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I am always intrigued by post apocalyptic Lovecraftian horror because there is #so much a writer can do with it There are often some #much a writer can do with it There are often some good gems in collections ike these but there is also the chance that the writers try too hard or don t really grasp Lovecraftian horror as they ose themselves in their imagined hellscapes Sammons has collected a fairly good batch
of stories for 
stories for anthology and wrapped it in a beautiful cover that is an instant e A FAIR BUNCH OF TALES OF THE OLD ONES IT ISHello I honestly have to say that THIS ONE OF THE MOST BORING COLLECTIONS OF LOVECRAFTIAN one of the most boring collections of Lovecraftian There wasn t a winner in the whole bunch Thanks Great CollectionThese Cthulhu Mythos stories have s twist What if the stars were right and the Old Ones di rule the planet againLoved all of the stories which is rare for me and highly recommend This book was not as great as I had hoped Many of the stories were bland but some were good My favourite stories. Featuring all new stories of cosmic and Lovecraftian horror based pre during and post the apocalypse by authors Jeffrey Thomas Lucy A Snyder Tim Curran Pete Rawlik Sam Gafford Christine Morgan Cody Goodfellow and many Return of the Old Ones Apocalypt. In it were Chimera by Sam Gafford and Messages from a Dark Deity by Stephen Mark Rainey with honourable mentions to Scratching #From The Outer Darkness By #the Outer Darkness by Curran 15355015% awesome stories 35% good to really good stories and 50% stories ranging from That was alright to Well that just happened and down to I skimmed it after the first few pages checked the end just in case and then started reading the next story 35 stars really The awesome stories were A 1 egit Chock full of good apocalypse horrorOther than one story 1 egit Chock full of good apocalypse horrorOther than one story was just too weird for my TASTES THIS WAS AN ENJOYABLE IMAGINING this was an enjoyable imagining the various ways that a cosmic horror apocalypse could happen and be ived through and in While any themed collection suffers from being repetitive this one suffers A LOT It s Witch-Hunt Narrative like there was a checklist make the main character have suppressed memories throw in some cults and BOOM end the world Failing that just throw a bunch of weird stuff against the Ic Lovecraftian Horror continues the Dark Regions Weird Fictionine with 19 original stories from some of the best authors in Lovecraftian horror and weird fiction today Return of the Old Ones will only have one signed edition deluxe slipcased hardc.