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Time of Our SingingInterested in this part of their heritage and his presence begins to have the same ffect as the prose the constant overreaching for profundity His main contribution is to give the novel it s structure the best feature of the book At one point he suabbles with and falls out with his father in law over who has had it worse the European Jews or black Americans That was like someone with lung cancer arguing with someone with bowel cancer over which is the worse fate So while Luther King is inspiring a nation and black American culture is making normous headway in stablishing its identity our two brothers have taken up residence in the white man s ivory castle of classical music Powers tries to offset this by making the sister a black panther but she potentially the most interesting character remains a shadowy figure throughout the novel a device rather than a living character Powers layers in countless obscure musical and physics ideas as motifs but for me it all came across as mperor s new clothes laboration Does anyone I wonder really understand what he s getting at half the time with all the stuff about harmonics and wavelengths You could say it s a very intellectual novel which Is Rarely Clever It rarely clever It also a very masculine novel The female characters arouse little mpathy The last 100 pages were better when it gets real focusing on the sister s attempts to start an inner city school but ultimately gets real focusing on the sister s attempts to start an inner city school but ultimately single Marvin Gaye song says to me about race than this ntire novel. Nt au passage des pages inoubliables sur la musiue« On sort de ce fleuve ému bouleversé t admiratif sans jamais écrire un roman politiue ni polémiue Richard Powers a décrit à voix feutrée l'échec définitif d'un idéal »Christophe Mercier Le Figaro littéraireTraduit de l'anglais États Unispar Nicolas Richa.

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Ogue Third problem the relentless preponderance of telling over showing Fourth problem the scant half baked female characters fifth problem the author relentlessly and self indulgently showing off soteric knowledge A marriage between a black American woman and a German Jew who has Generations and Collective Memory escaped the Nazis and their three mixed race children is a premise loaded with dramatic tension Yet this is a novel almostntirely bereft of dramatic tension The novel begins with Powers telling us over and over how talented his hero is and how wonderful is his family The family scenes specially are sticky with cloying sweeteners I soon got sick of Powers showing me how much he knows about music and singing After a while it got as boring as anyone pedantically showing off knowledge of one subject Often novels are praised for how breezily they wear their research the opposite is true of this Just when you think he s got the singing over and done with veryone bursts into song yet again like we re at some kind of feelgood West End musical and we get another four pages of hyperbole prose Another problem was the German Jewish father who might have been funny as a caricature of the mad scientist if there was such a thing as comedy in this novel If as a German Jew who has lost his ntire family in the Holocaust he wasn t sufficiently charged with 20th century gravitas he s also working on the atomic bomb However his Jewishness plays no part in the novel none of his children seem the faintest bit. However his Jewishness plays no part in the novel none of his children seem the faintest bit. Hurlements du monde t de ses vicissitudes ils élèvent leurs trois Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America enfants Chacun d'eux cherche sa voix dans la grande cacophonie américaine inventant son destinn marge des lieux communs Peuplé de personnages d'une humanité rare Le temps ou nous chantions couvre un demi siècle d'histoire américaine nous offra. ,

I feel a bit guilty giving this book only three stars Yes it #S A Highly Acclaimed #a highly acclaimed it s relevant and praiseworthy and it tackles huge universal and specifically American themes through the individual stories of the Strom family members music lovers all It s almost perfectly constructed the main narrator Joseph is full of solemn sensitivity and insight and the author s reflection on and use of time and space is mind grabbingThe problem is the novel s relentlessnes not just the overbearing musical metaphors and references dosed to the saturation point that I can deal with or skim over sure No there s a relentless overwritten aspect that permeates the novel the there s a relentless overwritten aspect that permeates the novel the are d The best contemporary fiction that I ve read this year I had a hard time finishing this book because the God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School ending was so good that I couldn t stop crying Not because it was sad but because it was so unbelievably good and because I d never before read a long book with annding that lived up to its heftSeriously it took me like half an hour to read the last few pages because I kept flinging down the book and pacing around my apartment sobbing hystericallyDon t get me wrong this book is not perfect and it definitely falters in places However the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) ending is Perfect I mean I didn t seeye to ye with this at all In fact I m having as much trouble reviewing it as I did reading it First problem was the dense overwrought prose and its constant striving for profundity Second problem the leaden dial. Tout commence n 1939 lorsue Delia Daley t David Strom se rencontrent à un concert de Marian Anderson Peut on alors imaginer u'une jeune femme noire épouse un juif allemand fuyant le nazisme Et pourtant Leur passion pour la musiue l'emporte sur les conventions t offre à leur amour un sanctuaire de paix ou loin des.
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