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And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake eTy as the story unfolds A breathtaking adventure that kept mentertained throughout I will definitely be reading from this author I absolutely loved this story and would recommend it to anyone to read Thank you NJP OMG I don t know how I found Nedra but I am so glad I did This story was verything and the Black woman in it was a woman I could I did This story was verything and the Black woman in it was a woman I could to Story was well written and had me on the The Pocket Wife edge of my seat This wasxactly the kind *OF LOVE STORY I WAS LOOKING *love story I was looking This is the first time I read a book by this author I was The Color of Our Sky entertained although I wish it was a little longer The heroine Maya has been in love with her best friend Robert for years as a matter of fact he is the one she gave her virginity too Unfortunately Robert is getting married to someonelse It is at his wedding yes she does attend that she realizes that her best friend Robert is not all he seems and of course after several drinks May decides to reveal that to very guest in attendance and specifically the Bride Now Wife This now wife This part of the story made me laugh you will have to read it yourselfBecause of the chaos at the wedding Maya is asked by Robert s parents to go to a ranch to find out how their grandson that they recently found out about is doin. O was stay away from this woman too different from anything he's ver known Why was Maya in Jaspen Montana on some ranch resort when she hated all things nature Alcohol and a big mouth As a result of her bad choices she was motionally blackmailed into spending two weeks at the Rocking Spurs Resort Really fun readI had to stay up all night to finish reading this amusing account of Maya and Jax s blossoming relationship Maya is so funny and one cannot help but root for Jax who is so gauche at times though not when it counts A really funny read I would definitely recommend this book Yes there are some typographical rrors but not Cabaret: A Roman Riddle enough to detract from the novel Great read The Epilogue Had MoreThepilogue had time lapse than the beginning Falling in love in 2 weeks Not ven remotely believable Other than that this was a great story It s my first time reading anything from this author I like her style HotMade me wish I had guts to swirl I am looking at a guy I just might tell him I am interested Cute SeriesI like the characters in these novellas I njoyed the storylines and the development of relationships the heroines are the development of relationships The heroines are and confident in who they are The hero s aren t portrayed as men who like curvy women but men who fall in love with women who happen to be curvy In other words they fall in love with these women for who they are I njoyed the series but they do need a bit of diting Romantic And Refreshing I was impressed with this novel the author paid meticulous attention to All Roads Lead Home each character personali. From the moment Jaxson Coulton laidyes on Maya Lawson he wanted to ither choke her or kiss her or both at the same time The curvy African American beauty took his breath away Why would a woman a city girl be at his resort ranch when she obvious couldn't stand the outdoors The Best Thing He Could thing he could ,
G and if they can become a part of his since the grandson is being raised by his mother a part of his life since the grandson is being by his mother brother Jax hero and is not aware of his father s familyWhat I njoyed about this story is that although there was instant attraction between May and Jax they did not immediately jump into bed with ach other They actually fought it which gave the relationship a little time to grow I would definitely with ach other They actually fought it which gave the relationship a little time to grow I would definitely other books by this author I would actually like to see a story about the other two characters in this book Veronica aka Ronnie and Grant Jax s best friend OkIt was an okay read It was not the typical bwwm romance that the genre has been saturated with as of late The down on your luck black damsel in distress with a white knight that comes to save her There was a decent plot structured storyline developed characters and NO CLIFFHANGERS Really good storyI The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis enjoyed the fact that they didn t jump in the bed immediately So tired of people having sex as soon as they go out stories and the fact the sex wasn t detailed and graphic Thank you for giving us a good story which was also funny Good bookThis was a down toarth bwwm book It didn t pretend like there aren t uestions when an interracial couple gets together Believable boo. Anch spying on Ethan Thomas and Jaxson Coulton She xpected to find bears and snakes and gross disgusting bugs She never xpected to find love Follow the plus size beauty and a handsome cowboy as they find out if opposites truly attract This is a stand alone book A sweet funny Happily Ever After tale. ,

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Living Large Cowboy Style
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