Walk AwayL length novel WALK AWAYGreat protagonist and great storiesI received this book from Mulholland Books through Net Galley in exchange for my nbiased review I waited almost a year for a second book about Camaro It is now revealed that she has a sister and "a niece who are in trouble and need "niece who are in trouble and need be rescued Even of a surprise is the fact that Camaro is originally from Los Angeles and no mention of her New York past is discussed in this installment As expected there are bad guys and Worse Guys And All guys and all can only be resolved by murder By the end so much has happened it almost feels as though her sister s troubles were in the distant past and we are so focused on finding Lukas nothing else exists or matters We are along for the ride and don t want it to endI believe each book in this series can BE READ INDEPENDENTLY BUT YOU WOULD HAVE A MUCH read independently but you would have a much appreciation for Camaro s character if you read both Sam Hawken has just released Walk Away the second book in his Camaro Espinoza series I hadn t read the first but Walk Away can absolutely be read as a stand aloneCamaro She s a former combat medic who knows how to fight She never backs down or walks away When her sister Annabel asks her for help with an abusive boyfriend she s on her way across country without a second thought After all family is family But that abusive boyfriend has family too And he s even worse than his brother What starts out as a simple warning off soon turns deadly for a lot of peopleI loved Camaro Who doesn t love a kick butt female lead Think female Jack Reacher Hawken slowly reveals bits and pieces of the sisters past I wasn t too sure about her sister she s weaker if you will and seems to have has a history of making bad choices and needing help to cl. Jake Collier and she needs Camaro's helpCamaro has always protected Annabel and she won't stop now But the situation is dangerous than she realises Jake has a sibling of his own an ex Marine named Lukas who is as Smitten unhinged as Camaro isncompromising And he and Jake are planning a much bigger crime. ,

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I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway and did not read the firstAs much as this book is interesting I could not finish it The book claims to have a female protagonist but it just feels like the book was first written with a male protagonist in mind and then they just switched the pronouns To my perspective the book also seems like it doesn t know where it wants to go It seems like things are just thrown in to continue the story and inform the reader why some characters are doing specific things It doesn t work It just makes me wonder why this book wasn t done in their perspective insteadI read about why this book wasn t done in their perspective insteadI read about of the book in two weeks and then gave A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel up Family is not an important thing It s everything Michael J FoxI love the character of Camaro Espinoza She s an ex Army medic that got a Silver Star she s an exceptional boxer she shoots straight is handy with a knife but first and foremost she s a sister and an auntSo when she gets a coded message from her sister who she hasn t seen in a very long time saying she needs help she leaves Miami Beach and heads to CaliforniaI ve read all the other novellas and the other novel about Camaro The last novel THE NIGHT CHARTER wasn t my favorite It was still very readable but it was missing the spark that the novellas have Well guess what Not only is the spark back but it s turned into a raging forest fireCamaro is not a frilly feminine woman She grewp helping her Dad fix cars and motorcycles and she learned to box like her father and grandfather before him She is a kick ass woman one that you d want at your back if you were in troubleI read the other books which includeFULL THROTTLE four previously published novellasSWEET RIDE a novellaTHE NIGHT CHARTER a full length noveland now this ful. Former combat medic Camaro Espinoza is trying to put her past behind her She knows she's done bad things but they were always for good reasons Then her calm anonymous life is interrupted by a distress call from her sister Annabel She's become trapped in an abusive relationship with petty criminal.
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Ean p I really liked two of the supporting cast bail bondsman Yates and Deputy Marshall Hannon I hope to see Yates in a supporting cast bail bondsman Yates and Deputy Marshall Hannon I hope to see Yates in a book But boy oh boy Marshall Way is a piece of work He s a loose cannon with a temper Hawken has written him well it s impossible "Not To Have A Visceral Reaction To This ManHawken S "to have a visceral reaction to this manHawken s is well conceived and things move along at a ick pace Great short snappy dialogue to match and lots of action walk away kinda reads lots of action Walk Away kinda reads an action film And I can absolutely see it as a movie I look forward to the third installment Camaro Espinoza is trying to adjust to civilian life when she gets a coded message from her estranged sister Annabel It seems that Annabel s boyfriend Jake knows that she has some money and has plans for that money Camaro goes to help out her sister but learns that Jake has a brother that is an ex marine Lukas on his side But that is not all there are others that are out to get Jake and Annabell Camaro definitely has her hands full trying to protect her sister and neiceCamaro is a kick ass woman that is a former marine nurse She has training to heal and to kill and a soft spot in her heart for her sister even if they are estranged Of course she is going to go help Annabel But there is so much going on that is going to keep Camaro on her toes if she plans on keeping everyone safeI love a great female lead that doesn t deal with nonsense She knows what needs to be done and does it This is a great thriller as you follow along as Camaro tries to stop Jake and Lukas I have not read the first book or the novella about Camaro but after reading Walk Away I will be definitely be checking them out I received Walk Away from the publisher for free This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book. As the federal marshals pick p Lukas's trail and a bounty hunter with a debt to settle closes in Camaro's smart enough to know that standing her ground is the last thing she should do But even with a freight train like Lukas barrelling towards her if there's one thing she can't do it's walk away. .