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This is one hot book At first I thought this would be a short story with hot sex but not much character development I was SO wrong Desiree Holt gives us hints of the characters at the beginning and also throughout the sizzling scenes until I was swept away in the story But this is not your typical romance as it involves a menage and BDSM Many of the BDSM stories I ve read emphasize the rules of the ifestyle but this one didn t instead showing them in Scott and Curt s treatment of Lauren S BodyDefinitely A s bodyDefinitely a you want your significant other or a BOB nearby Otherwise you l need a cold shower afterward I Imagine That! look forward to reading from Desiree Holt I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsSuper uick read action packed it starts hot neverets up At 45 pages you get great bang for your buck We have hot dominate TWINS Scott Curt who take charge over their feisty neighbor Lauren and they never Elena's Conquest let up Betweenoving kisses and caresses they flip position Lauren as they need dominating her every Sister of My Heart limb and making every fantasy a reality Following Lauren s birthdayist of activities she hoped for they make sure the birthday girl is worked over "and well oved There s some instalove going on here and not much backstory but who cares It "well oved There s some instalove going on here and not much backstory but who cares It a sensual onslaught from start to finish 4 hot steamy stars Mehsomewhat predictable in a cheap dirty Rescuing Gus little whore way Meaning I can t imagine this situation playing out in realife but stranger things have happened The m f m scenes with twins were pretty hot but their conversations and dirty talk really had me aughing Classic story I use that term oosely of the sexually repressed girl next door and the bad boy twins coming together in a night of passion and sexual adventure Double Entry Packed HardDefinitely Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story lot. Over one too many appletinis Lauren Henderson created a sexual wishist for her birthday Little did she know that her friend Marcia would recruit her mou. EC uickies Double Entry

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To be put into a short story which is why #I Gave It A 4 If It Had Been A # gave it a 4 If it had been a story with as How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead little character development I would have rated itower Plot was okay kind of cute There were hot sex scenes but I ve seen hotter I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is most definitely a hot read and Lauren definitely goes into this with an open mind and a desire to make her wish ist come true which is one of the most detailed ists I could ever imagine seeing I just didn t need it to get to involved beyond that particularly so uickly I could have just imagined it moving forward For a short read with plenty of heat and a promise of a future it was great Double Entry by Desiree Holt4 starsMFM RomanceI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked ReadsLauren is turning 30 the dreaded 30 and she and her friend Marcia are having a night where she can *complain about her ack of men in her ife She gets *about her Moonrise lack of men in herife She gets and tells her best friend Marcia all about the naughty Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi list she has Marcia has very capable friends she gets those friends to give Lauren the birthday of aifetimeEric and Scott are brothers They have always iked to share their women and it comes in handy when their neighbor needs a helping hand The brothers have been spying on Lauren for a while now but neither had the courage to ask her out They are also wary because of the while now but neither had the courage to ask her out They are also wary because of the of relationship that they were ooking forThis is hot steamy wicked and naughty all wrapped with a pretty birthday bow It s a uick read and full of chemistry I do hope that Marcia gets her own steamy story Hot uick read Twins who want a playmate find a playmate who wants twins Sex scenes are good plot is ok character development is slight based on how short the read is It is a uickie after all. But their imaginations would turn her simple Alien Alpha list into the most erotic night of herife A night that would teach her what real sexual ecstasy is all abou. S of sexual action mfm PussAzz at the same time I didnt hate it and I wasn t totally Wow d with the story it was just ok I think it would of been better if there was some passion between the threesome and if the guys would of just been buddies instead of twin brothersOne thing for sure esson earned never write down your birthday wishes on paper and give it to your best friend you never know when what you wish for might come true especially when you put it in the hands of your best friend The following is the birthday wish I would ike twenty four hours to experience the following Being SpankedBeing ashed with a swede floggerBeing *chained to a bed while one man forces *to a bed while one man forces to suck his cock and the Other Fucks My PussyBeing Forced To My fucks my pussyBeing forced to my and knees and fucked in the ass and my pussy at the same timeTesting VibratorsWatching over my shoulder while a butt plug slides into my ass and one of the men brings me to an orgasm just with my clitStraddling one man with his cock up my cunt while the other spanks me whips me and fucks my ass with a vibrator Double EverythingWow This one hand read is everything and Lauren got for her birthday than she wished for with twins Eric and Scott This book is panty melting frombeginning to end I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads A wickedly delightful afternoon read that will eave you hot and bothered Lots of women fantasize about what it would be ike to have two men in her bed and when Lauren is bemoaning her ack of adventure on her 30th birthday her bestie Marcia takes notes Detailed notes And finds just the pair to make Lauren s birthday wishes come trueIf its a steamy read you are Beautiful Ghosts looking forook no furtherWicked Reads Review Team It was good for a short story I mean how much can one expect. Thwatering next door neighbor Scott Erickson and his brother Curt to make her wishes come true Nor did she know that not only did both men Alexandra, Gone lust after her.