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Speak the Ocean

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Rating 3 starsCover AmazingTrigger Some aspect of animal crueltyShort eview This was 5 star ead up until the last chapter In my later night ead haze I finished this book so it is safe If he ever jumps into my tank again I will steal his air because he stole my ocean "Finn helped create Oceania with Aunt D who worked with his " helped create Oceania with Aunt D who worked with his who sadly died trying to provide the evidence that the Mer people exist Finn is just waiting for his opportunity to become a trainer and now is his chance A eally interesting and engaging story of love courage and bravery I eally loved this story and I eally loved the ending of this story too I did find the writing the ending of this story too I did find the writing cringe worthy at points I think the author is a Star Wars fan And I did feel that some parts maybe shouldn t have been included as is seemed to be conflicted between young adult and Not Handsome Enough really adult Despite these issues I had with the book I enjoyed the story and the characters Iead it very uickly too I would definitely ead from this author Thank you to Netgally for my eaders copy Full disclosure I was Busy Park read Speak the Ocean in draft form and have alsoead it in this final formSpeak the Ocean is one of the most original creative concepts I ve Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know recentlyead and one that very nearly destroyed my heart Rebecca Enzor s passion for science for the ocean and it s inhabitants and for storytelling shine through in this book The inventiveness with which Enzor built this world one where humans have hunted and trapped mermaids to train them for entertainment purposes is phenomenal and precise It feels GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany real and terrifyingErie the mermaid s story is built on deep empathy Her path from entrapment to freedom is full of heart It gutted me whileeading most especially as it s combined with Finn the trainer s transformation from misunderstanding to passion in The Confederate Privateers regards to Erie s lifeI will say that this is not The Little Mermaid The mermaids are not ones that look human Rather they are FANTASTIC ocean creatures with scales and fins and are gloriously accurately created with Enzor s wellesearched science shining through This is very likely my favorite part of this story because I can so clearly see these beings existing in Big Bad Detective Agency real lifeThis is a book I haveead before and one I am eager to The Placer reead and have on my bookshelf I cannot wait to find out what Enzor s working on next The voice in this book jumps off the page Even before you know what s going on it hooks you and draws you into the story Just exceptionally well written And the story is great too The book is told from two points of view in alternating chapters Finn is a trainer at a marine park that Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism resembles something like Sea World Erie is a mermaid who is captured in the open ocean and taken against her will to be an attraction in that park Finn becomes her trainer and he uicklyealizes that she s not just a fish but is part human and she s NOT happy to be there That s not good for the humans since the mer are absolute predators Bottom line this is the summer beach The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, read you didn t know you needed Though it may make you not want to go in the water This book was nearly 400 pages long I finished last night Unlike most novels I took my timeeading it I savored the story because I didn t want to leave this world once immersed Terrible pun but I couldn t Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness resist It s also trueYou canead the book blurb and other eviews to get the plot I want to convey the heart without giving away too muchWe have a protagonist a guy who s full of himself He s cocky and confident and complex That s the important part his co. For Mer handler Finn Jarvis the feral mermaid performers at Oceanica Marine Park are nothing than uthless auatic predators violent and unpredictable That doesn’t stop the public from flocking to one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions To them the Mer are magical entertainment too beautiful to be dangerous They don’t see what happe. ,

Mplexity Without it there would have been no struggle The author beautifully leads us through that struggle leads us into where the heart of the story lives and
What We As Individuals Are 
we as individuals are to do when we face up to lies and learn the truth Will we stand for the Other People's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America right thing to do theight action to take no matter the cost Or will we trick ourselves into holding onto the lie because it s what we ve always believed and to let go of that belief is to let go of part of ourselves And growGrowth comes at a cost That s what I loved so much about this book all the people who stood on one side or the other the costs to each of them no matter their choices and what was gained or lost in the endCan we talk about that ending for a hot second It grabbed my heart and sueezed so hard in the best way possibleAs a last note I too fell in love with Erie I didn t have to see her perform or smile The juxtaposition of her beautiful innocence set against her willingness to kill to survive had me from the startI m going to let this story sink in for a bit Then I m diving ight back in sorry I just can t help myself to ead it again Author s guest post at my blog I wrote the book so obviously I m giving it five stars Go weird little book go I hope you all love it SPEAK THE OCEAN is an incredible debut filled with vibrant character breathtaking stakes and a highly ealistic take on what it would inevitably be like if mermaids were captured and used in a theme park The morality of marine life in captivity for human amusement is key to the heart of this story and it pulls sharply on the heartstrings of is key to the heart of this story and it pulls sharply on the heartstrings of eader especially those who have a soft spot for marine life and ocean conservation In addition to believable depictions of marine science and the amusement park industry the book has some delightful nods to eal life Key West that any local Floridian will smile at Rebecca Enzor has a deeply natural sense of character and dialogue that flows with feeling and wit Both narrators human trainer Finn and Mer captive Erie are vivacious strong minded and flawed with beautiful hearts at their core Reading along with their change and growth is a beautifully written journey of ebb and flow that I almost didn t want to end but the ending is so exuisite you won t want to put the book down I have been aggressively informing people about this book since I was fortunate enough to ead its early draft several years ago and now having ead its final form I am so incredibly thrilled to continue brandishing it at anyone who will stand still long enough to listen First humans discovered the Mer were eal Second humans learned that Mer performances drew thousands of paying tourists to marine parks every day Third humans discovered that the Mer are not like Ariel They Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris re lethal predators who can and do kill their human trainers Onlyigid ules constant vigilance and an electroshocker keep them in line Finn a human handler wants only to prove his value and make a name for himself in this business Erie the first Mer put in Finn s hands for training knows this new life will break her Finn knows his future #rides on Erie s shoulders Erie decides that if Finn won t help her go home she ll #on Erie s shoulders Erie decides that if Finn won t help her go home she ll least take him down with herNo Mer has ever survived captivity for long No captured Mer has ever been eleased But everything changes when Finn Britain, Europe And The Third World realizes that Erie can speak That she s than just a fish That she ll die unless he can free her All he s ever worked for stands between her and her beloved ocean Except now that his world has collided Ns to the ones who dare swim out of lineNewly caught Erie doesn’t know what the evil landfolk want from her Alone and voiceless she watches the other merfolk from the confines of her tank Broken into submission they’ve become shells of the once vibrant creatures she knew But Erieefuses to be subjugated She’ll get the crowds to see her as som. .
Ith Erie s Finn is no longer sure what he wants All he knows is that somehow he must make the world see Erie see the Mer as he does a treasure worth saving I was enthralled by this book from the very first page Author Rebecca Enzor s gift for storytelling enlivens each word and colors every phrase The narrative winds back and forth between Finn s point of view and Erie s each driven by their own motivations and goals Both won me over Finn s need to prove himself to his peers at Oceanica Marine Park and to Aunt D especially given the loss of his father at an early age Scotland Yard rings true to life He s always aelatable character if not necessarily a likable guy More than once I wanted to give him a "PIECE OF MY MIND ERIE TOO HAD HER PETTY " of my mind Erie too had her petty Yet given that she is imprisoned in an alien place with no way to know what s going on or what these landfolk expect of her I could understand her eactions Her anguish fear and depression pierced me to my core As these two characters grew together trusting and suspecting one another by turns Speak the Ocean wrapped its tale around me sueezed my heart and pulled me into its depths I fell for Finn and Erie
Hook Line And SinkerBut This 
line and sinkerBut this is than just good fiction Enzor s depiction of marine science and the inhumane treatment of marine mammals in the ocean park industry strummed a chord of compassion in me Any animal training program whether eal or imagined involves a system of Unverified: A Novel rewards and inevitably punishments Whales dolphins and sea lions are given fresh fish as treats when they perform a trick at Sea World Behind the scenes the animals are often food deprived to make them cooperative The Mer in StO are treated even worse by the landfolk at Oceanica Staff are told again and again that they should never humanize the Mer All their needs are met food clean water a clean tank veterinary care What could they need After all theye only fish dangerous beasts who kill without thought or feeling However in fiction as in life sometimes the monsters are humans StO slams that message home with brute force hidden in deft turns of phrase and for me this was the deeper message in Finn and Erie s story Humans already demean each other in order to excuse poor treatment or even enslavement so of course we do it to other animals too Here Every day In Grand Teton Explorers Guide real life And maybe it s time we took a long hard look at our performances in that particular arenaThis is Enzor s debut novel and she well and truly knocked it out of the park Rest assured Speak the Ocean is not your typical fairytale mermaid story It s a dark and lovelyead that UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth ripped my heart outebuilt it and put it back complete than before If you love a story that sucks you in and holds you in its clutches long after the last page is turned this is the book for you speak the ocean is a for you Speak the Ocean is a novel that deals with the uestion of who we see as worthy of humanity compassion and empathy and why I ve seen it described as Blackfish meets The Little Mermaid and that s not far off the mark Erie s story is heartfelt at moments tragic while still managing to have great moments of pathos and Peig: The Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island remain constantly entertaining I ve never seen a mermaid story done uite this way before based largely in science and I loved that aspect of the book I had my nitpicks but overall I was drawn uickly through the story wanting to find out what would happen to Erie who is a wonderfully empathetic main characterIf you enjoy mermaid tales you absolutely owe it to yourself to check this one out I look forward to what the author writes next. Ething than simple entertainment starting with her captor FinnWhile Finn trains Erie in heroutine she secretly teaches herself the air words he and the other trainers speak And when the language barrier falls Finn starts to ealize that the gap between human and Mer is smaller than he thought and maybe it’s not the Mer who are monsters after all. .