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On the cover of the book it says Reminiscent of the Stand and The Passage Great stuff Stephen King There may be some arallel but for one there are no supernatural elements in Fever and for another this book is far better than either of the other two I declare this the best fictional read of the yearThe setting is in a world where than 90% of the opulation has succumbed to a deadly disease There is hardly anyone left The wildlife that was so threatened is returning uickly and feral dogs hunt in acks In this world Willem Storm has a vision of creating a free and fair new society for himself and his 16 year old son Nico They encounter Hennie Fly that distribute flyers from his Cessna Amanzi was foundedThe new little society suffers from all sorts of The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! practical issues Food and warmth being the mostrominent Witchcraft for Tomorrow particularly in the first year When this is no longer an issue there is the threat from motor cycle gangs that loot andillage There is also internal conflicts between the founder Willem Storm and a fanatic astor The true back bone of the community that refuse to run for any sort of olitical The Wedding Redux post is Domingo He is responsible for security and Nico s heroThe story is incredibly well told The main voice is that of Nico reminiscing about the early years after Fever However the voices of all the main characters and many of the minor ones are told as the Amanzi historyroject recordings They give a wider Rolling Thunder perspective and insight Life after society as we know it has crumbled is very different The social veneer has been ripped off and reveals that humans are just animals underneathThis review falls way short of the glorious ride that this book was for me I have never read such a well crafted end of the world story that has so much to say about our lives now Thelotting is done with an unsurpassable sleight of hand Despite all the little hints I did not have any incling of what the ending would bring I still haven t recovered my breath after that Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? punch in my gutsMy brother in law sait of this book that I want to forget it so that I can read it again I share the sentiment What a ride What a book You do not want to miss out on this one Wow The last couple hundredages had me on a knife edge One of the best ost apocalyptic dystopias I have ever read with a uniuely South African flavour The writing is cadenced and the narrative appears to trickle along But what Meyer is doing so cleverly in the background is allowing the reader to enter the living and breathing reality of his characters And falling in love with them so their fates become engrained on our hearts Magnificent Apocalyptic fiction is robably my favorite genre so when I read the synopsis of Fever I knew I had to read it I was extremely delighted to discover how much I enjoyed this book In this story 90% of the world s Bootie and the Beast population catches the Fever and dies Nico and his father Willem survive and about a year or so later Willem starts a settlement in South Africa We have the usual mix of shell shocked survivors who rebuild and bring us along for the ride And yes you have the dregs of society in this story as well But for the mostart this story is about hope and community and love which is really the type of apocalyptic story I want to readI really connected with Nico and the love and respect he has for his father his adopted brother and for Domingo We see that each erson has their flaws but yet I have great admiration for them all I loved seeing how their community started with just a location and no eople but ends up growing uickly to become one of the larger established towns that ends up flourishing In most apocalyptic tales you only see the very dark sides of the apocalypse If an apocalyptic event ever really happens and somehow I manage to end up surviving I hope I find community Similar To This OneThe Location to this oneThe location eople of South Africa in this story was a surprising bonus Although as epic as The Stand or Swan Song and with no supernatural elements Fever is one of my favorite reads of 2017 If you liked either of the books mentioned above I urge you to ick up Fever We are animalsdomesticated social animals thin veneer of civilisation Gentle creatures if the world is fine if the social conditions are undisturbed and normal But if you The basic The Art of Mary Beth Edelson premise survivors band together to rebuild society after a worldwideandemic wipes out MOST OF HUMANITY IS WELL WORN of humanity is well worn by now What makes Fever different enough to be worth your timeIn ost andemic stories like The Stand or The Passage there s generally a rebuild section Just hanging out in the Boulder Free Zone trying to get the lights back on that kind of thing I always want time in this Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain phase the rebuild working out theracticalities of this new life examining the ways in which new bonds are forged between a group of motley and somewhat traumatised strangers This is where Fever spends most of its time The establishment of community is the core of this book the heart of the story not just background logistic. Nico Storm and his father Willem drive a truck filled with essential supplies through a desolate land They are among the few in South Africa and the world as far as they know to have survived a devastating virus which has swept through the country Their world turned upside down Nico realizes that his superb marksmanship and cool head mean he is destined to be his father's rotector even though he is still only a boyBut Willem Storm though not a fighter is both a thinker and a leader a wise and compassionate man with a vision for a new community that SThe South African setting adds so much richness to the Puta physical environment evocative descriptions of the veld the odd encounter with jackals lions or kudu etc as well as fascinating layers of social complexity to the survivor groups And while Fever is a fastaced suspenseful read throughout with several thrilling action seuences there is also a lot of reflection going on When the settlement s founder starts spouting from Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind you know the author wants to make you think as well as feel Ultimately though what really made Fever stand out for me was its optimism So many books in the 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 post apocalyptic genre are bleak bleak bleak This onelaces a ton of trust in human resilience ingenuity and cooperation It s just so nice to not be looking at the worst case scenario all the time That hopeful tone is refreshing and makes for a cracking survival adventure story I have to say I had my ups and downs with this book Sometimes The story really got me other times I felt a bit bored It sometimes felt like some Killer Games parts were too exhaustive But then the action started again and you were again in full anticipation of the outcome This outcome has a real climax to it and was a bit unexpected So I hesitate between 3 or 4 stars but I ll make it a 4 A uick spreading virus The Feverroved exceptionally lethal Leaving millionsmake that billions dead around the worldThere are numerous ost apocalyptic books on the market but what makes this one distinctly different is the erspective from which it s told through the eyes of a 13 year old boy Nico He and his father Willem find themselves wondering through the barren land in South Africa faced with the epic struggle of utting down roots and re establishing civilization No ressure One fateful day the boy discovers his father Willem is no longer his Cocksure protector their roles have flipped and now it s up to young Nico torotect his father A coming of age story in a Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, post apocalyptic worldThere is an endless struggle for control andower in their new village The back and forth demand for Porto Bello Gold protection vs retaliation Those that want to live and flourish ineace and those looking to steal and exploit at will Sadly the timeless destiny of mankind rightIt s a very long slow and deliberate read Taking you through the first four years following the fever It is written mostly from Nico s POV but interspersed with recordings from the town s History Project My only negative was that the ending seemed to wrap up a little too uickly for me after investing that much time in this book 4Thank you to NetGalley Grove Atlantic and Deon Meyer for an ARC in exchange for an honest review I really loved this book and right up until the final 50 ages I was absolutely ositive that this would be book that I would read again and again Mr Meyer is so descriptive in His That I Fell storytelling that I fell love with these The Three Lives of Sonata James people But he really brought South Africa alive for me visually The book didn t have the supernatural components that I enjoy so much about these apocalyptic type books but it didn t need that since everything else was so damn good But and this is hugewhat kept it from being as good as The Stand Swan Song or The Passage was that terrible no good where the hell did this come from ending It made no sense with what had gone before Plus so many unanswered uestions Honestly I m hoping for a seuel to answer all those uestions that were raised but I ve a feeling there s not going to be one Still just for the mostly excellent writing I d have to recommend this story Thanks to Atlantic Monthly Press and Netgalley for the gratis e book BrilliantFull review to follow with an author interview on the blog Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterThe Storms have been left adrift after most of the world dies from the Fever As they travel through South Africa Willem cultivates a vision for a new community one where his son Nico can live like a human being and not a savage As survivors flood into Amanzi they must survive challenges from marauders but also from within When I saw how manyages this was I wondered if I was crazy At 544 Mein Erster Mörder pages it tops out asretty hefty BUT THIS WAS SO GOOD If you look at my ratings the only downer was the cover and the title I didn t hate the title but it is totally humble in the face of how GREAT this book is Also the cover isn t bad at all but again it doesn t really say much except that it is a dystopian book PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN IF YOU READ THIS note read my warning at the end of my reviewTHE POV Nico made the best most erfect POV character for this story I don t think it would have worked nearly as well if there were multiple POVs or if it was from an adult s erspective One of the few kinds of adult books that I enjoy are ones with young adult Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah protagonists The world is dark and conflicted but we still get to see things through a upbeat and hopeful tone Nico reallyrovided this POV At it s heart this was a coming of age story to rival coming of age stories I re. Urvivors will rebuild from the ruins And so Amanzi is founded drawing Storm's homeless and tempest tost starting with Melinda Swanevelder whom they rescued from brutal thugs; Hennie Flaai with his vital Cessna lane; Beryl Fortuin with her ragtag group of orphans; and Domingo the man with the tattooed hand whom Nico knows immediately is someone you want on your side And then there is Sofia Bergman the most beautiful girl that Nico has ever seen who changes everythingSo the community grows and with each step forward as resources increase so do the chal. ,
Ally enjoyed it and if you are a ost apocalyptic fan like I am then you ll enjoy this book too even if you normally only read YA fictionNICO S RELATIONSHIPS There is this extremely developed relationship with his father that I SO identified with Willem is a olymath He knows a little about everything and seeks out learning and knowledge from experts He is a total Bear Boy pacifist in a time whenacifism will get you killed literally Then there is Domingo the man with a tattoo on his hand and SOOOO much swagger in his step He believes in a benevolent dictatorship but is willing to stay out of it if he s allowed to AGGRESSIVELY Black Women in White America protect the community These two father figures create this tension and conflict in Nico as he maneuvers from a 13 year old boy to a 17 year old young man Do we fight or do we hide What do we do when there are too manyeople to Worlds Beyond The Poles protect How much is TOO much fight in such a lawless time THE CHARACTERS Then there is Betyl and Sofia no two woman could be the opposite of each other but theylay a HUGE role in Nico s world And OMG Okkie Can I have him for my LITTLE BROTHER These were the major ones but there are so many Hennie Pastor Nkosi Nero and Birdy The thing that blew me away about the characters was that they felt like eople who LIVED for themselves and not the main character We got a glimpse into their lives like one does with the eople we live with but there was MORE than just what we needed to know for Nico s POV to be fleshed outTHE WORLD The world building is the best type of world building it arises naturally from the things that Nico interacts with developed with the right balance of SHOWING and TELLING I LOVED it and because of the developed lot we got a FULL sense of the world after the Fever In a YA book you get this sense that book worlds aren t how the REAL world are this book is the exact opposite you get this sense that THIS IS HOW IT WOULD BE if a fever swept through the world Yet it s not so dark and grim that I want to kill myself reading it I liked that by the end we understand the odd happenings with the west coast survivors We understand the astor and his motivations Willem and his choices as a Monster der Woche parent are enlightened to us And all shown in the most NATURAL way The setting of South Africa was used in a SMART way that doesn t surprise me with how well developed and written this book is I felt like it wasn t a gimmick but it was where they lived where the fever happened to them but it alsolayed a Fragen Und Wege Zur Rechtseinheit in Deutschland part in thelot WOWThe DEVELOPMENT The Amanzi History Project was one of the smartest developments by the author We get these rich stories from the POV of individual characters that DO NOT interrupt Nico s POV but which enrich the world and give us tidbits we need for the overall story The WRITING really shone through here ANY of these characters could have been the POV character and it would have been a rich and individual story I felt like EACH ONE OF THEM were real eople sharing their experiences The ability to use detail to make each character stand on their own really blew my mind It was incredible articularly later when you are starved for what is happening out side Amanzi Another
WRITING and STORYTELLING was how he used a memoir format to the story The development of various Ones and Zeroes parts of the story kept it moving but wasn t a gimmick He moved forward and back through time in a way where you weren t told too much but became incredibly earnest to know To understand how Nico KNOWS so well why he regrets why he feels There were a couple of slow moments in the beginning as you wanted to get on with forming Amanzi and seeing where that took Nico Otherwise in this HUGE tome of a book I wasn t bored AT ALL The second half of the book isarticularly raring to go a mile a minute With tension and roblems arising At one oint on the book we go back and forth between two POVs through the history Kluge project and it is SPOT ON for that moment WOWOne warning I ll give you is that this is a slice of life story rather than an action and adventure tale Thelot is well developed and when an experience is shared IT IS COMPELLING I can list every single event in the book off the top of my head YES THEY WERE THAT GOOD But there were many Hugh Hefner's Playboy, 6 Volumes (Collectors) pages devoted to theassage of time to the THEY WERE THAT GOOD But there were many The Race for What's Left: The Global Scramble for the World's Last Resources pages devoted to theassage of time to the of the community to the influx of different groups of survivors To the coming of age changes and development in Nico It felt like a memoir and it read like a lifeFor a standalone dystopia to be so well written I HIGHLY suggest EVERYONE read this book It has all the makings of a CLASSIC Premise World Building Development Storycraft Writing Narrative Plot Pacing Relationships Cover Title FeelingsBOTTOM LINE A dystopian standalone that should go down as a classic Thanks to Netgalley and the ublisher for roviding me with an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my special The Journal of Latrobe; Being the Notes and Sketches of an Architect, Naturalist and Traveler in the United States from 1796 to 1820 (Burt Franklin ,) perspective at the bottom of my reviews under the typewriter. Lenges they must face not just from the attacks of biker brigands but also from within As Nico undergoes an extraordinary rite ofassage in this new world he experiences hardship and heartbreak and has his loyalty tested to its limits Looking back later in life he recounts the events that led to the greatest rupture of all the hunt for the murderer of the Menace of Club Mephistopheles person he loves mostAn exhilarating new standalone from the author of the internationally bestselling Benny Griessel thriller series Fever is a gripping epic like nothing else Meyer has written befo.