring too Sorry J In the surface it looks like a drama But deep down jayakanthan critics the society and its individuals taste of music literature and life Proud to see a writer in mother tongue who is capable of dazzling your thoughts to this level Chills to see the level of modernity of his thoughts 60 years is ahead of current world Book should serve like an axe to frozen mind kafkas line just fits this
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