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Ll admit that there s plenty for me to learn about negotiation personal branding how I can communicate effectively I m a personal branding how I can communicate effectively I m a meandering when I offer information and how I interact with different coworkers If I were

paths or newreturning to the this book would never leave my side As it stands now it s invaluable For anyone looking for her first job or career or anyone seeking a new job or career this book is worth the time and effort to thoroughly peruseStyled as a playbook the format is such that first an OLD rule is presented and then a NEW one In my opinion both the old and the new rules are worth some considerable thought And with each of the ten or so oldnew rules there are lists charts summaries estions and lots and lots of ideas In my opinion the time and attention the reader spends on the various topics the he or she will profit I ve already recommended it to someone who is considering a career change I won this Uncorrected Proof in a Goodreads giveaway One of the most comprehensive guides to finding and getting the job that s right for you I ve ever come across Perfect for those who are leaving school and looking for their first job but also The Hold Out (Brewer Brothers, useful for those who ve been working for a while and want to change direction or get that promotion they ve wanted for yearsIt s split into three parts what do I actually want making your move and charting your course through the modern workplace so you re almost guaranteed to find somethingseful regardless of where you are in your career There s lots of practical advice templates and resources provided in a very straightforward and readable style and lots of real life examples are given to illustrate the points madePersonally I m approaching the mid point in my working life have been in the same job for over 10 years and have been feeling like I m in a bit of a rut As I ve been thinking about a change I found the first part of the book especially The Last of the High Kings (New Policeman, useful as itses a lot of practical exercises to help you identify what you value most in a job the skills you have or would need and what kind of function and industry would suit Thinking about changing careers is a scary prospect but the authors somehow make it a doable and even exciting prospectThe Making Your Move section is also packed full of seful information from how to network write a resume and ace an interview to what to do if you re offered the job A lot of this was already familiar to me from sitting on both sides of the recruitment process but would be of immense value to those starting out and I did still discover things I didn t know The third and final part Charting Your Course covers what you should be doing in the workplace when you land that job How to communicate *Effectively Behave At Meetings And *behave at meetings and the skills and recognition you need to move to where you want to be Again there s a lot here that s common sense but would still be seful to those starting out or even just those who aren t sure of etiuette in the modern workplaceMy only real criticism of the book was that sometimes it felt like there was a lot of promotion for the authors careers website not that it s a bad website I went on and it s also packed with seful info it just got a little repetitive Also as someone based in the UK I think there may be a few differences between the workplaces and jobs market here than in the states where the authors are basedOverall definitely worth a read wherever you are in your working life It certainly gave me the confidence to be proactive about my careerThanks to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with an ARC All views are my ow. Ps the authors guide you as you sort through your countless options; communicate who you are and why you are valuable; and stand out from the crowd The New Rules of Work shows how to choose a perfect career path land the best job and wake p feeling excited to go to work every day whether you are starting out in your career looking to move ahead navigating a mid career shift or anywhere in betwe. ,
B transition team to work *With That Filled In Some *that filled in some the rest There haven t been career workers in the last 20 years so some of the advice and explanation seems dated in that senseHowever everything in the book is still good for workers of a certain age I imagine young workers entering the workforce from college don t even know how the old rules of work worked This book is written by the founders of a career advice and job search portal I ve been following their content online for some years now so I thought the book would be similar The thing is the book is similar but it is addressed to newly grads and junior levels I found the way the first steps of a job search it is addressed Ghost of a Hanged Man uite helpful as there are some steps visualised through exercises and canvases That might help job seekers put their thoughts into a rational process and work them out As the book progressed it was about common sense strategies on how to network how to behave at work etc and I personally missed the point I m sure it can be helpful to many others to read This book is not for everyone and it definitely wasn t for me I won this in a goodreads competition and hoped it might give me some ideas for finding a job that I could do at home alongside looking after my son Prettyickly I felt as if I was out of my league with this book It seemed to be aimed at people who ve had better opportunities in life than I have People who have been to Fantasy Faerie Erotica Collection - 8 Sexy Gay Stories of Romantic Vampires, Faeries, and Other Magical Lovers university Not those who worked in everyday sort of jobs such as animal care waitressing or working in a corner shop or fast food restaurant Maybe I m wrong and others will disagree but this book really wasn t for me I do however see how it could help people who like jobs with a bit prestige and a better pay packet as it s very detailed and guides you step by step through the process of deciding and finding the right job Myself personally enjoy a rural and laid back approach to life and nothing I have done in the past could to my mind even fit into the categories in this book In fact most of the time I was left staring blankly at the book thinking what the hell do you do if your one of them So in short if your looking for any old job just to pay the bills and not a high rolling career this book probably isn t for you There s so muchseful actionable advice in this book it s like having a really relatable personable career coach of your own Loved the worksheets and exercises for you to write in I find that giving it a try helps me retain and process what I ve just read and lets me own it as well as context and disparity between the old rules and the New Rules Not just what to do but why and how Some of it should be obvious but most of it s not and all of it s vitalThe advice is really practical they don t just tell you for example to negotiate they show you how to and break it down There are examples of cover letters that have WORKED and risen to the top of hiring managers pile templates of emails to send resumes for different type of jobs and levels etc Overall there s so much actual advice that you can easily and effectively put into practiceThe book keeps you structured and very much on task if that s what you re in need of but it s also written in a very conversational style so while you might choose to jump between sections and focus on what s right for you depending on where you are in your career or in your search it s really easy and pleasant to read Hits the right balance of straightforwardinformational and casualinterestingI m in the middle stages of my career and it s totally relatable there s so much here for me I love my career path and what I do but To navigate the modern job search and align our careers with our true values and passions' Arianna Huffington Founder and CEO Thrive Global NYT Bestselling author In this definitive guide to the ever changing modern workplace Kathryn Minshew and Alexandra Cavoulacos the co founders of popular career website TheMusecom show how to find your perfect career Through ick exercises and structured ti. I received an Advanced Reading Copy via Goodreads giveaways This book will change your mindset towards your career Perfect gift book for new graduates entering the working world and a refreshing read for those of s in the midst of navigating our current careers Every chapter Presents A Shift In The a shift in the ways of thinking about your career The authors There s only a few chapters really worth reading For the rest it s better to go to their website and read their many great articles Looking for a new job is overwhelming that I shut down Online advice about the job search is based on old wives talesLike you re getting sold something or the advice has nothing to do with the real worldThis book gave me so many positive steps I can take to improve my chances of getting a better job right now I don t feel stuck I feel like I have a path forward and little steps that I can take every day I ve recommended this book to about ten people since reading it a day ago I can see myself Nyx using it again and again This book is written by two of the three founders of the major job search website wwwTheMusecom and it is absolutely packed with helpful information on finding and keeping a jobThe book is divided into three parts Part 1 helps you figure out what type of job you actually want It walks you through a three part process where you 1 reflect on your values and interests 2 research jobs that matchp with those values and interests and 3 finally refine your nderstanding of what you re really looking for Part 2 shows you how to most effectively communicate who you are to potential employers through personal branding social media networking and a killer resume and cover letter so that you can land that job Part 3 gives advice on how to act in a modern workplace and covers soft skills like making positive first impressions and giving strong presentations etcPart 1 is by far the most mind blowing section of this book I ve read a lot of career and business books ironically mostly for fun since I m a stay at home mom but this is the first book I ve read that asks you to so concretely consider not just job interests like writing coding accounting etc but also values such as flexibility prestige influence independence financial reward predictability *Etc In The Research Phase *In the research phase the job search journey which yes takes a while to complete the authors have you create and fill out a table that actually focuses mostly on those values In the end you may be surprised like I was to find that your dream job isn t the one that is in the field you are most passionate about but rather is the one that lines p most consistently with your values Is this old news to everyone else Because to me it was revolutionary I ve never read a job book that speaks so honestly about the big picture and helps you identify ALL the aspects of a job that are important to youUltimately The New Rules of Work is a crazy comprehensive and valuable guide for finding your dream job As much as I love the tried and true job searching classics like What Color Is Your Parachute 2015 I can t help but think that The New Rules of Work is the job hunting guide for the modern workplace If you re already searching or even just considering changing things Jake Millers Wheel up I would absolutely recommend reading this bookSee of my reviews at wwwBugBugBookscom Advanced review copy provided through Vine For 2017 this book seems to be a little late to the game This advice is all valid still but would seem to be valuable about 5 or 8 years ago It sounds very familiar to me since i just went through a job change But a lot of this I already knew and then I had a jo. The modern playbook to finding the perfect career path landing the right job and wakingp excited for work every day from founders of online network TheMusecom 'In today's digital age finding job listings and endless data about those jobs is easy What's difficult is making sense of it all With The New Rules of Work Muse founders Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew give s the tools we need.

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