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But Cherry Cheesecake Murder is the worst of the lot To digress for a bit I suspect that Hannah s treatment and oppinion of Andrea stems from a bone deep jealousy After all Andrea is younger and better looking dresses better and has two beautiful children She has a husband and unlike Hannah didn t strike out in the romance department like Hannah did with the professor she was sleeping with in college Hannah is butthurt because she tanked her academic career to come home and parent her mother Meanwhile Andrea gets to be a mostly unfettered professional woman instead of being chained to the crib and stove And you can just bet that Hannah has heard the why can t you be like Andrea speech all her life but I digress Fluke through her female characters articulates the following about girls women and sexual predators1 If a grown man interacts inappropriately with a 15 year old girl the child on the wrong nd of the power balance is a Lolita in training and a burgeoning sex kitten Fluke2 If you have a child out of wedlock you are Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe especially understandably inviting to sexual predators because you ve clearly let a man have the milk for free3 If you are married and have children you are a terrible mother if you decide against a paternalconomically dependent relationship with your husband4 Women in Hollywood are morally bankrupt whores who unlike the virtuous women of insert Podunk bastion of American conservatism here invite the attentions of sexual predators I know that most books involving female protagonists and killers are inherently sexist in that authors almost always write in a male love interest he usually takes on the role of high handed that authors almost always write in a male love interest he usually takes on the role of high *handed and serves to reassure a certain segment of readers that for all the heroine s skill and *and serves to reassure a certain segment of readers that for all the heroine s skill and she is still a physically and Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time emotionally vulnerable female who wants strong arms marriage and children Thing is though that that genre convention is tolerable for most people because the likability relatability mental agility and backbone of the protagonist and the investigation to biologicalssentialism ratio serve to counteract the sexism and romance For One Wild Weekend example whereas James Patterson and his team of ghostwriters do anxcellent job of balancing the detectivepolice work with Lindsay Boxer s personality and personal life Joanne Fluke often to the Forgetful of Their Sex exclusion of the murder and mystery focuses on her protagonist s romanticntanglements antifeminist precepts political leanings and moral judgments One of the biggest problems I have with the Hannah Swenson series is the ham fisted way in which Fluke tries to make a case for traditional values Fluke litters her books with alienating poorly disguised political screeds and dog whistles The female characters spend time worshiping conceding to cooking for and accommodating men than they do on investigating murder They moralize and judge and twist themselves into knots trying to be ladylike right down to the language they use I can understand trying to accurately represent the attitudes and behaviors specific to a region but Fluke beats us over the head with the social conservatism something that distracts as much as it offends Again if there were to recommend the books I could grit my teeth and deal I do this with JD Robb s In Death series Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing even as Eve Dallas s husband gets increasingly controlling Thing is Eve isn t a sanctimonious incompetent feckless jellyfish Robb rarely ifver F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby employs the damsel in distress trope the stories are tight and mostly coherent and cohesive the investigating figures prominently in the books and most importantly Eve isn t an inauthentic mean spirited judgmental Mary Sue who fancies herself to be better and smarter thanveryone Walled (The Line, else Such a fantastic series It never gets old for me Whenever I am in a book slump I dive into a Hanna Swensen novel because she always seems to save the day Now I may be way behind in the series but I am going to try and finish them up within the next year Fingers crossedHighly recommended cozy series Just make sure to read them in order of publicatio. Must sift through a cast of suspects before the film wraps with anven deadlier ndin. Little Minnesotan townThis book Hannah decides which marriage proposal she will accept Being the condescending twit that she is she is put out that someone had the audacity to propose to her and actually xpect a response Sheesh seriously In the ultimate fence sitting move Hannah turns down both guys with the statement that she will DECIDE WHERE WHEN AND WHOM SHE MARRIES BUT HEY where when and whom she marries but hey please keep taking me out spending money on me and showering me with attention ven though I just made a public spectacle out of you and shown that I could care less about your feelingsSeriously Unfortunately yes What guy puts up with that Hannah gets put out very time Norman or Mike show interest in another woman but she thinks that she can date a whole football team and it s okayThe real uestion is why do I keep reading these I love the Hannah Swensen series and all the recipes in the books Another great installment The structure of this book was interesting The murder would happen halfway through so a prologue showing the incident from

the victim s 
victim s was written The book has some heart and it won me over gradually I was prepared to rate it 3 stars But the last few pages undid all that goodwill I m always a sucker for an unorthodox climax However that Dolores character not only ruined the mood for me but reminded me of the insufferable antics of that cat that I d forgotten I m taking a hiatus from this series Until next time Some time in the far future Why were you smiling like that Smiling like what Like the cat that got into the cream pot Lake Eden a small cozy town in Minnesota has been chosen by a famous director to be the set for a movie and of course veryone is head over heels and trying their best to be chosen for a small part Everything is going as smooth as a cheesecake until the fake revolver used in a suicide scene turns out to be not so fake after all the director gets killed on the spot and guess what Hannah Swensen owner of the local cookie shop and amateur investigator is around and will stick around till the nd Hannah is Tempting Fate either very lucky or very unlucky I mean after all she met seven killers and she s still alive On the othernd if you are not a cop nor a mortician being in contact with so many dead bodies must certainly be a case of very bad luck Unless of course you njoy it But it looks like it s never nough for Hannah seven investigations and almost double the bodies seven murderers and oh yes two men to date at the same time can t possibly satisfy her greed She needs yet another body another killer and another potential husband it s never One Giant Leap enough for cunning manipulative back stabber Hannah Swensen Come on Joanne Mike is a slut Norman isverything a woman could possibly want and this is what you do Sigh I give up You make Hannah look like some kind of nasty tease Norman needs to go find a woman who won t lead him around by the nose and then go chasing off after some pretty boy who has told her than once that his job is important than her No Joanne I didn t finish this one and I am really disappointed Not only is Hannah such a screw up that she not only teases two men but then decides that maybe she wants to try someone new What You were afraid if you put her in a stable loving relationship we wouldn t read any BUZZZZZ Wrong I give up here And it is a shame I was really Apocalyptic Cartography enjoying seeing Hannah as a strong thoughtful considerate and loving woman well able to make her decisions knowing that she could rely on her own heart Point me at Norman I will take him if she doesn t want him It was all I could do to get through this poorly written men s rights advocating dumpster fire of a book Joanne Fluke and her Mary Sue are sanctimonious woman hating twits and I m done gritting my teeth over this I m convinced that Fluke is writingxclusively for an audience of midwestern socially conservative housewives with a healthy heap of misogynists mixed in This series is reliably sexist there s lots of female murder victim blaming slut shaming biological ssentialism and sneering at working mothers. Nd bakery owner Hannah Swenson while trying to decide which marriage proposal to accept. ,

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