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Ose The chill can make you shudder the stark beauty of her terse sentences catch your breath Atmospheric Disconcerting And strangely alluring It is a rare author who manages to sustain an motionally intense voice that is at once distinct abstracted and tightly restrained Jaeggy herself is a fascinating writer and well connected in literary circles with g Thomas Bernhard Italo Calvino Ingeborg Bachmann a strong friend and Roberto Calasso who she married But she has a Ferrante like attitude to the role of the author in the interpretation of her work once published as in this interview Silence is omnipresent in your work it s the dense cohesive medium of your stories like highly s the dense cohesive medium of your stories like highly glass In your stories pervasive uietness is often cruel brutal A breeding ground for violence and creativity FJ I believe you can almost write without me Once I have finished a book it doesn t count any I don t want anything to do with it any A little idea occurs to me now about ten years ago I was in Germany near Berlin for a few months and there I had a good friend a swan His name was Erich I called him from my window Erich Erich And he came We took long walks together This swan is very important to me There were other people around but he knew when I would get up and he would come out of the water to see me One time someone in the park asked me Is this your swan In the winter he swam under the ice Certain images reoccur in the collection g she is oddly fond of swamp green as a colour of choice for clothes Another was flowers particularly purple orchids mentioned in three stories the uotes below giving a good feel for her work The walls of the room are bare white and harsh Bald A sort of baldness adorns her rooms On the bedside table is a little bell that hasn t been used for years now In the corner of the room a bouuet Regula prefers a bouuet to a bunch of flowers About certain words she has prejudices They are variegated orchids minuscule tattooed humid Who were they once What were there intentions when they grew hidden in ravines and shadows Once there were pictures on the walls Regula can no longer bear to see art hanging on the walls The Gentleman and the Lizard I bought little orchid plants They came from Holland From South America I had seen them in the Mediterranean Growing in the damp White with purple Cause Of Fear eyelets Rosy pale anvil Working Windows: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows expression Acidulous Yellow They last a long time Not mucharth Not much nourishment They reawaken in the dark at night Avid for company When they wilt they become small skulls in tuxedos Tiny night birds They look at me I look at them Agnes There was absolute stillness

an namel landscape 
enamel landscape mute And he the boy felt so well in the shadowy peace In the light malaise in the air The flush of spring the scent was nauseating tainted and too strong The solemn and glorious instant just before dissolution In a field he saw flowers with small purple wounds Tattooed flowers A minuscule branding such as is used on herds or linens Someone must have marked them as they went by But who He didn t care The flowers were coming back before his yes before his door He had shut them out When the vision faded he saw the wall He opened the doorThe mother was there holding a tray I made you some dinner Shellfish and something pink boiled and grey with two holes His mother liked foods he couldn t stand Such as fish for instance No one could deceive him as to freshness There are those who have an inborn gift for not being deceived in life Neither by food gone bad nor by the Holy Ghost She was pleased if the butcher gave her a beautiful cut of meat And so in the Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition end she was pleased with the death of her son With the perfect choice Understanding and charity begin in the mother s womb On the Via Mala Perfect ChoiceIn another story Cat she links how cats behave when toying with their kill to a style of writing which she ascribes to de uincey but would serve as a review for her own workOn reaching the target a cat suddenly becomes distracted Animal behaviourists call this movement bersprung It happens just before the deadly blow as though he had forgotten the fluttering wings that only momentsarlier had inspired his total dedication That which had possessed him before as thought it were an idea a thought maybe this bersprung is a delectatio morosa A melancholic doing away with any connection to the victim bersprung a word that involves us too It is a turning away going on to something lse manfacturing a gesture of detachment like a goodbye Wandering from the theme scaping from a word at once hunting for words and doing away with them these are a mind s mode of writing Some write according to delectatio morosa Thomas de uincey for instance once hinted at the dark frenzy of horror Not as compelling as the novels or the ssay collection but these thematically linked micro fictions are well worth reading Pick hits Title story The Last of the Line Negde Agnes Tropics Names The Hanging Angel FK The Salt Water House 35 stars rounded up Not because the writing is flawed The writing is superb but does not suit my present mood it seems. Ggy’s pen is an ngraver’s needle depicting roots twigs and branches of the tree of madness The Lady in Pink extraordinary’ Joseph Brodsky ‘She has thenviable first glance for people and things she harbors a mixture of distracted levity and authoritative wisdom’ Ingeborg Bachmann ‘Small scale intense and impeccably focused’ New York. ,

Sono il fratello di XX

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I m nchanted and disturbed This is A Brief Book Of Very brief book of very stories some only two pages There s no traditional sense of plot or character development I would call her style gothic minimalism It s the sense you get when you know you re all alone but you see something move swiftly from the corner of your ye Crystalline laconic sentences Death theology and the anxious paranoid heart at the centre of all unhappy families Love in its contorted form deeply claustrophobic poisonous deadly Characters range from suspicious siblings to deranged husbands to devoted 13th century mystics to a fish in a restaurant auarium It s the final story a loving tribute to Ingebord Bachmann stripped of all sentimentality that s light as air Her stories will haunt meMy full review appears here I had this book on my coffee table in my living room for two weeks and I couldn t bring myself to open it I think it was the description of the to be read stories that made me reluctantI would inevitably read something lse over the 2 week period Here were the descriptions one from the publishers of the book and one from the Paris Review A wife is suspended in a bird cage a thirteenth century visionary senses the flesh of Christ on her tongue for the blasted glory of it a homeless orphan immolates the aristocrat who took her in Whether telling of mystics tormented families or the inner lives of famously private writers Jaeggy s terse telegraphic prose is always psychologically clear Sinner's Heart eyed and deeply moving always one step ahead or to the side of her readersxpectations In this her long awaited return we xperience her erie maleficent calm a brutal calm and recognize the timbre of a writer for whom a gothic world seethes with uiet violence JimZ I don t reckon an orphan immolating an aristocrat as uiet violence but maybe I am splitting hairs I Am the brother of XX is twisted and hypnotizing and somehow downright lovely Reading it is not unlike diving naked and headlong into a bramble of black thorn bushes so intrigued you are by their beauty it s a swift prickly undertaking and you Spirit of the Wolf emerge the othernd bloodied all over There are 21 stories in this collection I did not understand a number of themand others that were described as above were accurately describedI m sorry but the only positive thing I have to say about this collection was that most of the stories were at most 6 8 pages and so the A Vineyard Christmas end was in sight forach of them to put me out of my misery You might ask why I continued to read it s just my style Plus I really liked her two other works that I had read SS Proleterka and Sweet Days of Discipline and was the reason why I ordered this book As Well As Another well as another of her short stories Last Vanities I ll probably sit on that for a month So I can only give this collection 2 stars Stories that were good in my Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose eyes difficult for me to define right now were I am the Brother of XX The Black Lace Veil Tropics But I am not sure you should go by what I say I just read the reviews see below and they are positive than Iso this could be what s not good for the goose is good for the gander Just a couple of notes I had to look up a couple of words Words perhaps you know lugubrious mournful gloomynot the first time I saw this wordI guess I keep on forgetting its meaning and mimetized imitative mimicry One story An Encounter in the Bronx involves her and the famous neurologist writer The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat Oliver Sacks at his house in the Bronx and thenating at a restaurant I guess she knew Dr Sacks In another story last story of the collection The Saltwater House she mentions a number of real life characters alive or deceased Ingeborg Bachmann Roberto Calasso her husband Italo Calvino Josef Schwarzenberg Uwe Johnson In two stories one or characters are taking sleeping pills on a chronic basis including Rohypnol I m a pharmacology geek Here is a review of the book by none other than the translator Gini Alhadeff was written in Italian It s a very well written review about her diting Jaeggy s work and her writing style and personality Very good review about Jaeggy s oeuvre This lady read a book Sometimes she wears glasses Sometimes she does not She likes chocolates The room smelled of vanilla The light changed She finished it with uiet fury She was put in a cage Reading Fleur Jaeggy for the first time after a couple of mediocre litfic novels was like having a glass of ice cold water thrown in my face on a hot day Invigorating refreshing and something of a relief if not xactly what you would describe as pleasantJaeggy writes in staccato sentences and writes of the indistinctly strange Her prose is the kind that forces you to sit up straight and pay attention A single paragraph can contain so much that you will needwant to read it five times before moving on to the next This is partly because details sometimes seem to be mentioned randomly or related in the wrong order but read again and it will become clear very word is placed deliberately With unnerving precisionThis collection reads like a classic a book that could just have asily been wr. A wife is suspended in a bird cage; a thirteenth century visionary senses the foreskin of Christ on her tongue Fleur Jaeggy’s gothic imagination knows no limits Whether telling of mystics tormented families or famously private writers Jaeggy’s terse telegraphic writing is always psychologically clear yed and deeply moving alwa. Itten in the 19th century As Today Something About It today Something about it these short stories some only a few pages long Jaeggy proves herself to be a poet of despair She writes in one story Creation can be an act of destruction and that feels like a good tagline for many of these stories There is a muted violence in them suicides and murders but all smothered under a blanket of mute suffering A young man who felt loved only by his sister but nevertheless believes she used him for his drama kills himself An orphan taken in by an lderly woman burns her alive Despite the intense drama there is a curious lack of feeling in these stories Brief ven terse they are moments that contain lifetimes It s amazing these stories Brief ven terse they are moments that contain lifetimes It s amazing much story Jaeggy apparently ffortlessly compacts Into A Few PagesThe Writer Is Apparently a few pagesThe writer is apparently of a recluse She has had few friends that she speaks of other than the famous writer beloved by me Ingeborg Bachmann who is a featured player in the last story of the collection a writer who needs little ncouragement not to speakSadly I can only read these stories in translation not in their original Italian If her prose is striking in translation I can only begin to imagine the originalThe only problem I had with the stories was their unremitting sadness As I began this is poetry of despair and I could only read this very slender book for short periods of time alternating with hopeful works I found myself feeling numbed and cold after reading her for longer than a half hourA brilliant writer but perhaps one to read in moderation Exuisite highly polished little gems of mostly abstract tale tellingThese stories are uintessential Jaeggy cool brainy slightly perverse Settings and descriptions are kept to a minimum characters are rarely named and The First Ghost emotions are controlled While violence is nearly always in the background Jaeggy manages to maneuver her protagonists in such a way that we rarely see themngaging in it violent denouements are almost always a fait accompli or something we think may happen in the future as readers we rarely see any character doing anything and outcomes are left to our imagination This curiously detached telling allows Jaeggy to indulge in some outrageous scenarios without ver making them xplicit or too unsettling to absorb incest child abuse sadism and domestic violence all feature in these stories but in such a way that they never seem too shocking or gross we read we observe and only at the Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential end do we feel uneasy as what we ve read sinks in and spreads out Jaeggy somehow manages to make her readers complicit without giving us a chance to know uite what it is we re condoning Her work is unsettling for that reason and that s also why I recommend it A haunting collection of 21 short stories the strongest of whichvoke feelings of claustrophobia discontent nostalgia and sadness Jaeggy s stories center around some common themes family dysfunction personal losses traced across time and generations traces of staggering inhumanity mbedded in history s arc In many of these stories time seems to xist in layers making it possible to see shadows of the past in the present In my favorite story in the collection Negde we follow Iosif Brodsky on a walk to the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights during which he moves from Brooklyn to St Petersburg and time moves from across the 20th century to the 21st century They saw them burning from the Promenade s uiet zone They witnessed the destruction They were there the spectators they saw them burn reflected in the water The windows seemed to reawaken Fire on the bay Iosif may know that they are no longer there The two towers are missing There in front of the Promenade The glint of Humanism evil They left grief and an abyss that are not wiped away by a hand or by words Iosif revisited the Neva then turned back Elsewhere a night without shadows in the month of May he wrote by that light The light was clear rosy faint Now he writes in the dark All he needs is a sheet of paper and ink as long as darkness lasts Every place is to him a mental city called Negde which in Russian means nowhere And Iosif would go nowhere so as to breathe A volume recommended for its revealing Jaeggy s ability tovoke so much pain and longing in so few words This is something of a it s not you it s me review as Fleur Jaeggy is clearly a wonderful talented writer but this type of abstract short story isn t really to my taste indeed had it not come as part of my And Other Stories subscription a publisher I am proud to support it is a book I would have been unlikely to readSo despite the two star review an author I would still recommend to others Rather than my review below I would instead direct the reader to1 One of my favourite stories in the collection Perfect Choice which is available in full on the Granta website as a way to sample her work A review by someone far Smokin' Hot erudite and better able to appreciate the book than me from Joseph s review captures thexperience of reading Jaeggy s contradictory style brilliantlyThere is an unmistakable current of brisk melancholic foreboding that courses beneath the surface of her pr. Ys one step ahead or to the side of her readers’ xpectationsIn this her long awaited return we read of an ‘eerie maleficent calm a brutal calm’ and recognise the timbre of a writer for whom a paradoxical world seethes with uiet violencePraise for Fleur Jaeggy‘A wonderful brilliant savage writer’ Susan Sontag ‘Fleur Jae. ,