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Book with a variety of projects to try however many of them are excerpts from projects to try however many of them are excerpts from books I A lot of ratings uestion whether this book was written simply to showcase other books or felt that the projects in this book were too specific I thought the book offered a lot of inspiration though with a good mix of artistic projects and ournaling prompts As with any book about art 25 stars Pretty good book that focused on assorted mixed media projects not Algorithm Of Future just artournaling Kind of seemed like a collection Meant To Sell You to sell you books from the publisher as each featured artist also seemed to have their own book from which their project was take. Based on projects from popular mixed media artists like Dina Wakley Mary Beth Shaw And Even Wakley Mary Beth Shaw and Even your project doesn't turn out as planned the book includes helpful tips and techniues for repurposing those pieces into a new work of art you can proudly display The book also includes collaborative projects so you can encourage others to start their own Adventures in Mixed Media. .

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Adventures in Mixed Media ArtA mix of a bunch of BOOKS THAT NORTH LIGHT PUBLISHED books that North light published *I hadn t seen some stuff in there It was ok I *hadn t seen some good stuff in there It was ok I t connect with a lot of the mental processing ideas they offer but I think it was only because I didn t intend to use the book for prompts I am interested in techniues at this point It would be good for someone brand spanking new I think This book inspired me I will not deny that But I felt that most of the crafts reuired a lot of tools that not many have It was interesting nonetheless I read the book in one sitting closely paying attention at first and then ust flipping through glancing over the projects I found myself. Are you inspired by mixed media art but don't know where to start Adventures in Mixed Media Art is the ultimate guidebook for embarking on your own creative adventure Featuring 20 favorite mixed media projects from the bestselling North Light backlist this best of the best collection will motivate any would be artist to start creatingBeginning with motivational readings yo. Overwhelmed with the amount of stuff necessary to do these Projects This Is An Excellent Way To Get Ones Feet This is an excellent way to get ones feet the world of mixed media crafts I am sure but following instructions to create a project someone else designed hardly seemed like art to me I was hoping to create a project someone else designed hardly seemed like art to me I was hoping gain a little insight into the reasoning behind using particular materials and techniues a broader general description of the available paths preferably using stuff I already have at home I was looking for wisdom m Meh There were three ideas on here that I liked and tried and then disliked the result Maybe I m not the arty fart I thought I was This is actually a pretty cool. U will discover and learn to refine your creative energy by discovering what inspires you Then you are ready to create your very own art ournal using guided your very own art ournal using guided media techniues including hand lettering and basic painting and collage techniuesWhen you're ready to create and refine your signature style you'll start creating canvas paintings collages and assemblage pieces. .