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Rror Existence This is where the objects and subjects of ordinary life existing on the surface of a body of water is molded into the molten forms of fiction A land where one lives within the unconfined parameters of imagination and the meanings lying below the surface imagesIn order to reside in the ordinary world she must give up much to also live in the world of writing the world of imagination She does but never in this autobiography which allows me to be with her does she lapse into the sentimental At my age now it was a wonder to be part of a consciousness so young and searching seeded to flower This is consciousness so young and seeded to flower This is accomplished her open honest voice the lyrical prose seeming to rise from this consciousness without intent There is a purity of spirit through the gains and the tribulationsI recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading about the battle to live an ordinary life or take the risks of living that Mirror Life of the imagination to fit in or strive throughout ones life to battle in seeking the self that lies within you Temporary masks I new had their place everyone was wearing them they were the human rage but not masks cemented in place u I inhabited a territory of loneliness which I think resembles that place where the dying spend their time before death and from where those who do return living to the world bring inevitably a uniue point of view tha Bettie s Books SoIs it blasphemy to say that I prefer her nonfiction to her fictionHer fiction was dense poetic experimental all of which I fully appreciateHer autobiography is just her truth which I absolutely love This resonated so much with me It s one of those books that says exactly what I would want to say to the world if I d had the presence of mind to say it firstShe was diagnosed with schizophrenia but wasn t schizophrenic She was autistic if ever a woman wasSoIf you d like to hear a literary genius describe what that s like what it s really like I recommend this seriesI also love and recommend the film of the same name She was ugly She tried to ill herself Several times she mentioned her rotting teeth implying the inferiority complex she much have developed because of it her wild shock of curly hair which almost always elicited the suggestion from others to have it straightened her lack of Fine La città degli specchi racconta come una scrittrice riesca a tagliare il proprio cordone ombelicale con il passato Jane Campion ha tratto da uesta trilogia il film Un angelo alla mia tavolauesta edizione Einaudi comprende l'intera trilogia. We both get awkward with each other WELL THANK GOD FOR THE PANDEMIC I d been running low on things to read you see And he I confess that I came to this book only after seeing Jane Campion s brilliant film adaptation of Janet Frame s autobiographies And despite telling essentially the same story the book and the film feel like wildly different things That s telling essentially the same story the Book And The Film Feel and the film feel wildly different things That s nature of an adaptation of course and I m not suggesting that Campion is somehow less faithful to her source material than other directors might be It s just that Campion s film is perhaps masterful finely crafted Which does not take anything at all away from Frame She s up to other things here Great things She is taking shadows and echoes and demons and turning them into something else something bright and nourishing and warm This book isn t a page turner It isn t for everyone But if you re a writer it s well worth your while And then some Her life is controlled She is told without any evidence that she suffers from Schizophrenia and is incarcerated in a mental institution There without being tested or barely interviewed based on the length of stay she is subjected to numerous electroshock treatments erasing parts of her recent memory But still there she writes She must write Something inside her compels her Just before she is to undergo a surgery that will leave her tamed and just a slightened image existing to comply and make it easier for the hospital to eep her corralled her first book is published and the surgery is cancelledShe has always been unconventional fighting for her right to be unconventional which was interpreted as a form of insanity in New Zealand at this time This was the battle to fit in or to discover and be her self She saw herself as Schizophrenic but suffering from an in illness that made her romantic as a writer A struggling writer A struggling young transparent woman who lived under the constant threat that to be herself meant the possibility of again being incarcerated in a mental institution where she would have no control of what was done to herThis is a battle between the demands of societies conventions and in this young soul the exuisite need to find and be her self However it is taken further Ultimately she is aware of this other existence An existence referred to as a Mi. Vertà e dal dramma Nel secondo volume Un paese di fiumi la timida adolescente si è trasformata in una donna dalla acuta sensibilità ma sospettata di schizofrenia è costretta a trascorrere otto anni nelle corsie di un ospedale psichiatrico In. ,

Eual reading event of 2018 for me along with a Gerald Murnane bender early in the year though I d be hard pressed to say why a Gerald Murnane bender early in the year though I d be hard pressed to say why one thing my wife joined in the reading at first following and later eclipsing me while I took a short detour through a library book that was soon due She loved it though partly because as she ept saying Frame reminded her of me And it s true Frame seemed familiar but like a sister than an alternate self I left her Frame just as she arrived in London had her first date aged early thirties with someone she met on a bus and spent a night at a writers commune whose inhabitants were impressed she had a book out even if Splurp This is the edition I read but owing to the length I reviewed the volumes as they were first published separately1 To the Is Land2 An Angel at my Table3 The Envoy from Mirror CityBut splurp Yes as in that dark sweet liuid with the splurp taste nown as Gregg s Coffee and Chicory p 252 Really Janet Frame wrote that Not I m guessing here syrupy Honest to god I ve rarely seen so many garbled and missing characters I m assuming because the book was scanned from an earlier edition but that s no excuse So publishers here s a challenge Get a proof reader or I ll have the dogs sooled on to you p 38 maybe even sooked that ll show you Later I watched Jane Campion s movie of the same name It s visually stunning but like a series of vignettes than a coherent story Campion hardly used any voice over monologues as segues so the emotionally wrought scenes have little context unless you ve read the book I think she must have conceived this as a homage to the book rather than a work that could stand on its own A friend dropped this off for me at work several months ago Before Christmas Not several months several lifetimes ago I riffled through the pages nowing it would be a cold day IN HELL BEFORE I D HAVE TIME TO READ hell before I d have time to read 600 page autobiography of an esoteric Antipodean author I d ind of sort of heard of You Ladang Hitam di Pulau Dewa know That vague sense that I shouldnow who she is should probably have gone through a Janet Frame phase in college Did my friend think I d be interested because I was a writer Because I d lived in New Zealand How do I get out of this gracefully How long do I hang on to this tome before she thinks I ve forgotten it s hers and. L'autobiografia in tre volumi di Janet Frame è stata salutata come un vero evento letterario L'isola del presente racconta una infanzia e una adolescenza nella Nuova Zelanda degli anni '20 e '30 in cui le vicende familiari sono segnate dalla po.

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