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Les perversions narcissiques yT entirely relatable I understand the need for these kids to act out in their own way but there were a few things that just plain bothered me The biggest part was how the rich kid was somehow supposed to feel bad for being rich Like I m sorry thatou had to move from a house where Off the KUF Volume 2 you had a walk in closet at one point Also not everyone has parents that allow them to commandeer their old motorcycles there is something that really irks me when a character bashes another one about being rich like somehow that makes them a bad person You know what that makes them Rich It shouldn t be used as a way to make the poorer character seem like a better personI m sorry for all the lists in this review It was sort of unavoidable to do while pointing out everything Now ifou ve never read a fake bfgf book before it could all be fresh for Escape (Secret Diaries, you andou might like it Unfortunately this book didn t have enough spin to it to make me actually like it that much Cute Crush read You can t go wrong with this line For me this was a uick distracting read I really really loved the writing style it was very addictive in a way I would say and this is one of the main reasons why I kept reading this bookI didn t love it but I didn t hate it either it left me somewhere in between There are definitely some parts that could have been improved or written differently but over all I did enjoy itTHINGS I LIKED The writing style The cover The relationship between Meg and Luke The lack of sexualisation not sure if it is the right word I am looking for but in other words I appreciated the fact that there was no sexuality in this book it was just pure progressing romance between 2 teenagers that involved than just thinking about making out ect Hope this is clear and makes sense now Meg s motorcycle Meg s complex personality Luke s personality The short chapters The characters developmentTHINGS I DID NOT LIKE The too fast paced romance thing unfolding between Meg and Luke At the beginning the immaturity of Meg and Luke but that has changed by the end of the book as there were improvements in their characters The time lapses it confused me a bit it felt like suddenly losing consciousness and waking up not knowing what is going on and what I have missed out I definitely wanted to see of Jaclyn Luke s ex she was probably the most interesting character in terms of messed up ones so I would absolutely have loved to see of her Overall I gave it a solid 3 stars if Rebelle du dsert - tome 03 : La Tempte (3) you are looking for a light contemporary book that is well written and will distractou from A Child's Garden of Grass: the Official Handbook for Marijuana Users your daily tasks I totally recommendou this one and I am sure ou would enjoy it Rating 25 I received this E ARC via NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewIf I had not read To All the Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han in the last few months I would have probably given this a 3 star instead But the plot line comes off almost the entirely same story but not as well written Some of the characterization of the characters is problematic and there s no real development of the characters things just sort of happen to them And their story progresses But it didn t feel natural I didn t really care if Meg and Luke stayed together or not I had no real investment of any of the characters Even though the story idea was similar to Han s book I still would have enjoyed it had there been *DEVELOPMENT IN THE CHARACTERS AND I FELT SOME SORT *in the characters and I felt some sort attachment to the characters and the story that was going on Instead it was just an easy book that I read because I had things going on in my personal life I wanted to ignore I can say without any regrets that I love well written YA book Even at my age of 38 I love love love relishing in first encounters and new love I Cannot Get Enough Of That get enough of that fuzzy euphoric feeling that YAfirst love romances bring THE RULES OF PERSUASION brought on that feeling and so much And another thing I never tire of is the whole fake relationship plot At least the ones I have read have been fun and uniue in their own ways And this author did a wonderful job making this story her own giving it a different take all while adding a great entertaining value than the ones I have read before I mean who doesn t enjoy being black mailed into a relationship Am I RightTHE RULES OF PERSUASION rightTHE RULES OF PERSUASION me guessing most of the time as to how it would end There is just no way that Meg could get away scot free Actions have conseuences And someone would have to pay the price But it s not that I wanted her in trouble I loved this gal and hated to see her get in trouble and possibly have her future ruinedI also enjoyed her relationship with Luke and just his character in whole He may be a tad spoiled and used to getting his way but Meg uickly puts him in his place Well as much as she can since he seems to have the upper hand with the whole blackmail thingy But they are just too cute for their own good Will they recognize this cuteness before it is too lateFun fresh and absolutely adorableTHE RULES OF PERSUASION is sure hit and a must read So far I have loved everything I have read by this author and I look forward to many by her She has a knack for romance and knows how to spark that interest from the start 5 Stars. And his ex off his backBut as Meg and Luke grow closer they both realize they’ve been keeping secrets from each other Their fake relationship might be doomed from the start if they can’t learn to open up to the one person they never thought they’d tru. Situation with her family was heartbreaking et incredibly realistic I particularly liked how while Amity offered up some hard topics with that she still managed to give the perfect ratio of the tough topics as well as the light At first glance Luke seems like the stereotypical golden boy however there s a lot to him than meets the eye I loved how dedicated he was to giving back to the community especially kids at risk as well as the fact that he strived to be better than his father even if it meant risking an easier future Making Luke even better was how charming he was Sure he could be a grad A jerk sometimes but the moments where he truly left his charmer come out I was full force swooning I loved the way he was with Meg especially towards the end Basically if Professional Active Server Pages 2.0 (Professional) you love books about fake relationships containing very real kisses late night graffiti sessions and charming banter The Rules of Persuasion is forou But word of warning Douze nouvelles contemporaines: Regards sur le monde you ll be swooning all the way throughGrade A Original review can be found at Freeing Fantasy You can also follow me on Twitter Facebook and Bloglovin ARC of The Rules of Persuasion provided through NetGalley for an honest review I LOVED The Rules of Persuasion This story never had a dull moment which made it impossible to put downFirstou have Meg who is dealing with a serious family tragedy and tries to cope by driving around town on her motorcycle spray painting graffiti Even though her doing all this was the result of something so sad I still totally dug her bad chick vibe Underneath her tough exterior though is someone who is really sweet funny caring and hurt I felt so bad for her and wished I could jump in the book and give her a hug I do want to say this though the girl that is supposed to represent her on the cover is all WRONG The cover chick should be wearing some bike leathers and some bootsWith Luke I had a feeling right away that he wasn t going to be what Meg thought he was He seemed to be perfect but when it came to his family life I felt almost as bad for him as I did Meg Luke was a sweetheart though even if he was making jackhole decisions like blackmailing her He had a few moments in the book where he needed to be put in his place and I was so relieved that he realized that as well In the long run he really was a great guyMeg and Luke s whole dynamic had me hooked from the second they bumped into each other literally The whole thing was like an exciting game of cat and mouse where the cat already had the mouse by the tail With the added drama of parents and a crazy ex girlfriend it was insane not to love this book The chemistry and sparks practically flew off of each page along with a lot of snarky banter and uick witted comments those are always the best Five stars to Niemand houdt mij tegen : een avontuur in de 22ste eeuw you Amity Hope ARC received from Netgalley for a fair reviewThe Story The Rules of Persuasion was 95% predictable but 100% full of angsty cuteness Honestly ifou have read any YA contemporary where a boy or girl get s someone to be their fake boyfriend or girlfriend then ou have read this book The only the thing that is different is the circumstances surrounding the initiation of fake relationship is different is the circumstances surrounding the initiation of fake relationship review may contain what is considered spoilers but honestly I think everything I write in here should be entirely expectedso I m *not going to mark it all spoiler Let s review this trope *going to mark it all spoiler Let s review this trope someone needs a favorblackmails they actually run in different circlesdon t like each other they write down all the rules the rules doesn t stop them for getting a dose of the feels shit is going to hit the fan right Well ou get the ideaThe Characters Meg Somehow this girl was supposed to be a girl that wasn t like other girls But let s face it she was just Petit cahier d'exercices de communication non-violente your average girl minus her family issues not some crazy special snowflake The downside is that she is sort of a forgettable character I just finished hours of reading about her and this is what I know she likes to wear high heeled boots that click clack preferably in black she has two friends but she only really hangs out with them in schoolexcept to get ready for a date she s not really into anything in particularlike really what are her interests Sure she watches black and white movieson rainy daysshe likes the beach because of her sistershe graffiti s because of her sisterin fact she wears black because of her sister She wants to be a counselor why Because she got good counselingafter what happened to her sister Don t get me wrong that s great and all But who is this chick I don t know I hardly remember herLuke What can I really say This is a contemporary YA novel Let s hit every clich thing that accurately describes Luke he s rich but wants nothing to do with his family he s good looking he s good at sports too he s also smart party because he has to study hard for his family he has an ex gf who s a heinous bitch You know what else He s got dimples smirks a lot That s right He was smirking within 2% of the book I almost decided to keep count of all the times his smirkiness was mentionedbut it got old really fast Let s be completely real if someone smirked atou that much Oriental Magic you would be sort of weirded out rightThe Connection Despite the book being cute it wasn. Now a certain infuriating boy holds Meg’s future in his handsWhen Luke Prescott star pitcher and town golden boy catches Meg vandalizing the school she’s given two choices face the conseuences or enter into a fake relationship with him to get his parents. Seriously what is it with me and fake boyfriendgirlfriend trope I can t seem to get enough This was so cute You can see this full review and at Book Briefs The Rules of Persuasion is aoung adult contemporary romance from Amity Hope It follows one of my favorite tropesthe fake relationship trope But this one starts out with a little blackmail which is always fun The Rules of Persuasion was a cute read that I really enjoyedMeg and Luke are the main characters of The Rules of Persuasion and I have to say they were really interesting Together and separately First off let me say that I really loved both of them I think they are awesome people but darn it if I didn t not disagree with Meg once or twice What I did like about the two of them was how strong of personalities they both had Meg has no problem putting Luke in his place when he tries to steamroll her and get his way Instead of the bad boy meg was the bad girl But it worked out Meg and Luke balanced each other out They were each so good for the other one I also loved that The Rules of Persuasion was told in dual narrative between Luke and Meg That is by far my favorite narration style for a book like this oneThis might sound weird but my favorite thing about this story was the little notebook of rules that Meg and Luke would keep I loved seeing what funny new things they would come up with It summed up the story perfectly It was so unexpectedly cute and fun I really enjoyed it I have to say it was a little predictable but as I have explained before that doesn t bother me at all In fact I kind of like it The Rules of Persuasion was a great summer time read for me I would highly recommend it to fans of contemporary romances who like bets and fake romance Rating 35 StarsSo much to love in this fake relationship turned true love story Five Things I Loved About The Rules of Persuasion 1 I have read many books where a fauxmance turns into a romance but I still love it I really adored seeing Luke and Meg s relationship evolve and change In an effort to make their relationship look real they began spending time together but eventually they began seeking solace in each other It was all sorts of awww sweet for me2 The sibling connections were so lovely Luke and his older brother Gabe had a united front in trying to escape their parents overreaching control while each thing Meg shared with us about her sister just made my heart explode I swear I was moved to tears 3 There was a lot of great banter between Meg and Luke It was initially sparring but grew to be friendly teasing and flirting I absolutely enjoyed the fun and sassy stuff but I probably eually adored when *they bared their souls to each other4 These two really grew to support each other The *bared their souls to each other4 These two really grew to support each other The they spent with each other the they shared their personal woes They were both dealing with a lot of family drama and emotional pain I was so happy once they had each other to lean on and run to when they need comfort5 And the pi ce de r sistance the grand gesture I love when there is that big gesture that is meant to win the other person over by showing them #the depth and breath of our affection This one was pretty major and # depth and breath of our affection This one was pretty major and double duty by tying up some loose ends too Forever my favorite grand gesture Overall So much to love in this fake relationship turned true love storyBLOG INSTAGRAM BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS I ve been dying to read The Rules of Persuasion ever since I first heard about it Late night graffiti sessions a fauxmance and flirty baseball lessons It sounded like the exact recipe for a perfect romance read Luckily The Rules of Persuasion was everything I hoped it would be and much much Meg Matthews knows she shouldn t have been tagging her high school that fateful night It was risky and slightly careless but she couldn t resist giving her sister such a public tribute At first it was going well no one sees her and then Luke Prescott showed up Luke Prescott the spoiled rich kid as Meg refers to him as is the from one of the richest families in their small town Arrogant and used to getting what he wants Luke is someone who Meg has always managed to avoidbut that s not the case any Offering her an ultimatum either he turns her in or she

pretends to be 
to be fake girlfriend Meg is left with no choice other than to be Luke s girlfriend Now with a set of Rules of Persuasion Meg and Luke set out to fool everyonebut is there a tingle of real behind those explosive kissesFauxmances are nothing new in YA literature but I still love them just the same They leave so much room open for potential romance suabbling and whole lot of awkward et funny moments What makes it even better in the case of The Rules of Persuasion is that Amity Hope does such a fantastic job of of developing Meg and Luke s fake romance turned real It s chaotic and slightly messy It has increasing and well placed tingles of real romance More importantly it opened up so much funny banter as well as hilarious disagreements really the two things I live for in romantic comedy type reads When Meg and Luke are first introduced it s hard to imagine they ll ever find common ground Meg is determined mostly fearless and always uick to speak the truth Her. 1 Take things slow her rule2 Make it believable his ruleAfter tragedy hit her family Meg Matthews officially crossed the line from “good girl” to “bad girl” Motorcycle Check Graffiti Check The only thing Meg hadn’t planned on was blackmail Too bad. ,

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