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Ar began the practice of surrender meditation guided by Swami Kripalu a renowned Kundalini Yoga adept For the next 34 years Yogeshwar sustained a regular schedule of ight to ten hours of meditation per day while continuing to actively teach the second half of to actively teach The second half of book xplores Yogeshwar's distinctive approach to surrender meditation with an mphasis on how to put it into practice. ,

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H Charles Berner better known by his spiritual name Yogeshwar Muni Was A Lineage Holder In The Kripalu Yoga Tradition was a lineage holder in the Kripalu Yoga tradition the recognized foremost Western student of Swami Kripalu An ardent practitioner and brilliant teacher Yogeshwar played a seminal role of Swami Kripalu An ardent practitioner
"And Brilliant Teacher Yogeshwar Played "
brilliant teacher Yogeshwar played seminal role the uniue brand of American spirituality that burst upon the scene in the 1960s and continues to volve today In 1968 Yogeshw. ,
Ar created a three day retreat called the Enlightenment Intensive that amazed participants with its ability to produce an authentic xperience of kensho or temporary nlightenment The first half of this book details the partner assisted techniue of self inuiry underlying the potency of the nlightenment inuiry underlying the potency of the Enlightenment and xplores how it can be adapted for individual use In 1973 Yogeshw. .
The Enlightenment Teachings of Yogeshwar Muni